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Not the alcolohic kind though :)
Shabby Charmaine -
Shabby Charmaine -

On top of all the problems that I'm already dealing with in life, I now have to face the fact that I didn't know about sangria until today.

Sangria sounds like a flimsy old lady's drink, but I don't care. It's wonderful. It's perfect for dinner with colleagues. It's perfect for not getting drunk but still have enough to loosen you up a little bit. It's pretty. It's nice being given flowers even though it's dried and in a drink and I paid for it.



I don't get it. I doesn't taste like wasabi. Not that I want to chug a nice cold concoction of wasabi and ginger (which is basically what I ask for for ordering this),but I expected it to be different.

This tasted like normal ginger ale - which is pleasant. But I expected to be rocked to my core and question my life choices when I saw wasabi labeled on a drink. Is there something I don't know about wasabi? #toolazytogoogle

So overall, disappointingly pleasant. You decide if that's a good or a bad thing.

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Price: S$4

It's like art - capturing the prime of youth in a painting - or in this case in a plastic cup. We all know that avocados are ripe for the entirety of a hot minute before it starts to be unusable, so I'm eternally pleased with this shake.

It's light and refreshing enough to be a drink for a meal, but sweet and creamy enough to double as a dessert. So,technically, we're saving money here. Still, for 4 bucks, you'd think they'd serve it in a non-disposable cup.


Price: S$5

I have recently discovered my love for iced chocolate and 7 Kickstart does not disappoint. It's not too sweet, but it's the right amount of creamy for you to take a little sip while enjoying some quiet time at the cafe. I think I'm beginning to understand how people stay so long at coffeeshops.


Price: 8SGD

This is now my go-to place when I need to feel all grown up and drink coffee.

I'm not much for coffee because it's all bitter and makes me look like I'm drunk. But I looove avocado shake, and AEIOU makes decent avocado shake too. The coffee is just a little shot at the side and you can pour any amount you want into your shake - which, thank you because for me that's like 2 tblsp. 3 if I'm feeling adventurous.

But seriously - I did try to pour in half a shot into my shake at the end, and it was totally OK.