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Dessert Delights

Dessert Delights

When you get that sugar craving, load up on the glucose at the joints that serve up the best sweet treats in town.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

I gotta say, Refuel II’s food is decidedly cheaper than most other cafés out there. Usually a dessert would set you back by at least ten buckaroos, but at Refuel II, sweet sin-sations like this Homemade Apple Crumble cost $8.90. Nett. That’s right, no service charge or annoying government tax here.

Their apple crumble is very, very unique as there is absolutely zero pastry involved in the making of this dessert. I’m not entirely sure if this qualifies as a deconstructed dessert, but the traditional apple pie filling is generously dusted down with buttered & toasted oats, and it works.

The apple filling is still very traditional, as the sweet and slightly tart chunks of apple are coated in a pleasantly, moderately sweet sauce. The oats provide a very nice contrast with their crunchiness, and while it fails to replicate the heartiness of a traditional pie crust, it makes the crumble a lot lighter and perfect for a post-meal dessert. This is a dessert that’s a bit too easy to finish solo, trust me.


Carrara (which is also ridiculously difficult to get the spelling right) Cafe seems hopelessly out of place in an old industrial neighborhood, but they seem to be getting on just fine. Besides the usual café fare offered, their pride seems to be their waffles, which are either very conveniently paired with artisanal gelatos, or offered up as a savory option as part of their all day breakfast.

The waffles themselves are decent, albeit rather run of the mill. A nice fluffy, eggy and slightly savory interior is encased within a mildly crispy exterior that’s nicely browned. However, when a scoop (or three) of gelato is situated on top of the waffle, that’s when the magic happens. Y’all probably know by now what happens when ice cream is fused with waffles, so I’ll just skip that part and announce that Carrara’s gula melaka gelato is enticingly enjoyable. It might be a little too sweet on its own, but when it’s married to the fluffy, fresh and hot waffle, it’s perfect. Just like that soppy Ed Sheeran song.


Admittedly, I went over to Meatmen for some fantastic Father’s Day steaks, but some odd compulsion drove me to Bakery Brera to have a gander at what the hype was all about. I truly lucked out on that day, as there was an abundance all varieties of their famous cruffins still for sale at 6 pm. I was told that they’d anticipated an insane demand for these cruffins due to it being Father’s Day, but said demand never materialized.

Well, everyone else’s loss is my gain, and after heating up this Nutty Salted Caramel Cruffin, I can start to see why there’s a hot fuss over these flaky boys. Croissant pastry is moulded into the form of a muffin before getting impregnated with a healthy amount of caramel.

The end product is fabulously flaky while still retaining that luxurious, buttery softness inside. Once you chomp your way to the centre, the caramel hidden deep inside is there to lavish your tongue with sweet, sweet sugary love. The soft dough was absolutely addictive, and when fused with the sweetness of the caramel and the sugar studding the flaky pastry exterior, these cruffins were certainly charming.

However, it’s not all hunky dory. I was wondering where the nuts in the ‘nutty’ were, as aside from the small smattering of crushed nuts on the outside, the nuts were missing. They should’ve put some chunky nuts into the centre with the caramel to put the nut back into nutty, and so that when people ask about deez nuts, they can confidently say that they gottem.

At $4.50, it’s not that worth it, but if you’re a sucker for competently crafted croissants moulded into muffins and stuffed with various spiffy sweets, then Bakery Brera will be taking all your money straight outta your wallet.

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The dessert course of the spectacularly value for money, $25.90++ per person New Years Day set menu was a brilliant chocolate layered cake. I’m hoping that 5 Senses are baking their own cakes, but I do know for a fact that this takes the cake.

Granted, it looks unappealingly dry, but the sponge layers are adequately moist and have been thoroughly infused with the taste of sweet, slightly bitter chocolate. The mousse separating each sponge layer is light, yet deliciously chocolatey with a hint of bitterness to boot.

The bottom layer has a texture like a crunchy cookie: brittle, crunchy when bitten down into, and crumbs like a cookie. The frosting is also quite delightful, and is sweeter than the mousse and sponge cake that it cocoons to add a little variety on the palate.

It’s not the most revolutionary cake ever made, but you best believe I’ll have this cake and eat it too.


Seriously, it’s impossible to go wrong with the timeless combination of bananas and Nutella. However, when you slap both sweet treats on a well baked, thin crust pizza base, and slap on a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream, it becomes a divine dessert fit for a king.

The only minor issue I have with it is that they seem to be rather afraid to try out different combinations, as they only offer vanilla ice cream to go with this dessert. It would be nice if they could offer something more adventurous, such as their made in-house coconut ice cream, or perhaps even rum & raisin.

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of @peperonipizzeria, Agnes and @merissagoh of Les Amis Group, and @burpple!

115 Tang Shui’s peanut soup is among one of the better ones I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying so far. It’s almost like drinking peanut butter, but only if said peanut butter was moderately sweet, slightly roasty, smooth like velvet, and flowed like honey. Add on two bouncy, well filled glutinous rice balls, pay $2.60, and it’ll be enough to sweeten anybody’s day.



