Wouldn't eat this again.
Emily S
Emily S

Oh, & it also took them 20 minutes to settle my bill. Internet problem, apparently. The waiter also keyed in my bill wrongly, without offsetting the $100 worth of Chope vouchers that I purchased. I spotted it immediately & he was apologetic. Rectified it eventually but yes, I reiterate, everything took way too long to happen today, & that's a huge turn off to me.

Btw, did you know that you can only redeem Chope points for a $10 off ChopeDeals voucher once a month? I hadn't noticed than in the T&Cs. Shame because my Chope$s are expiring in June, & their portfolio of rewards has been downsized so much that it isn't even attractive anymore.... Quite a shame. /endPSA

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Chope

CNY lunch at Silk Road Restaurant at Amara Hotel. Disappointing to know that the Entertainer App couldn't be used, as is their rule during all 15 days of Chinese New Year, apparently.

I have no issues with rules, but these need to be clearly stated in the app... & it wasn't. That's a huge pet peeve of mine.

The booking wasn't under my name, & neither am I the one with the Entertainer App. Even though I'm not going to go on a huge rant about this, let's just say I do feel the pinch in my wallet having to pay full price for this meal that didn't even fill half of my stomach.

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Is it just me? Each time I eat at The Daily Cut, after the first mouthful I find it too oily for my liking. I come here wanting to eat healthier, & oil isn't part of my must-eat.

The last time I dined here, I ordered the steak as well & paid extra for it. It was so tough that I broke TWO forks in TWO places, thereafter vowing never to eat steak at a place that uses only plastic cutlery. I didn't even finish the beef because I was so tired of chewing.

Fast forward 3 years; the quality of the steak has definitely improved. But the oilyness that I remember still remains. I mean, I'd still finish the bowl, but.... #justsayin

I ordered the regular ($12 nett) bowl which comes with 2 bases, 1 protein (which you can substitute for 3 vegetarian-friendly supplements, 3 supplements, 1 topping, 1 dressing.

This is what I got -
路 Bases: Whole-grain pasta & quinoa
路 Protein: Striploin steak (+$1)
路 Supplements: Bell peppers, brussels sprouts, egg whites, button mushrooms (I added $1 because I opted for an extra supplement)
路 Topping: Toasted pumpkin seeds
路 Dressing: Mint yogurt (which I eventually donated to a friend I bumped into)

Thankfully I had a 10% cashback boost from Shopback GO to lessen the pain. Still, though, not sure if I'd return here again. At least not in the next 3 years.

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only
馃嵔 Shopback GO partner
馃弮馃徎 Take-outs possible
馃摱 No free WiFi
馃檵鈥嶁檧锔 No service charge
馃毇 No GST


My usual favourite stall at Alexandra Village Food Centre was closed for 2 weeks, so I ventured to another one. Prawn Mee was the craving of the day, & it being past 2PM on a weekday, I didn't have as much options at this hawker centre as compared to during regular lunch hour.

Gave Wei Zhong Qi Prawn Noodle 鍛充腑濂囪櫨闈 (#01-87) a shot, & ordered the large prawn noodles ($6.00 nett) because I was hungry.

In theory, this would have been good. Substantial ingredients: Several sizeable peeled prawns, fishcakes, thin pork slices that weren't tough, & bean sprouts. However, this fell short of expectations & I knew it the moment it was served to me.

You can tell why, too. Just look at how overcooked the prawns are. & looking at the texture, the freshness is questionable too. My first bite into it confirmed this, & I struggled to finish the rest of the prawns in my bowl.

The soup also felt salt-laden, & didn't have that umami flavour that I love. I also struggled to finish that, as well... Which is so unlike me.

Overall, unfortunately a disappointing bowl of prawn noodles that I wouldn't recommend or order again.

馃摫 Accepts GrabPay

[EDIT: Chope has responded to my enquiry that GST & service charge are indeed NOT covered by Chope vouchers for Imperial Feast. They apologise that "this information was mistakenly & unintentionally omitted on (their) end". They have since amended the T&Cs, but I did give them feedback that it still is quite ambiguous. Not going to pursue this any longer, it's up to them how clearly they want to word it]

Purchased Chope vouchers to Imperial Feast Restaurant. Made a reservation on Chope & was looking forward to dining there.

As of the time of purchase, Chope's FAQ webpage states that the vouchers "can be used to offset the entire bill, after GST and service charge". There also weren't any additional/special terms & conditions on the Imperial Feast Restaurant Chope voucher webpage that stated otherwise. These 2 statements held true at the time of dining as well.

However, at the time of ordering food, apparently GST & service charge were NOT covered by the vouchers. This was confirmed upon multiple enquiries to the staff & also the manager Sabrina.

Not sure what's up with the discrepancy, but it sure felt like this was Imperial Treasure's ploy to trick unknowing customers into ordering more food there.

I have been a loyal & very happy user of Chope so far & will continue to use them albeit a bit more warily when purchasing vouchers.

