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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

First Brew’s new lactose-free Almond Culture Series come with black sesame or quinoa! Had the black sesame first and it was smooth and lightly sweetened. Almond’s distinct but not the overwhelming sort, and was pleasantly balanced out with the black sesame. Can imagine these to be good pairings to meals or as a healthy snack for that extra immunity boost!

Now available in cold storage, jason deli & marketplace + most online shopping platforms. Thank you @firstbrewsg for sharing these drinks ✨

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Finally tried the popular milk tea here but we weren’t a big fan. It’s a little pricey for its portion (had lots of ice) and while the tea notes were pretty distinct, it was a bit diluted and the pearls were unfortunately quite bland.

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This $3.20 iced hojicha latte from Donki was actually pretty impressive! It was thick, roasty and rich, though a tiny bit sweet and powdery. I also liked that it wasn’t as milky as the usual ones. Only gripe was that the cup is full of huge ice cubes that dilutes the drink quite quickly - will definitely try asking for less ice in future. They also have their lattes in matcha and sweet potato, with hot versions as well!


Lattes from Craft Tea Fox! Liked the hojicha more for its stronger tea notes, but both were smooth, creamy and not too sweet. They were enjoyable to have but personally found it a bit too milky.

Liked this cup by Grounded Pleasures! Was sufficiently chocolatey and not too milky. Leans a little more to the sweet side.

Got our bubble tea fix from Bober Tea! Menu’s extensive - choices from the classic milk teas, to those with cheese foams and a whole range of brown sugar options. There’s islandwide delivery now too, more details and ordering on their site at bobertea.sg!

So refreshing to go with the mlxg! Waited for the ice to melt a little and the sweetness became just nice.

Was too sweet on the first few sips until the ice settled in to dilute it a bit. Still pretty refreshing!

Izakaya Hikari is new on Burpple Beyond and there’s 1 for 1 for their mains.


Got these a bit ago before the prices were increased slightly recently. I don’t drink coffee, so I went with the Luscious Dark Chocolate, Creamy Matcha Latte, Red Velvet Latte and Forest Berries Iced Tea. Their coffee variety is much bigger, with flavours like Roasted Hazelnut Latte, Cold Brew, etc. Favourite of those we had was easily their dark chocolate. It was bittersweet, thick and sufficiently rich.

The drinks are now at $5/300ml bottle and $15/1L bottle, with free delivery above $25. Ordering is through WhatsApp at 89236672 or their Google form on @kopiboy.sg!

Not overwhelmingly sweet, nicely milky and strong in its tea flavour! Came in this cute fancy cup 😂

First visit here wasn’t the best, but was really happy with the cups we got this time round. This Pear High Mountain Oolong was a very pleasant combination - fragrant oolong tea with a light fruity sweetness from added pear puree. Thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely order again. Also, enjoy 2 cups at the price of 1 with Burpple Beyond!

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Refreshing with its lightly sweet and sour combination! The sencha notes were distinct and you get bits of soursop as well. Really like how their teas are all subtly sweet, so you get to enjoy the tea flavours for what they are. Get 2 cups at the price of 1 with Burpple Beyond!


FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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