Dessert Delights

Dessert Delights

When you get that sugar craving, load up on the glucose at the joints that serve up the best sweet treats in town.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

My photo may be godawful, but banana bread is the polar opposite. It’s a bloody brilliant banana bread, and I’m so glad I got to enjoy this T H I C C slice of sweet, carb loaded goodness. It was a day old, but it got a hell of a second wind after baking for ten minutes in my oven.⠀

Re-baking it made the crust develop a charming crunchiness, giving it a delicious distinction between the crusty exterior & the majestically moist innards, which were intensely imbued with the fragrance & flavour of ripe banana. The texture of the dough within was downright delightful, as it had a satisfying density & an alluring moistness to it. It had a decent touch of fluffiness as well, resulting in an incredibly satisfying banana bread that can be dual-purposed as both a light breakfast & a delectable dessert.

I turned mine into a decadent dessert with a charitable helping of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and goddamn, sometimes it’s alright to be fat. With beautiful bakes like this banana bread and boozy brews, Yeastside are truly best side.

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As a professional chocolate addict I must admit that @nastycookiee Choco Bueno ($4.90) is mucho bueno. While the glut of glucose may force some to say “no bueno” to this chewy cookie, it got me saying muy bueno.⠀

A module of Kinder Bueno, which is where the cookie borrows its name from, is implanted in the middle of the thick cookie. This conceals the thin layer of marshmallow concealed below the chocolate treat. That’s right, it’s a modified s’more, and I do want some more. The dark chocolate cookie dough does provide a bit of bitterness to offset the sugar rush of the cookie, and just like when a plan comes together, I love it.

And now, it’s time for the grand finale to the sublime symphony of flavours that is @linorestaurant $28++ three-course set lunch. I know, an earl grey tea cake is as out of place in an Italian ristorante as I would be in a room of teetotallers.⠀

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a rather comely cake, with the pleasant pungency of the floral, fragrant earl grey tea fully flavouring & adding a vivacious vibrancy to the muted sweetness of the cake. However, the cake is a bit uneven. It was pleasingly moist for the most part, but there were some internal bits that were quite dry and kind of grainy. ⠀

Fortunately, it wasn’t an often enough occurrence to dampen my enjoyment of the cake. Besides, there’s a bountiful dollop of light whipped cream on the side. And yes, it takes this already captivating cake a whole level up with the light as air creaminess.⠀

A fitting finale to a most mellow meal in my books. Plus, housepour wines are $10++ all day every day. Bargains this good got me asking if this is the real life, or if it’s just fantasy. And if this only exists in my dreams, don’t wake me up.

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And now, we end @wadodining set meal on a high, sweet note. The pedestrian sounding chocolate tart is probably the most outstanding dessert item with just how stupefyingly stellar it is. And that’s already taking into account the fact that one of its listed elements was missing from the dish.⠀

As mentioned before, Wado only had chocolate ice cream on the night of my visit, which makes this dessert a chocoholics wet dream. It looks like any average tart on the outside, but wait! Cut into it, and a warm, runny chocolate concoction cascades out of the breach and onto the plate. Forget lava cakes, they ain’t got anything on the flow that this choccy tart has.⠀

The melted chocolatey goodness is subtly sweet, being just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth while being countered by the mild roasty bitterness of a delicious dark chocolate. The tart crust itself is brilliantly buttery & charmingly crumbly, acting as the deeply fulfilling component in the chocolate tart. ⠀

As mentioned before, the missing element is a berry compote. It wasn’t until I reread the menu that I realised that the compote was missing, but the raspberry & strawberries provided the sharp, sour edge to check the tart’s chocolatey sweetness. Still, if the menu declares that there’s gonna be a berry compote, you should probably include a berry compote in the dish.⠀

The desserts are most definitely @wadodining forte, and both desserts were certainly carrying the set menu to sweet, sweet victory royale.

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@wadodining ran out of strawberry ice cream the night I visited, so I ended up with a chocolate ice cream Eton mess. Not particularly traditional, but my chocoholic self was pretty pleased by this turn of events.⠀

Other than the chocolate ice cream, it’s a fairly traditional Eton mess. The smashed up, multicoloured meringue bits added a vitally important crisp & crumbly texture to the overall softness of the dessert. The chocolate ice cream is a decent, albeit unremarkable store bought one that goes well with the whipped cream.⠀

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Eton mess without some berries. A couple of blueberries and a few slices of strawberry add a nice, fruity sweet & sour taste to the dessert, giving it some much needed complexity.

