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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang
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Was really surprised by the generosity of salmon chunks in this bowl - we had to dig in to get to the bed of rice! Unlike the torched medium rare Mentaiko Salmon ($18.90), the fresh raw salmon chunks here are tossed in a house-made mentaiko sauce and topped with lots of tobiko and ikura. The mentaiko sauce wasn’t super strong but sufficiently distinct. What I liked best was the varying textures and the extra creaminess after folding in the onsen egg. Initially found it a little pricey for just the bowl on its own, but the quality and portion was pretty justified.


Wanted to get one of the original bowls, but the craving for mentaiko led me to order this again. 😂 I first had this at Kajiken’s Paya Lebar outlet and in comparison, I thought the quality was much better here! The springy thick noodles were not as clumpy and dry. However, I still think the generous portion of mayonnaise overpowered the mentaiko and the dish can get jelak pretty easily.

Regretted not getting the original bowl but it’s ok since Kajiken’s on Burpple Beyond now - more reasons to return!!


Haven’t been to Menya in quite a while. I used to always go for their tsukemen but decided on something different - Tom Yum broth with thick ramen noodles and cha shu. It was not bad! The broth was tangy with a mild heat and it’s quite value for money for its size. There were bamboo shoots, chopped black fungus, half an ajitama, nori and two slices of cha shu. The ramen noodles were just a touch softer than I would’ve liked but didn’t turn too soft throughout the meal.


Also managed to try the demi-glace sauce which was tangy and sweet-salty. It paired nicely with the omurice but was just a teeny bit too sweet as a whole for me.


Waiting time after sitting down took a while but it’s not that bad, since they keep your mouth busy munching on your chosen side and the classic free flow Keisuke marinated bean sprouts (think we finished a whole jar 🙊).

On top of the Omurice ($9.90), you can also get the combo which comes with an additional choice of Neapolitan or Mentaiko pasta. We tried the latter and while it’s def not the best version around, it’s not tooooo bad. It’s a lot of carbs on a plate, but the more savoury pasta helps to change up the otherwise more sweet flavours.


Glad that we came early on their first day of opening because the queue grew very quickly once the dinner crowd came. As with Keisuke ramens, their omurice is pretty customisable too - pick 1 of the 4 sauces and 1 of the 4 salads. These are served with their ketchup fried rice stir-fried with chicken, corn and onions, covered in a layer of creamy and buttery scrambled egg!

We were actually contemplating getting the large which is a top up of 50g of rice (& it’s free upsize!!!), but luckily we stuck through with the waitress’ recommendation of the regular cause it was already veryyy filling. I picked the creamy white sauce and liked how its savouriness balanced out the ketchup’s sweetness, while the oozy cheese sauce wasn’t the super rich sort so it gets a little overpowered. Overall it’s a value for money dish that’s more heavy / might get a little jelak, but would surely fill you up.

Do note that like their other outlets, your whole table has to be around before they allocate seats to you.


Was craving for something cheesy and as luck would have it, spotted Teppei Syokudo’s new mozzarella stick at their takeaway outlet in Takashimaya’s food hall. This reminded me a lot of Lotteria’s cheese sticks in Korea!! For 2 bucks the portion was not too bad. I enjoyed the stretchy mozzarella it had, though it’s not as generous as Lotteria’s. Thought the batter could be much thinner and crunchier, but it still worked pretty well as a snack.

Update: Passed by and saw that the stick now goes for $3 - it doesn’t feel as worth it as it was previously.

Passed by Meidi-Ya Supermarket around 7-ish pm and their sushi boxes were already on discount - yay! Grabbed the negitoro don at just $8 after the promo. It was fresh, nicely portioned and I liked that they didn’t forget to include chopped spring onions on the side to go along.

Nice but very pricey. We liked that the wasabi and spring onions were already in each maki, so one mouth gives you all the flavour.

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Actually came by to make use of our Chen’s Mapo Chope voucher but unfortunately, they are currently closed till further notice. Too hungry to venture out but luckily, we found Dosirak on Burpple Beyond and it was in the same building! We had this Soy Citrus Seared Salmon bowl and the Cured Salmon bowl, which worked out to a value for money $6.90 for each.

We’d say to go for the former - it was more impressive in flavour and texture. The cubes of salmon were seared well, with a slightly smoky exterior while remaining soft inside. I’m not that big a fan of Gochujang so I went with the only alternative, Soy Garlic Jang, and this sweet savoury sauce tied everything nicely together. Sides are customisable too, and I went with the beansprouts, chickpea, spinach, corn and kimchi. The portion’s not that big so if you’re very hungry, you might want to add on more carbs!


Preferred the Soy Citrus Seared Salmon ($12.90) to this for better texture and stronger flavour. The cured salmon cubes were much lighter in comparison! Everything is customisable here, from your carbs to the sides and the sauce. If you need additional add ons, you can pick from 14 choices, such as onsen egg (+$1) and mushrooms (+$1). They also have the option to complete your meal with a tea and soup at an additional $4. Portion’s not that big so it felt a little pricey, but there’s Burpple Beyond here!


Snagged a discounted $100 Chope voucher for Mitsu Sushi Bar during their previous promo and finally dropped by! Opted for this Kaisen Don as our main and it came with a few types of sashimi, tamago and uni, along with miso soup. Cuts were fresh but a little thin, while the rice was unfortunately too sourish/vinegary and salty. The spoon of uni on top also had a few teeny hard bits in them.


FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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