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s w e e t

s w e e t

cakes // ice cream // waffles // desserts
Clara Lim
Clara Lim

Honestly think this is the best flavor here, and Alfero serves so damn good Pistachio ice cream. Perfect creamy texture and taste!

ice cream > waffles here. The waffles ain't bad but ain't the best

Very good pistachio ice cream. Loved the waffles too even though they were more heavy/cake like instead of the light fluffy kinda waffle

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Salted caramel waffle! Earl grey waffle! Both are gooood!

Another overhyped place. Maybe coz I'm not a fan of soft serves

Not bad, texture is good. But won't queue for it

The Mille crepe cake is quite addictive! Not too sweet, not too creamy, texture is unique coz its made of a thousand layers of superrrr thin crepes. Don't bother about the food here though.

Not a fan of soft serve, and still not a fan of soft serve