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Featuring Kko Kko Na Ra, FORT by Maison Ikkoku, KOOKS Creamery, Mr Churro, Dojo, Osteria Art, Tete-a-Tete Cafe, Fried Chicken Master, Shinkei Japanese Restaurant, Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint)
Jocelyn Wong
Jocelyn Wong
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Rainy weather calls for a good steamboat.

How about a speciality Sake Kurobuta Shabu Shabu ($69.80, good for 2 pax) with REAL Sake and their own recipe for the broth?! Great for the 酒鬼 👻
Towards the end of the shabu shabu, remember to add on porridge ($7) served with ponzu and sesame sauce, and they will prep the porridge with the sake broth 😍
A place that values quality food, you can also find Sake and Shochu, specially imported with some hard to find ones. Best to go with their varieties of Yakitori!
Thank you @damien_tc and @hibiki_sg for the great hosting!

One of the lunch dates we had with 18 Hours Sous Vide Iberico Jowl Bowl ($12) with additional Mi Cuit Egg ($1) and Grass Fed Black Angus Sirloin ($14) and White Button Mushroom ($1.50).

So apparently 20 May (today) refers to 520. which means 五二零 (我爱你)! Boyf came by for a surprise visit with 爱心 Ginseng Tea and tonnes of coffee powder 😂
Thank you @kenny.tan.19 ❤️

Homegrown @tiptopcurrypuff has launched new Salted Dig Dip and seafood quick bites!

You can get fishy with Fish and Tots ($3.50), Salmon Combo ($3.90) or Tatar Tots ($2) and any purchase of these will give you a free Salted Egg Dip (usual price at $1) to complement the snacks!
Thank you @sixthsensepr for the invitation!

Missing BKK so shall make do with Charcoal Egglet ($5) with Coconut Ice Cream ($2.50)!

Pretty aromatic batter with spongey texture but would be perfect if it is crispier by the sides! The coconut ice cream is noms 😍

Welcome May with the Signature Kaisen Don ($16) at 50% off, so $8 per bowl?!

YUP, the staff was distributing the voucher right outside the shop where you can get to enjoy 50% off for second bowl 😬
With Maguro, Mekajiki, Salmon, Mini Hotate, Ikura and Tamago, I gotta say their sashimi are fresh but tamago tasted a tad artificial 😛
Totally worth it at $8 🤣

Back to reality so back to whack local food!

Highlight of the Crispy Crumbly Chicken Wing Set ($7.80) is probably the truffle egg and shredded cucumber 😍
Though the egg texture is damn shiok, I hardly taste any truffle.. You can also add on $3 for Achaar!