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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Lychee cupcake, cranberry-lychee cream cheese and ruby white chocolate shards

I was gifted this box of ‘ugly’ muffins which appeared in an irregular shape with a crusty and caramelised top. Appearance-wise these definitely did not stand out in any way however it actually tastes better than it looks. My favourite goes to the classic chocolate muffins. The muffins are not too sweet with a nice buttery aroma. It was slightly hard when eaten at room temperature but reheating it does make it better.

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The freshly fried churros are slightly doughy with a crispy exterior, served alongside pure honeycomb and house-made kaya.

Ala Carte 》$10
This dish is part of the Signature Set Menu for 4 》$125
(Choice of 5 Tapas, 1 Paella, 2 Desserts)

The lemon lavender loaf has floral lavender and fresh citrus notes, topped with lemon drizzle and dried edible flowers while the latter was a simple and savoury herb roll bun with cheddar cheese filling. Their iced latte was smooth and creamy. The French mint chocolate was minty but a little weak as it leans more milky than chocolatey.

Overall a nice cosy cafe with a unique platform seating layout and ambience to chill and relax over coffee and pastries.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Bake & Coffee for the price of 1 ✌

Lemon Lavender Loaf (U.P. $5)
Cheddar Cheese & Herb Roll (U.P. $4.50)
Iced French Mint Chocolate (U.P. $6.50)
Iced Latte (U.P. $6.00)

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Choux pastry with hazelnut chocolate and praline cream piped lovingly between two round pastries (in the form of a wheel) then topped with flaked almonds. Although it looks heavy on the cream, it tastes surprisingly light with a mousse-like texture from the hazelnut praline and the almond flakes add more crunch to the crispy pastry 》$4.90

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Classic cinnamon roll made with molasses sugar and topped with premium cream cheese frosting. The balance between the flavour and sweetness was just nice. The cinnamon roll is fragrant, soft and fluffy with the right amount of cinnamon in between the layers. It tasted good on its own and even better when served warm 》$3.40

I also tried the cinnamon apple where apple bits and sauce are poured over the roll. I love this fruity alternative for something more light and refreshing.

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Baked version of the char siew bao that came crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The filling was savoury sweet with a good chew and complement well the flaky pastry. It tastes very similar to those I usually get across the border in JB and this can be my substitute near home 》$1.50/pc (Buy 2 Free 1)

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Cheesecake brownie made with a layer of marbled cheesecake layered on top of a brownie. The cheesecake is not too cheesy and marries the rich and thick brownie very well 》$2.60

The cream horn is a buttery and flaky pastry filled with vanilla buttercream. This is definitely an old school treat and I love how the texture was light and creamy yet not being overly sweet and oily 》$2

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A hybrid of a croissant and a muffin with a buttery, flaky and airy crust. This matcha cruffin comes with a molten uji matcha ganache in the centre. I had mine heated up in a microwave and woah~ the molten matcha started oozing out. There is also a good balance between the crispy exterior and soft interior texture. A little pricey for a small cruffin but worth the little treat to ourselves 》$5.50


Fresh from the oven old school bakes. The beh teh soh comes with crispy and golden brown crust. The light and flaky layers peeled off easily and melt-in-the-mouth. The fillings are not overly sweet with a good balance of maltose and sesame 》$5 (5 Pcs)

A hidden gem and old school shop that sells traditional pastries. Sadly, this 90 year old bakery has decided to pull its shutters down at the end of October. There may be some hope for someone else to take over the business but things are still not firmed up yet.

I went over to order some tau sar piah which was fragrant and tasty. For the same price, the size here is smaller compared to those at loong fatt but I won't mind getting these when I'm around the vicinity to savour some old school traditional bakes and save myself from the crowd. The almond cookies didn't turn out as well as expected. I couldn't smell/taste much of the almonds and it just feels like a normal cookie to me.

Almond Cookie 》$4
Tau Sar Piah 》$0.80 each

Square-shaped brownies are prepared and baked daily to perfection. The menu changes every day so do check out their instagram for it.

The brownies over here are chocolatey and rich in sweetness with a hint of bitterness. The use of salt was like an add-on to the already good brownies and complemented very well with the cacao. Never judge these brownies by their size because they are very gao and one is enough to fill you up. I love them for their chewy, dense, moist and rich texture. A little pricey for its size but definitely worth the try and occasional treat.

The banana bread feels like banana cake to me. Quite dense but moist and not overly sweet. It was good but too pricey to indulge frequently.

Peanut Butter & Pink Salt Brownie 》$5.20
74% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Brownie 》$5.50
Valrhona Dulcey & Smoked Sea Salt Flakes Brownie 》$6.20
Banana Bread 》$11.50

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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