International Cuisine

International Cuisine

Featuring Wheeler's Yard, Arbite, Pies & Coffee (Rochester Mall), Yoshimaru Ramen Bar, Watami (The Star Vista), Guzman y Gomez (The Star Vista), The Flying Squirrel, Pita Bakery, Wrap & Roll (The Star Vista), First25Cafe
Ka Ling
Ka Ling

Get a whole set to share with your friends! Good enough for 4 people! The massisoyo set ($50++) comes with a double stew with choice of meat, rice ball, side and beverage!

Friendly service. Good for big groups.

I especially like the hands on for making rice ball - the tuna was good but I want to try crab meat and roe next time! Ohhhhh and the squid and leek pancake is very good. Still crispy when cold. The sauce was a must to dip, and very good with the pancake. I also really liked the grapefruit yoghurt drink - great to balance the spicy dishes. The pickled lettuce and radish ban chan were good too.

I was not particularly a fan of the chicken stew - definitely had potential but probably because I’m not a fan of chicken. Spicy level 2 was even too spicy for Indonesians! Beef is supposedly really good. The thick glass noodles, ricecake and mushrooms were good in the stew.

Will be back with groups of friends!

313 somerset B3-02, next to subway

The queue is long and sadly the food was not worth a wait.. the garlic pizza was SWEET?! And came with whipped cream on the side.... maybe some people will like it. But not me and my friends! We got the pizza as part of a set with two pastas and a drink. Not sure I’ll visit again!

Awesome event held by Slush x google cloud.

Open bar, appetizers and the intimate walkways definitely set up for networking events. I enjoyed the vodka sprite mixer, burger sliders had awesome buns so small and cute, and pizza. There was also cheese and tomato drizzled with olive oil, tomato bruschetta and meatballs. Great servers!

Interested to come back for happy hour and some food!

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Enjoying a delicious Jay Chou approved Liang Egg Sandwich (炸弹葱油饼) with my lovely hb. 5🌟and👍🏼from the two of us! Only $3!

Amazing crisp and not overcooked eggs!! Didn’t really like that secret Liang sauce though. Prefer it without sauce. Great snack at VivoCity Basement

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Did I magically teleport to HK? Not really, but man the Tsui Wah in SG is giving 茶餐厅a run for their money. Food:4.5/5🌟;service:3/5🌟. You totally get the full Hk experience, where you feel rather cramped and service is at a premium. Queue was about half hour on Sunday night and you get free water to keep cool and quench your thirst.

Comfort food for Hongkies like me. I truly enjoyed my pork chop bun and boiled coke with lemon (Ling lok in canto; don’t judge, its good for the cold, as my grandma and Mom told me). Everyone LOVED the condensed milk bun 奶油猪,and indeed it was almost the same as what you get in HK! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with a generous serving of condensed milk. We probably had two slices (a full order) each, or even more. The fishball with noodles and black pepper beef spaghetti were very tasty too. The iced milk tea was very satisfying, the perfect balance of milk and tea. Not too bitter, not too dilute m; we did finish it very quickly so no dilution was accounted for.

Can’t wait to be back with my hb for my favorite baked cheesy pork chop rice 🐽🧀🍚and more condensed milk bun and classic Hk milk tea! Tsui Wah SG approved! Now I finally have somewhere to go for my Hk cafe cravings.

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Happy hour at Cafe Iguana ($40 for a jug of magaritas before 7pm or after 10pm). Waiting for my buddies to arrive, I managed to instagram the moment. Brings us back to our JC days n years ago 😅

Pricing of food was rather expensive between 25-40SGD (how did we afford it back then??). Food was so so. If I will be back it’ll be for the happy hour original/peach magaritas (which was beyond sad after it melted in an hour) and the one tiny bowl of chips and salsa. Nice chill out atmosphere along Singapore River at Riverside Point. Don’t expect much from service - very crowded so just keep waving to get attention.

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Some Beef bacon, some sausage, and some cheesy macaroni. I wouldn’t mind more cheese, cheddar was used here. But it was a pretty good size and not too heavy to finish! My friend and I shared the large ($10). Might be small for some people but it’s quite energy loaded.

Overall 4 😋 but I was still wanting more... like more cheese.. runny egg... the real bacon. Better spread of sausage.

Still a good place to go takeout and satisfy comfort food cravings! Only a few bar seats so during peak hours will be hard to find a place. You can also choose to make your own and add some seafood in there. Check them out along prinsep area!

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My favorite purchase from HK this trip! From Wing Wah at the airport for only 78HKD and comes with 6 or so Gudetama pineapple tarts AND the amazing Gudetama bento wrap! It’s waterproof on one side, and has many HK delicacies like egglettes, waffles, egg tarts, polo bun on it. All my favorite food! Pineapple tarts were also well liked by my colleagues. So creative! #gudetama #hongkongairport #wingwah

Finally succumbed to my fish and chips craving last weekend. And it was worth it!! Chippy at PS basement. Beer battered fish and chips small size with fries on the side ($5.50). Top up $0.90 for 2 tubs of cheese sauce!!

Fish was crispy and had a thin layer of batter. The fish itself had a pretty good texture. Not sure I taste the beer batter but it was great with cheese sauce!! Yay. Don’t bother getting the fries. Fat and dense and not crispy. Boo.


What good is a dinner without foodstagram?

We started off with some popiah with chicken and mayo in the pool of desire (blue; poor resolution because my photos didn’t get saved). We then sat down to enjoy our main course with Victoria White - seaweed codfish with squid ink mash potato! So gooodddd when you eat them tog.

And then my maiden experience with low light dining in the black room - fried rice with teriyaki chicken, mushrooms and garlic.

Finally we ended the meal with a delicious dessert, though not for my friend, smoregasm. S’mores and brownie with pop rocks, nuts and sour cherries and berries. Loved it.

I also got a nectar elixir on the side - mix of juices and vodka. A little too much alcohol taste for me. Amazing experience. Can’t wait for the next one!

$96 per pax on Friday nights and $106 per pax for weekends.
Drinks are between $16-18 for cocktails; $12 for wine, $10 for beer.


Fluffy like clouds pita and smooth savory hummus. All for a good price!

Special pita flavors at $2.20 each
Garlic was my favorite! Za’atar was good but not really my thing. Ask the shopkeeper to heat t up for you so you can snack as you walk!

100g of hummus for $3
Add some olive oil! It was very very tasty but a little too smooth for me (I’m a crunchy peanut butter girl)

I wanted to get the hummus special for $13 recommended by fellow burpplers but that’s only offered if the tables are available (note only 2 two seaters are provided outside the shop)

USD 10/AED30+ for cheese fries

Worth it? Yes. Fries were crispy and normal on its own but cheese, generous cheese sauce over fries is the best!!

Located in terminal 3 of Dubai airport, B gates area. Try it if you’re ever there!

Ka Ling

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