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Featuring The Bakery Chef, Tian Kee & Co., Hvala (111 Somerset)
A (:
A (:

Houjicha cake wasn't as mindblowing as I initially expected it to be Perhaps cos I was really expecting some strong houjicha taste from the cake itself Houjicha taste seems to be accentuated by the drizzle and perhaps the houjicha taste is really coming from the drizzle |

Tried the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut cake after one bite of Houjicha cake so the first thought I had was that it's pretty sweet which I'm guessing it's coming from the honey But after a few more bites the sweetness is okay really Good that the nuts added to the crunch also |

Cake layers are soft and moist Personally feel that the layers can fall apart quite easily though |

The place is really pretty and ambience is very good for chilling (:

And this is DURIAN MOUSSE CAKE from Goodwood Park Hotel! Finally got to try some goodwood park goodies thanks to my mom's friend! It's not bad cos I felt it has quite generous bits of real durian! xD though I found it a little sweet for me - I love cakes but when it comes to durians perhaps I prefer to eat them straight out from the shell! (:

And we tried this as well on that same visit and it was not bad! The texture was what I was more familiar with and sea salt and caramel goes pretty well together!

I like this quaint place nestled in the old HDB flats, but sadly it's gonna be closed in Dec 2016 due to the government's redevelopment plans for Dakota Crescent! :(

And finally I got the chance to try this which has been in my radar for quite a while! I went in with moderate expectations but the cheesecake itself turned out to be quite decent! Thought it was a little different from the usual cheesecakes I've had cos of its wobbly jelly-like texture which reminded me of puddings haha


Was around the area so decided to check this out because I'm always up for cakes! The cakes were beautiful but thought the slices look rather small :x Lollipop cheesecake ($7.30) had a slightly crumbly texture but tasted like a decent cheesecake to me! And Bandung&Lychee softserve ($4.50) really adds on to the celebratory mood of our Jubilee this month! :D


A (:

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