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cptslow yeo
cptslow yeo

Loaded with sugary goodness, and bloo frosting, the buttery and light toast on the inside with a melted marshmallow was just perfect for me!
No doubt we were the only table without kids dining 🀣 I’m still stoked about my brunch today! Can’t wait for their Pusheen theme next month! This was my third visit to Kumoya! 🀭

eat a snowman?
Thai Green Milk Tea cake made specially for this week of festive joy!

Orange Scented Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce & Whisky Cream

The white chrysanthemum is a must try! It’s sooo good and thought it sounds like a queer flavour, the little bits of black crisp in it is soo soo good! The cones have thyme in it and is $1. The pistachio ice cream is good too! There’s no seating area sadly.


Melts quickly so be quick to capture a shot before devouring! ☺️
Don't be swindled by the queue, it moves fast.
Also don't be like @mysweetlittletooth and drop her matcha softserve after shooting 🀣
It's shiok but is it really better that what we can find in other establishments serving matcha speciality desserts?
And the stick of matcha chocolate cookie thingy, reminds me of Royce 🀣 Anyone else feel the same way?

SWEET ROMANCE HONEY TOAST $10.80++ (Available till 2 March)
Made with golden honey toast cubes, fresh dragon fruit, strawberry, mango, heart-shaped marshmallows, complemented with HΓ€agen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, generously drizzled with raspberry sauce and crowned with whipped cream!
They’re light and fluffy on the inside, and it’s because each cube is soaked in milk. This allows the bread cubes to absorb the milk and carry a light milky flavour.

Okay I need to invest in a better ice cream scoop than the one I got from Daiso but look past that, authentic Thai coconut flavour melts in your mouth that isn't sweet or overpowering. 🍦
I must admit, it took me a lot of effort to withstand eating all 3 pints before heading out for work and if only I had ice cream cones πŸ¦πŸ˜‚ Figured Swiss rolls would be a good substitute for cones πŸ˜‚
Thank you @rachamaprao for the giveaway! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹πŸ™ˆ

The 4 scoops of ice cream we picked were :
Peanut Butter
It might sound like alot of flavours, but they all went well together. First off, if this is your first visit to Brownice, definitely go for the coconut! There’s real coconut fruit embedded in the ice cream! It is slightly creamy, with authentic coconut taste and sweetness. It goes really well with the chocolate syrup topping.

The ice cream melted really quickly too despite being indoors. The queue for the ice cream packed up the entire stall too! Hurray! Gotta love it when foreigners like our local brands!
Thank you @_everworld_ for treat 😍

The elaborate play on textures in this bite sized pastry makes it so much more presentable. The danish pastry holds it shape even as you slice into with your butter knife. Kohi-Koji is very generous with the fruits snugly placed atop custard cream in the pastry. The fruits were fresh with a good combination of sweet and slightly sour varying tastes.

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