Babao Dessert serves up traditional Chinese desserts kakigori, which is essentially Japan’s answer to Singapore’s ice kachang. The two versions that were a hit with us were Babao’s cocoa and mango kakigori.

The mango kakigori is delightfully fruity and sweet with the mango infused ice, and there’s massive chunks of mango within all that ice. The creamy and mildly sweet non-dairy cream on top of every kakigori helps to make the dessert richer and more indulgent.

The cocoa kakigori is basically just milo shaved ice. That’s not a bad thing, however, as it’s rich and chocolatey, and there’s even a few milo nuggets buried within! It’s a bit like a chocolate ice cream, but a lot thinner and free of dairy. Not bad at all.


That's right, ya boi finally paid a pilgrimage to Matchaya and sampled their goodies. Now, I have been enlightened as to why everybody has been losing their collective heads over this little dessert kiosk.

Pictured here is the mystery flavor of the month, Matchaya's Kinako soft serve. Just like everyone should and probably will do when you're popping your cherry, you gotta go fully nude. No dressing, no toppings, just the bare, naked kinako soft serve experience.

The flavors were indulgently intense, with the roasty flavors dominating your sense of taste, while getting the distinct flavors and scent of sweet soybean close behind. The sweetness is present but masterfully restrained, allowing for the excellent roasted soybean flour to bask in the well deserved limelight. The soft serve itself is charmingly creamy and milky, and it's actually pretty sticky. Which works really well with that stick of shortbread that's been jammed into the sensual swirls of soft serve.

For $5.90, this is one heckuva divine dessert.


Foxhole Café's Red Velvet Brownies (about $10 nett, I can't really remember) are undoubtedly some of the best I've ever had.

Moist, dense and chock full of chocolate, each rectangle of sweet satisfaction hit the spot with every bite. The brownies held their shape well and stuck together even after getting cut through, a testament to how moist it was. I was on the fence over the rum and raisin ice cream however, as the bitterness from the rum was quite overpowering even when consumed with the stellar brownies.

I wonder if I could get some of Foxhole's salted caramel ice cream with these red velvet beauties instead the next time I hit em up...


Ironically enough, Atmastel's most iconic dessert are their...wait for it...Portuguese egg tarts. While it doesn't look like much, it's a classic case of 'there's more for this than meets the eye'. Priced much more reasonably than those overrated cheese tarts at $4.20 a pair (hue hue blaze it), biting into these little tarts is probably the closest one will ever come to experiencing heaven.

A buttery, flaky pastry crust crumbles into a million flakes as the tremendously thick egg custard within starts to lazily flow out. Sweet, sticky and utterly sensual, the molten custard within slowly runs along your tongue, coating every single tastebud and blessing it with its divine deliciousness. The cinnamon powder that's diligently dusted atop the plump pair of tarts by Atmastel's terrifically talented pastry chef just adds that extra salaciousness to the already sinful soirée in your mouth with its hit of subtle sweetness.

I could write a billion words about these Portuguese egg tarts, but I won't. Because I'm gonna get me a pair of these beauties right now, and you should too.


Matcha waffles are a dime a dozen these days, but My Cottage Café's rendition does a pretty solid job of standing out from the pack with their crisp matcha waffles that is significantly less sweet than most of the competition out there, and the strong taste of actual matcha.

The waffle is sufficiently crisp, while the soft internals have a texture much like the ubiquitous, beloved pandan waffles of everyone's childhood. Unfortunately, the sea salt caramel ice cream sitting smack dab in the middle of the waffle is the only one who failed to uphold their end of the bargain. I tasted neither salt nor caramel, and at some points I could've very well been eating generic vanilla ice cream.

Oh well, I'll just stick with the excellent earl grey ice cream the next time.


The one dessert that stole my eye (and heart) at the Signature Patisserie was undoubtedly the Black Devil Chocolate Cake, priced oh-so-affordably at just $12 with two yuuuge mounds of gelato, of your choosing of course.

Astonishingly light in texture and porous in nature, the soft, spongy and indescribably chocolate-y cake was practically inhaled by the whole lot of us Tastemakers before you could say "dude, where's my cake?" That's right, it was that stunningly superb. I can't quite put my finger on what makes the Black Devil so damned tempting, but all I know is that I was beguiled by its charms, and now my waistline is doing penance.

As if sin didn't come in an already attractive enough package, the two massive mountains of Alfero gelato on the side added creaminess, weightiness and a measure of sensual milkiness to the already incomparable cake, making it utterly irresistible to even the most hardened of saints out there. I fell in love with the pairing of Black Devil x Chocolate Hazelnut gelato at first bite, and although I was rather reserved about my fellow Tastemakers' choice of pistachio gelato for the second scoop, I was swiftly sold on that pairing too.

In short, if being a sinner tastes this good, I never wanna be a saint.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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