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Featuring Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar), Mr Churro, Osteria Art, Tete-a-Tete Cafe, Alfero Artisan Gelato (Marina Square), Food Republic ([email protected]), Fried Chicken Master, Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint), Shinkei Japanese Restaurant, Swensen's (Plaza Singapura)
Jocelyn Wong
Jocelyn Wong
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SG's first German microbrewery, @paulaner_sg introduces new menu after renovation and you can either enjoy quick drinks with live band at level 1, or a more intimate dining experience at level 2.

There is also a level 3 gallery floor for private dining!
Featuring my favourite Pork Knuckle ($31.90) with sauerkraut and Bavarian bread dumpling. Oven-roasted over 2 hours, the crispy and crunchy golden brown skin brushed with Paulaner beer was to die for 🐷


@7elevensg has added 8 more Japanese snacks, making it more accessible to satisfy cravings 😍
Featuring some of the new snacks such as Double Nuts Chocolate ($3.50), Chocolate Cookie ($3), Sesame Rice Cracker and Soy Sauce Rice Cracker ($3.80 each pack). My favourites are Edamame Stick ($2.30) which felt like eating fried edamame and Macadamia Nut Cookie ($3) because they are just so generous with the amount of maxadamia nuts!

After conquering 20-30 minutes of queue with never-ending sweat glands..we got the full platter of fried milk ($9.50) which comprises all 3 flavours - Original, Pandan and Thai Milk Tea (4 pieces each)!

Verdict? I like the Thai Milk Tea drizzled with condensed milk. Texture is similar to Nonya Kueh..and can get a bit jelat. So be sure to share the calories!
PS: and oh yes, I deliberately tore apart to show you what's inside for each flavour 🤣

A cafe that felt like home, probably because of the comfort food that is served at affordable prices 💁
Featuring my favourite Boss Burger ($19), sandwiching all the sinfully-yet-damn-shiok ingredients that make it totally #likeaboss.

Double beef patty cooked to medium that is packed with juices, complemented with bacon, egg, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions in between soft toasted buttered brioche buns. No wonder it is my favourite, because this caters for the carnivore lovers 🙃
Oh and for non-beef lovers, you can either choose Chicken ($18) or Fish ($17)!
Thank you @commonchefscafe and @nichology for the good lobang, esp when it is pretty near to my house 🤤

New menu at @crystaljadesg and featuring the cute Hedgehogs ($5.30 for 3) with white lotus paste fillings!

Don't worry about the sweetness, because it is just right 💁
The designs of the steamed buns will be rotated, so you will have a chance to get chicks or piglets 🐤🐽
Thank you @sixthsensepr and @cassakating for the great meal!

As part of the 'Chicken War' menu, @swensenssingapore has introduced 2 new dishes and ice cream cupcakes till 30 June 2017!

Stand to win a 'Chicken Party' feast for 10 guests by voting on Swensen’s Facebook page for their favourite team – ‘Team Cheesy Salsa Fried Chicken’ or ‘Team Grilled Chicken Chili Crab Sauce Bonanza’! 💁
Hehe featuring the adorable Hengelina Jolie and Arihena Grande Ice Cream Cupcake ($5.90 each) with classic Ol' Fashioned Vanilla and Chocolate respectively! 😄

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