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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Grabbed 2 boxes of Don Don’s sushi and had them at their food court space in Clarke Quay. Fun how you can just pick up a mix of food and conveniently heat them up, etc. Would have definitely liked more mentai mayo here, but it’s not too bad for the price!

One of the items amongst Sushi Express’ new mala range is this chilled mala clams, and of course I had to try! Pretty decent heat in the mala sauce though the sauce itself could have a better punch - but at this price it was not bad. Liked how they ensured that none of the clams were empty!

Specially popped by Sushi Express after hearing about their new oyster sushi! Was very pleasantly surprised by the size of the cooked oysters, they were plump and fresh without any unwanted aftertaste - enjoyed these and found it pretty worth the money. Hoping they can keep this on their menu!

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A tad bit small in portion but the creamy avocado with salmon was enjoyable.

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Decent bowl for its price point and the sashimi cubes were fresh. Doesn’t come with any dressing, so soya sauce and wasabi will help!

Salmon sashimi with chilli on sesame oil rice. Personally not a fan of how the chilli overpowers the salmon, but the slices were fresh!

Was quite surprised by this! Usually not a fan of these kind of tamago cause it gets a little too sweet for me, but the mentai sauce helped to balance it out better.

Haven’t had Brothers Ramen in a while and was so happy to have this bowl again! There’s usually a wanton, but they’ve replaced it with bamboo shoots this time.

Have been telling myself to try their other ramens like shoyu, but I will still end up ordering the chicken ramen 😂 Was never a big fan of chicken-based ramen broths until I’ve had Brothers’ for the first time quite a while back. The noodles were cooked perfectly as usual in al dente style and the star broth was as creamy and flavourful as I remembered it to be. Didn’t enjoy the pork chashu last time, but they prepare it differently now and it’s much more tender and braised more thoroughly. I love how prices are kept affordable and you’ll always receive very homely and friendly service.

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Kinobe’s known for their affordable donburi bowls at Amoy and they’ve added new items on the menu. New meats, toppings, and mentaiko! Took away 4 bowls for lunch - mentaiko salmon, pork, smoked duck and chicken. Found the pork slices a touch tough, but the smoked duck and chicken were nicely chunky and tender. Our favourite was the salmon that came in two pretty thick slabs and done just right. Was surprised by how rich the thick mentaiko topping was and they were very generous with it, along with the standard combination of sides of mushrooms, seaweed and an oozy onsen egg.


Other than their Agedashi Goma Tofu ($7.80), this was our other favourite dish of the meal there. So glad their century egg tofu came generously covered in century egg sauce. The sauce was flavourful and had good bits of century egg, crab stick and roe for added texture. A tad bit pricey though.


Yes, that’s parmesan cheese! It was a surprisingly pretty harmonious combination here. The mentaiko wasn’t actually very strong though, but they were generous with the fresh and thick slices of aburi salmon. Similar to our other bowl, was a pity that the rice was too soft. Hopefully they will improve on that quickly - really feel that this spot has great potential!

What a gorgeous and thoughtfully put together bara chirashi bowl! Though it was a huge pity that the rice was a tad too soft, the mix sashimi chunks were fresh, quality and came in a good portion - there was actually more sashimi than rice here. Enjoyed the variety and fun textures all in one bowl, especially the extra crunch from the sakura ebi. Menu’s big, just the number of dons they have will leave you stuck from choosing 😂 House of Chirashi is a cozy 9-seater spot tucked in East Village, so be sure to drop them a text at 81666823 to reserve before going down. It’s a bit far for me as a westie, but will def be back to try their other items.

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