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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Grabbed these XXL Ice Lemon Teas to counter the heat! Got them siew dai and the sweetness was just nice. They also have their other drinks in XXL but the promotion was limited to ice lemon tea, tamarind chrysanthemum with goji berries and gula melaka milk coffee.

I’m not a huge fan of beers in general but this was an easy to drink one! It’s one of the range of Korean craft beers that Sid Burger has. It was lightly sweet with a bit of that delightful fruitiness at the back, pairing well with the burgers.

Thank you @sidburgersg for the kind invite! ✨

Wanted something less sweet and this was a pretty good fit to what I was hoping for. It’s quite sour so it may not be for everyone, but was a refreshing cup for me.

Thank you Willa, Sam & @riderscafe for having us, and @fatpigdiary for the kind invite! ✨

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Fragrant cup of hot milk tea! Sugar is served separately so you can add in as much as you wish.

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The beverage menu is kept simple here, other than black and white coffee, there’s mocha, chocolate, uji matcha and three types of tea. You can opt for a swap to oat milk with a top up of $1.

Thought their hot chocolate was average unfortunately, it was a bit more milky than I would have liked. The quaint shop space however, with a good playlist of mandopop was very lovely to chill in.

Had a tough time deciding which drink to get and glad I picked this. They have quite a range of coolers on the menu with some fun combinations like Coconut & Lychee, Coconut Mint, etc. This Strawberry Lemonade is made with fresh strawberry puree, honey, soda, fresh lemon, strawberry syrup and strawberry slices. It was sweet but not cloying, and enjoyed how refreshing and tangy it was to keep the appetite going through the meal. Came in a good portion too.

Thank you @supplydemandorchard for having us and & @cafehoppingkids for the invite! ✨

This was that one thing I wanted to order coming here to GATAO Taiwan Breakfast. Was a pricey cup but I loved it! It was fragrant, very lightly sweetened and really reminded me of the times in Taiwan 😭 Other than red tea, their drinks menu also has Black Sugar Milk Tea ($3.80), Milk Tea ($2.90), Special Taiwan Breakfast Drink ($3), Hot Coffee ($2.20) and Hot Tea ($2).

Went with this King’s Garden Tea from the range of pots of teas available. This is a blend of oolong and green tea with chrysanthemum flowers. Enjoyed the smooth bittersweet aftertaste that complemented our peppery bak kut teh meal nicely. They leave a flask of hot water aside for you to add on as and when, but make sure not to leave the pot for too long as the bitterness gets stronger quite quickly.

Washed our meal down with this Osmanthus Sour Plum drink. Was expecting it to be very sweet like how some Chinese drinks are, but glad it wasn’t. It was a nice sweet and sour, quite refreshing with hints of the osmanthus!

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

Drinks are pretty pricey here, mostly ranging around $5-$6+. Went with this Iced Lime Milk for something more different and actually really enjoyed the distinctly tangy and refreshing sips. Reminded me a lot of a particular yoghurt drink!

Stole a sip of my friend’s milk coffee and it was super gao - even though by the time I tried it, it was when the ice cubes already melted in quite a bit 😂 I’m not a coffee drinker but found it quite fragrant too. On their menu, they share that their milk coffees are made with 50ml of concentrated coffee with no water added! You can also opt for it to be served hot.

Pretty good cup of matcha latte! It’s not overly milky nor too sweet.

Thank you @sodcafesg for the kind invite! ✨

FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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