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Featuring Project Açaí (Holland Village), Nectar (City Square Mall), Awfully Chocolate (Raffles City), Yogart, llaollao (Westgate), Pontini Italian Restaurant, The Kitchen Society
Jess :)
Jess :)

This here is Bliss ($6.20) from Yogart, with a choice of three fruits, one crunch and one sauce.

It looks really pretty, but the yogurt was melting as soon as it was handed over, the granola was not crunchy and the coconut-white chocolate sauce was very thin.

Still hoping to find a froyo which can rival Llaollao's :)

Saw the sign while passing through City Square to look at motorbike gloves and just had to try it!
There was a lot of yogurt but less topping than pictured. I felt very gelat halfway through and the orange chip was my only highlight. Much prefer Llaollao which is cheaper, less creamy and and more generous with its delicious toppings.

Love the cute box it came in, but that's not welcome when I'm trying to scrape out every last drop of melted chocolaty goodness.

Much cheaper than Godiva's, but slightly less rich, can't decide which I prefer :)

Would have preferred different textures, such as a crunchy layer, instead of a overall spongy feel. Fortunately its macarons are a lot better :)