Chinese List.

Chinese List.

The safe choice when you have no idea what to eat.
Anthony Ali
Anthony Ali

Freshly toasted bun -- with just-right amount of kaya, butter and condensed milk -- dipped into half-boiled egg right before it goes to your mouth. I must say, that's brilliant! 💕
And of course, morning affair -- Kopi C for a good kick of caffeine. I like how their kopi came mildly sweet and you can add your own sugar should you like to.
. can't go to Chin Mee Chin without ordering their custard puff and egg tart, can you?
Especially when there was no queue. 🙈
Sat down with some old folks and experienced the more chilled-down side of Singapore yesterday.
🍴 Kaya Toast / Half-Boiled Egg / Egg Tart / Custard Puff
☕ Kopi C
💰 S$5.00 [$1 / $0.90/ $1 / $1 / $1.10]
🏠 Chin Mee Chin Confectionery
📍 204 East Coast Road

Here's a pretty good one, and this comes with a friendy tag! ❤ Tried this xiao long bao while waiting for my hambaobao the other day, and twas pretty good! [And apparently quite well-known]. Their fried dumplings r pretty good too!
Wah, seriously this hawker center is one of a kind lah..! Got hipster 🍔, hipster 🍲, hipster xiaolongbao, win liao loh!
🍴 Xiao Long Bao
💰 S$7 / 10pcs 🏠 You Peng Eatery
📍 Beauty world Centre
🚅 Beauty World MRT


Managed to get in After a good 50mins q, and yes. We took our time to finish the foods,

Had fun munching these little 'dragons' while catching up w/ @noviabenny and @yondythong earlier [well, mostly it was me whining, but let's just say we catch up. Ya? 😂]
I'm sure we're all no stranger to this signature xiao long bao, but that's not all they have to offer. Try their crispy golden prawn pancake for example. See if you like it like we did. 😋😍
🍴 Xiao Long Bao
💰 S$11.00/6pcs
🏠 @dintaifungsg
📍 Marina Bay Sands
🚅 Bayfront MRT

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Went back to the famous Founder Bak Kut Teh for a warm lunch with some good friends the other day. Call me weird, but i fancy their salted veggie more than THE bak kut teh 😅. Really good leh! I find it very flavorful! 💕
Where's your fav bak kut teh place?
🍜 Bak Kut Teh
🍴 salted veggie [not in frame]
💰 S$7.00 // S$3.00
🏠 Founder Bak Kut Teh
📍 347 Balestier Road, Singapore


had this flavorful steamed chicken [☝ dat sauce tho 😍😍] for lunch!

Lived up to the expectation indeed!
🍴 Chicken + rice + cold water
💰 S$6.55
🏠 Boon Tong Kee
📍 470 Macpherson Road


Honestly, sincerely, it was really awesooomeee...!!
If you haven't tried it yet, well i really think you should.
If you've been here before, you might notice that this thing is everywhere.. either on the tables, or on it's way to one. Curious enough, I tried ordering one and it was a very good decision.
Asked mine to be more spicy, and the auntie did very [VERY] well.. the crunch, turnips, chili paste, popiah sauce, and dash of cucumber was just great. Another thing is, you know the thing with popiah is that sometimes the roll size could be a bit too much? Well this one is just right! So each piece can go straight into your mouth without making you look like a glutton.
Definitely made it into my fav list! 😍😍😍
🍴 Homemade Popiah
💰 S$1.50 each [😍]
🏠 富城食品 Homemade Spring Roll
📍 Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-94 [i think they do have some brances tho]

Crispy-sugar-coated bun with ozaaammm-ly good pork bbq!! 😍😍😍 you won't miss this.
Hmm..i don't think i have to say much for this one, right?
Reviewed by too many bloggers already, some says it's heavenly good, other says it's over rated. I believe most of you have tried this famous bun! So what you think? 😉
🐷 Signature Baked Pork BBQ Bun. 😊👌
🏠 Tim Ho Wan
💰S$4.5 [3 pcs]


One of my fav here in the land of merlion : Salted Egg Chicken w/ Rice.
No fancy name. No fancy look.
Just a generous wok of white rice with crispy salted-egg-covered fried chicken fillets and runny-yolk fried egg on top. 👌
Ps: Best eaten with chili padi! 😍
💰 S$6.00
📍 Geylang Lor 17


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