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Away From Singapore

Away From Singapore

Findings away from the Little Red Dot...
Connie K.
Connie K.

Monsieur Spoon, a French Cafe tucked behind Seminyak Square Bali. Selection of tarts, cakes, coffee and tea. Everything is good except for some uncovered cakes on display. The little fly fly gets a taste of it before you gets to enjoy it.

Traveling comes with sightseeing, shopping and eating!
Had a taste of Babi Guling at Ibu Oka located around Kuta area. A homely feel restaurant with 2 storey. It's not an air conditioned restaurant, ceiling fans are well spread out so you don't feel warm.
About the food... Ordered their special. It comes with rice, deep-fried pork cubes, vegetable, a type of spicy sausage and not forgetting the roasted pork with the crispy skin! Everything tasted good except for the sausage which is not to my liking.
Overall it taste good, but it might be better if dish is served warm. That may probably brings out more flavour of it.

Breakfast!!! Located along Patong beach area is Ella Bar, Bistro & Bed. A bistro during the day, a bar when night falls and an accommodation throughout the day & night. I believed their room rates are decent including their room amenities too.

Their breakfast selection is similar to what you see on the menu in most cafes. Had an egg benny with salmon & a cuppa mocha. Egg benny was done just nice, those runny yolk and smoked salmon. Yums! The mocha tasted really strong. Awesome for a morning coffee fix. You could see the barista preparing it ensures each cup served has its consistency. Oh, their french toast is interesting. They used wholemeal bread & brown sugar because it's said to be healthier. Not to worry about sugar rush, the taste is well balanced. Thumbs up!

Ambience is good. Furnitures used are mainly woody... Benches, long table, bar stools... A relaxing environment to do some reading or people watching, the locals on their mobile stall selling local food fare.

Yung Kee Restaurant is located at 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. MTR: Central

This 'pot' of winter melon soup has to be pre-ordered. It is filled with plenty of goodness ingredients! You don't just drink the soup, you'll eat almost the whole thing except for the melon skin. Indeed superb!
Apart from this, their selection of roast is pretty good too. Roast goose, roast pork belly, char siew, roast pigeon, etc...

The food was good but on the pricier side. Worth trying at least for once if you're visiting Hong Kong.

After check-in, fill our stomach at Mak's Noodle, Causeway Bay. Noodle was cooked till perfection and each shrimp wanton was juicy. I think there were 4 other wantons hidden beneath the noodle. Do try the chili with noodle/shrimp. Oh well, don't belittled this small serving, it is quite filling too.

A typical 茶餐厅 interior design. The sound of chopstick and spoon cling-clanging the bowl is usually heard unless there's no parton. :-P

Got to check out the mak's noodle in Singapore soon.

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