For a very happy ending to @linopastabar lavish lunch set menu, the bread butter pudding with vanilla sauce is a compelling choice. Yes, it’s not very Italian and is quite decidedly English, but Lino still does a stellar job of it.⠀

The top exterior of the pudding is charmingly crusty & crunchy, whilst the insides were a moist, wobbly and slightly gooey mess of deliciousness. The pudding itself wasn’t particularly sweet, instead bearing a delightful eggy fragrance, almost like a custard. The sharp contrast in texture was utterly enthralling, and I couldn’t stop till I got enough. Which was basically the whole pudding.⠀

The vanilla sauce provided much of the sweetness of the dessert, and the taste was equal parts milky & vanilla. That did make me wonder if it was just melted down ice cream, but I downed any thoughts I had with another bite of this piquant pudding.⠀

Just like Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back. To try the other options on the $22++ 3 course menu, of course.


@wildbloomssg Rose Apple Pie is quite the looker, but it has quite a bit of improvement to make when it comes to the execution.⠀

Don’t get me wrong, the taste is delicious, but due to the complexity of the multiple layers to create the rose pattern, some of the dough is undercooked and wet. The apples were all beautifully caramelised with a subtly spicy and moderately sweet flavour, and other than the undercooked pastry, it’s a delightful dessert.⠀

I am not quite sure how to cook the pastry in the middle without burning the rest of the pie, but the effort to perfect this dessert will most definitely be worth it.

I’ve always liked @swissbakesg for their savoury sustenances, but I’ve never really tried their sweet treats until I was trying to pad out a @grabfoodsg order to meet the minimum delivery. I’m real glad for that, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to relish their pleasant Paradiso Di Nocciola signature cake ($6.90).⠀

It’s taken a different form from its usual size, and it has been shrunken down to this delightful dome. The glistening glaze is 60% dark chocolate, which envelops the alternating layers of vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge and crunchy wafer. It’s a charmingly chocolatey cake that isn’t saccharine sweet. Instead, the sugar levels are perfectly balanced, as all things should be.⠀

The moderate bittersweetness of the dark chocolate exterior helps to average out the sweetness of the moist sponge cake. It’ll definitely go above & beyond in satisfying the chocolate cravings of any chocaholics without sending their glucose levels skyrocketing. At $6.90, this cake is one of the best out there.

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I don’t usually have desserts, but I’m glad that I tried the Easter Bunny Shortcake ($6.90+). It’s cutesy for the kids, but the flavours definitely deliver. A plain but palatable frosted cookie encases the strawberry shortcake within the glass.

Said strawberry shortcake is supremely scrumptious, with the sugar levels adeptly managed, and the sponge cake at the bottom being marvellously moist and moreish. And yes gimme more. Stat.

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@newubin outpost at Tampines is supposedly their test kitchen, where they perform live human experim-actually...on second thoughts...I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble. In big trouble. And I don’t want to be in big trouble.

Anyways, the Tampines outlet serves up experimental dishes alongside classic favourites, and one of the new dishes is their brilliant banana gula melaka, which sees caramelised bananas lusciously lathered with a glucose laden gula Melaka reduction.

Issa downright delightful dessert, with the competently caramelised bananas meshing well with the gula Melaka, which was mercifully restrained in sugar. It reaches peak performance when paired with the compellingly charming coconut ice cream, which is made in house. Now this is a glorious glucose riot, alright.

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You know it’s Christmas when Michael Bublé & Mariah Carey come out of whatever cave they’ve been hibernating in to terrorise the living crap out of your eardrums, and when buffets start to deck the halls with Christmas sweets.

Beach Road Kitchen does desserts exceptionally well, and their dessert delights are downright decadent. Their mince pies (fruit, not beef mind you), apple crumble, and pear tarts are compellingly Christmas-y, and will have you Ho-Ho-Hoing out the door.


Until the clock hits 1 January, it’s still technically Christmas and you can’t change my mind. However, a Christmas fruitcake on Christmas Day itself is rather magical, and it’s even more so with a fruitcake as fabulous as The Bread Shop’s rendition.

Upon first impressions, I found it far too spicy, as it was far too inundated with a plethora of spices (think cinnamon, cloves & mixed spice instead of chili). However, the cake scrambled to salvage its reputation for the second impression, and it managed to make an impressive impression the second time round. It’s a little gooey & charmingly chewy in the middle, much akin to sticky toffee pudding, & the notes of caramel within were delightfully delicious.

It’s a pretty substantial bar of fruit cake, and it really puts the ‘fruit’ in fruit cake. Every bite was chock full of candied fruit, and every bite was unique & utterly unctuous. Armed with a dollop of whipped cream & thick vanilla ice cream to be utilised at your disposal on the side, it’s a shining example of a competently crafted Christmas cake.

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Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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