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Meiyen Tan
Meiyen Tan

Bagels a lil hard, love the atmosphere and the vibes of the place tho


Had the 3 meal course that costs $28++. The soup had small pieces of bacon inside and it tastes really good. Picked the turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies. The turkey is a bit tough but the others were good. Quite a nice place to chill with mates after work too!


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This amazing sliced fish congee is a great comfort food for this sick human being, and eating the dough fritter with the porridge is 😍😍😍. Costs only $3!
They have other stuff too, like handmade meatball congee and pig intestine.


Thank you guys from Burpple for selecting my review for CheapNGood and the food treat! Enjoyed myself here. Ordered Triple Roast ($30) to try out the char siew, roast pork and soya chicken. Should have ordered all the char siew ones, they are really fatty and literally melts in your mouth 😍. Had butter chicken ($14) which was nice, salted egg pork ($14) was a bit heaty (i can feel my throat burning a bit..), also had Dou Miao ($10) and Spicy 4 seasons ($10). The Char Siew is definitely worth eating here! With all the drinks, service charge & GST, it cost us $98.87


This is the best masala dosai i have ever had, its like food from the heavens and indian food could possibly turn me into a vegan. Its crispy and the fillings are generous, the sauces are amazing. This is one happy and filling meal, can i have this near my area? The environment is airconditioned & small and its really clean. There is no GST but there is service charge. Paid $6.40! Soo worth it 😍😍 #BurppleCheapNGood


These are amazing and very filling. I had to share! Its 12.90 and no GST & service charge! Also had their pastries 2 for $8!


$7 and the serving is large, i could pass this off as a meal by itself and its good but sinful!

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Quite a nice neighbourhood cafe to go after a swim (since Jurong east swimming pool is nearby), this is filling and its $9.90 without any service charge or GST! The cheese might be a bit overpowering but overall a nice dish to try out. I would prefer my hollandaise sauce tho.


The egg is well poached and overall a nice dish. For $12.50!

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