Warm matcha lava cookie with thai tea ice cream. Price: $8.90. The lava cake was doughy and soft. The matcha was pronounced. Though the milk tea ice cream was too watered down.

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Two scoops of ice cream. Cereal Killer & Champion Chendol

Signature Chocolate Cookie Lava with Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream. The warm cookie lava topped up with creamy ice cream. Price : $9.80

Yummy thai tea ice cream by Cha Tra Mue. This cup of sweet treat was well-balanced. You taste the thai tea and it was not too sweet. This small cup costs $3.50.

I love the crust of these egg tarts. It reminds me of the crust of a pie. The fillings are just nice. Not too sweet or too egg-y

The only good thing about coming to Jamie's Italian was this warm chocolate cake with a liquid praline center served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. It was chocolatey and nice! Cost: $13.50

Blue pea sea salt ice cream on puffone and a free ice cream because we guessed the correctly for the mysterious flavor. They have a new mysterious flavor every month. So go there to see whether you can figure what is the mysterious flavor.
Price per pax: Under $10

Golden toast with condensed milk and milo. It was surprisingly good. The bread was nicely buttered and toasted. The condensed milk and milo combination was yummy, and was not too sweet. Cost: $3.80

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Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream with Handmande Japanese Dango with Gula Melaka Sauce & Kinako Powder, Almond and Longan Biscotti. Our favorite waffles place and ice cream place. But today we only had a homemade waffle cone of ice cream. Cost: $18 per pax

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This warm matcha lava hotcakes was soft and moist. The matcha taste wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be. The lemon zest added a citrusy flavor.
Cost: $16


Love this place for its waffles and ice creams! We keep coming back here for more.

It was delicious! The crumble is so yummy! The crust was nice and crisp. I'm not a big apple pie fan but I enjoyed this :)