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Oodles of Noodles

Oodles of Noodles

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), The Refinery, The Bedok Marketplace, Lao Jiang Superior Soup (East Village), Boon’s Noodles (Golden Mile Food Centre), MooTeow Chilli Beef Kway Teow
Melissa Chue
Melissa Chue

Sample all of Moo Teow’s beef offerings with the Mixed Beef [$7/ $9]. Beef brisket, beef balls, beed tendon, and beef tripe come together to create a decadently delicious combination atop sticky rice noodles flavoured with sesame oil and a dollop of flavourful homemade chilli sauce. Mix them thoroughly to enjoy a flavour bomb that is out of this world!

I will certainly not be counting my calories when dining at Moo Teow. With its perfectly balanced flavours and indulgent ingredients, Moo Teow’s beef bowls make a perfect cheat meal! Not to mention the laid back environment with arcade and bar games to enjoy after slurping up those sinfully tasty noodles.

🚇: Esplanade
💵: $7 - $9

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[MEDIA] Handmade mee hoon kueh and ban mian?! 😱 Boon's Noodles are a labour of love, with its ex-Rafflesian founder painstakingly putting every ingredient together by hand, from the broth to the chilli sauce.

Eating at this husband and wife run stall is like coming together for a cozy meal with your neighbour. Come early enough and you can enjoy their al-dente noodles with a runny onsen egg! 🍜🍳
🚇: Nicoll Highway
💵: $3 - $5

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Slurpilicious Miso Mushroom Noodles by the newly opened Dumpling Darlings! 🍄 Noodles are perfectly al dente, making it a delight to slurp them up along with the flavoursome braised mushrooms. More at


This is a bowl that spells bang for your buck. I’m honestly impressed Lao Jiang packed this much in their Superior Ipoh Hor Fun for less than $12! Needless to say, the combination of all these goodies made a really sweet and flavourful broth


Spicy Mee with a kick - pulled pork, meatballs, onsen egg and a hell lot of spice on top of noodles. Not the faint hearted!


The Dry Ramen reminds me of what it would be like if I'd decided to go fancy with my instant noodle suppers. Pulled pork is delicious, though it was a tad oily overall.


The stuff of our supper dreams - Uncle Chicken a Rice presents the Lo Ding Set which consists of dry instant noodles, juicy poached chicken, vegetables, luncheon meat and ramen style egg. Really simple fare that comes together nicely, and can't have enough of the crackling and sauce underneath the bed of springy noodles!


Travel around Asia in a bowl of noodles - HK style dumplings, Vietnam inspired potato wrapped prawn, Japanese style char shiu and onsen egg and Singapore noodles. Noodle strands are a tad clumpy but the toppings are delicious and the product of the pair's culinary innovation.

“I’m sorry for all the things I said when I was hungry. 😬” | IG @chuepachups

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