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Farah Aziz
Farah Aziz

It was a cake sufficient for 2-3 people. I shared with one friend and we struggled a little to finish it towards the end. We were both in our boba craze then so we knew we had to try it out. I personally thought the boba could be softer, and I loved the earl grey cake on its own - without the cream cheese or boba. The earl grey cake was soft, just as I expected to be. I ended up eating just the cake on its own.

Generally not a big fan of plain cheesecake but I had a second serving of this because it was just that good! Late to the party as usual but better late than never they said. The texture was so soft and not too sweet, paired with a scoop of cream by the side. If you ever find yourself moving your head away from this amazing plate of cheesecake, be sure to look at other tables. I was there around 7pm and every single table had at least two plates of this cheesecake. If that’s not convincing enough, I don’t really care. More for me! I am already dreaming about my next plate. Definitely coming back for this! 😍


Japanese buffet that one night with my colleagues, but we somehow ended up eating too much rice stuff (sushi, tbh) so we were quite full from the first round πŸ˜… the service isn't as fast as I'd imagined, but it was bearable. It was good the first time, but when I asked for refill, it took quite some time. All in all, I was glad we had this Japanese buffet.


A few weeks ago, I visited HALE in Menara Hap Seng with Trisha (Burpple community manager) & Kaelyn (Burpple Tastemaker). It was my first time, as well as Trisha's, but Kaelyn is a regular there πŸ˜…

When we first reached, we were served the orange and green cold pressed juices. It's called Pure Orange and Four Greens. Pure Orange (RM9.50) consists of three Valencia oranges and Four Greens (RM11.50) has green apple, celery, cucumber & lemon.

After that, we were served burgers. We had the Grilled Chicken Burger and Australian Grass Fed Beef Burger, both starting from RM14.90 and is customisable. We then had the salad, though I forgot which but it is all priced starting from RM15.90.

Pictured here is the mixed red rice. This dish is made in-house from scratch with slow-cooked chicken breast. It was served with eggplant and pineapple salsa, which sounded weird but surprisingly blended in pretty well. This is RM15.90 and you have options of changing the protein, though prices may vary.

Other than that, we had the pesto pasta as well as the aglio olio. Both is starting from RM15.90 and the protein, as usual, is up to you 😊

Did I mention that HALE don't fry any of their food? Not even the fries, it's oven-baked. I'd love to come back, but it's slightly further than where I usually go. Oh, they have free delivery so maybe I can have it at the comfort of my own home without even travelling there 😁

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Cutest thing I have ever seen! Also, the reason why I ended up here. Never look at food pictures on Instagram, it'll drive you crazy (possibly also burn a hole in your wallet, maybe, if you look long enough).

On a totally missing the point note, the salted caramel ice cream served on the side was the bomb. I did feel like going to Morelli's right after, not even kidding..

(BLVD House & Morelli's are of the same company, in case you didn't get the reference)

As I bit into these little cuties, I found a little surprise inside. Chocolate! I assumed, those ovomaltine thingamajig. It was also sprinkled with vanilla sugar so yay!

Come try these cuties please you need to.


I remember eating at a Japanese restaurant which had minuscule prawns on top of the rolls. I was a tad bit excited when I saw this on the menu and immediately ordered it.

It came with tartar sauce. For starters, it could be quite filling. I shared this with my cousin, and we were no longer hungry after that. It's worth trying, which waiting for your food πŸ˜‹


I have never had duck. Not too sure why, maybe my mother had a bad experience eating it, so she never cooked it. She would never order one too, so I somehow picked up on that.

Yesterday, there were plenty of food on the table that I just had to try them all (I missed the mussels, though). First thing I had was this, a slice of this roasted duck pizza. It was the roasted duck breast with sauteed shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and popiah skin. Loved the addition of popiah skin, really. Coming from someone who finished up half a jar of seaweed crackers during a Chinese New Year house hopping, I wouldn't expect anything less πŸ˜‚

Next, I had the Cheeseburger pizza. I believe that is what it was called. There was chilli con carne with onions, then peppers on some pomodoro base, and it was topped with gherkins, provolone and cheddar cheese. I hate gherkins, I do. It was also drizzled with mustard and ketchup, so that's that.

After that, I also had the Crispy Caramel Anchovies pizza. Michelle kept calling it the Nasi Lemak pizza πŸ˜‚ it had sautΓ©ed red onions, pineapples, all on a sambal base, melted mozzarella cheese, topped with julienne cucumber and drizzled with aioli. Oh, how good. It was somehow a bit on the salty side.

Other than that, I also had the salmon and lamb, which I quite like. There was also a bowl of beef fries. Those, and a few drinks I forgot the name πŸ™ˆ


The best chicken satay I have ever tasted would be the ones from Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. Although they do have several outlets around Klang Valley, I'd still prefer going to either this R&R Dengkil or R&R Kinrara outlet. I think the one near the Kajang stadium isn't as good - in fact, I'm not too sure if they even still have that branch.

I love how the meat is so juicy every single stick even after all these years, and that shows consistency. I'm a Taurus, I don't like changes, so consistency works really well for me.

The peanut sauce is good too, especially if it is mixed with the sambal. You might need to adjust the spiciness based on your preference though, but it's still good nevertheless, with or without the sambal.

I have yet to try Willy Satay in Kajang though, heard it's good too?

To be honest, I forgot the name of the cake. Then again, I'm not too sure if I even know it. Anyway, took an unusual drive down to what used to be my second house every weekend back then, Taman Melawati πŸ˜… I really miss going there every weekend..

Anyway, dragged my friends to Tim's Teapot Terrace. Well, more like suggested and they happily and willingly agreed. The place was almost full when we arrived for tea. I didn't find the cake I was looking for, so I took this cake instead.

I am far from being a fan of chocolate cake, but I somehow trusted my instincts (gut feeling?). I loved it! I wanted to finish it up, but I felt bad if I didn't share hahah. I think it could be slightly cheaper than RM15 for a slice, but I guess it's standard cake price these days.

I would say I'd come back for this, but they have too many cake choices you're definitely spoiled! And I'm definitely a fatty so I want to try everything heheh.


Have you always wanted to build your own burger? Search no more, just come over to The Counter! Oh, or Built in Nu Sentral, they're under the same company. You're allowed to choose from many different patties and toppings and sauces and buns, you'd be pleased. If you want, you can even opt for salad burger, which comes without the buns. That's good too, a healthier option 😊 it may be too filling though, so pick your toppings properly. Don't take too long to eat them though, for the patties might end up tasting dry. But overall, it's satisfying. Try the fries too, they're pretty good.

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I wasn't even hungry. I was going to get kaya balls at the food court when I suddenly saw the sign that says "Hot dog waffle". I was curious about it that I had to try it.

It was basically just a normal sausage wrapped in the waffle batter thing and we get to pick our sauces. I chose cheese and mayonnaise because it seemed like a decent choice.

It was okay, though it was weird as the waffle tasted slightly sweet. I have had bad experience with waffle and sausages so that was that. I think it was also somewhat a little overpriced for RM5.

When I stood in front of the stall, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I wasn't sure what they specialize in; burgers or hot dogs? I thought to myself, what do I crave more? I finally settled on the hot dog with only one sausage. I think there were only two different kinds: one with one sausage, another one with two sausages. It was RM12 (+ RM4 for fries and drink) so I think that was reasonable. It was okay, nothing much to shout about but yeah.


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