This has unfortunately made for a very unpleasant & embarrassing experience hosting overseas guests here. GST & service charge doesn't add up to be a huge sum of money, but it's enough for me to take my business elsewhere.

Disappointed with the Old Bay Onion Rings ($12++). Too greasy, & too large that it's difficult to eat. Not much reason for me to order this again.

Service was also pretty poor. Each time I spoke to the waitress, e.g. "Can I have a glass of white wine?", she wouldn't respond verbally or even nod her head in acknowledgement. She would just purse her lips, then walk away. 馃檮

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃尙 Air-conditioned seats available
鈽 Al fresco seats available
馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Chope
馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner (though only for pizza/pasta, not drinks or appetizers)

The good & the bad; Truffle Fries ($8++) were marginally addictive, Chicken Chunks ($10++) were abysmal.

I have a HUGE issue with food being served & not matching what's on the menu.

These are not shoestring fries. My accompanying mayonnaise with the chicken chunks never appeared (at least the nacho cheese did). & I have doubts on whether tempura flour was actually used for the chicken chunks.

I don't eat fried food - the only exception being French Fries & actual tempura battered things. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed on the whole.

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃尙 Indoor seats but it's really warm as the ground floor museum door is left open
馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Chope
馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner - but only for mains/pasta
馃毇 No free WiFi
馃挦 Water is not chargeable


If you expect the Heng Hua Fried Beehoon 鍏村寲鐐掔背绮 to be more flavourful than it looks, well, you're completely wrong.

Might have been an off day, but this was the most bland-tasting, unsatisfying dish I've had in a long time. & this coming from someone who is used to eating healthier home-cooked food with less salt/oil/etc... You know it's gotta be pretty bland.

Wasn't impressed by how the clams were also quite sandy/gritty - which is a slight turn off for me, but I know is a HUGE turn off for some people.

Perhaps it was in part my fault for letting someone who eats like a mouse order my food. I inhaled this small portion ($4) in record time & it barely filled me up. In fact, if I ate 2 plates of this, I wouldn't even be half full.

But I wasn't about to order another plate, duh, because this was so unsatisfying.

I'm hoping the other dishes are much, much better... But with so many other good stalls to choose from at Alexandra Village Food Centre, I'm quite sure I won't be heading back to this one anytime soon.


Kaya Thick Toast ($1.20) from 1970's Best Coffee 涓冨崄骞翠唬 (#01-10). Kaya is pretty watery & bread is nothing special. Wouldn't recommend.

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My least favourite dish was the mushroom soup - is it just me or is inflation making soups more expensive? For the price tag (not part of any 1-for-1 promo), this was too watered down for my liking. Would've preferred something chunkier & with more robust flavour.

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only
馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner
馃枼 Accepts reservations on Quandoo
馃挦 Water IS chargeable

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Everything about this night was disappointing, except for the nice live music & above average casual dining food. & the fact that out of the 6 main dishes I ordered, 3 were free because Pietro Ristorante Italiano is a Burpple Beyond partner.

Initially, I thought it was my mismatched expectations - I was hoping to have a nice quiet dinner, but the live music (though well played/sung) in the background was so loud that we had to shout-talk to hear each other. Ok, maybe that was my bad.

It then took them 10 whole minutes to take our order.

Our food only came >30 minutes later. That was the mushroom soup. The first pasta came 12 minutes thereafter. Remaining main courses came in intervals of 10-15 mins, one by one. Painfully, we ate our meal "zhichar"/communal-eating style. Had this been a meal where nobody shares their food, it would've been an even more unpleasant experience.

Final straw was when their credit card machine didn't work when I was paying for my meal. A few customers before me had difficulties paying with credit cards as well.

Clearly they were understaffed & operationally poor at executing. I really regret choosing this as a location to celebrate my birthday. All of us were so tired at the end of the night.

Oh, & here's a tip: If you intend to surprise the birthday girl with tiramisu, putting the plates & spoons in the table 15 mins before you bring the surprise out is a DEAD GIVEAWAY.

It's not a big deal to me, having a surprise ruined.... But you should've seen the look on everyone's face when the waiter did that. Like, bro, wtf u doin.

Unfortunately definitely not coming back. Especially since this is quite a long drive away from home for me. I'm too tired to even write about the food - so here's a collage of what we ate, & let me try to put this experience behind me.

馃挸 Accepts credit cards only if their machine is working
馃尙锔 Air-conditioned seats available
鈽锔 Al fresco seats available
馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Chope
馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner
馃挦 Water is not chargeable

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Unfortunately, the dark chocolate cake ($5.80++) fell below expectations & I didn't even feel like I wanted to finish it. It was very dry, felt way too frozen, & I really didn't enjoy it. Just stick to the cocktails, really.

馃挸 Accepts credit cards
馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only
馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Chope
馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner
馃摱 Free WiFi available

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