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Featuring Supply & Demand (Orchard Gateway), Osteria Art, Chalong, Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint), Tete-a-Tete Cafe, Alfero Artisan Gelato (Marina Square), Fried Chicken Master, Swensen's (Plaza Singapura), Captain K Seafood Tower (Middle Road), Shinkei Japanese Restaurant
Jocelyn Wong
Jocelyn Wong
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We went back for the last time yesterday to bid farewell and tried their special Omakase menu ($80 for 4 courses). 😰
Featuring the main course - A5 Wagyu Beef as part of the Omakase! The marbling of the beef was intensive and the tender meat simply gives you the melt-in-your-mouth texture 🤩
Friendship was forged and bonded at The Betterfield ever since Bras Besar times. 有不舍的感觉! Till then, wishing you all da best @chef_sig!

with all my must-have ingredients- luncheon meat, maggi mee and lotus roots 😌
comfort food during this busy period at work. One more day to weekend! 🤩

Asked the staff if 小辣 is spicy enough and he shared that it is equivalent to 中辣 outside. Thank goodness for the heads up because oh my mama, 小辣 is enough to make me sweat 😵
Mala soup base is not purely 麻 and it is fragrant at the same time. Spicy but addictive 🤣
Though do note that waiting time can be quite long, about 40 minutes during weekend peak hours! 😢

Celebrate with @rollwithmakisan first ever Huat’s Up! Yu Sheng ($28.80) with smoked salmon, shrimp bonito, glass noodles, shredded carrot and cucumber, crepe and soy strips, dried cranberries, shrimp bonito, takuan, kani strips, plum sauce and tempura crunch 😌
It is Halal and it is available online via their e-shop, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo till 28 Feb! 🤗

Cheese fans will be delighted to know that it also comes with cheese for you to dip the ingredients to add an extra oomph 🧀
You can also add additional toppings such as prawns, mussels, squids, luncheon meat and quail eggs ($3.90 to $5.90 per topping) 🤤

As part of CNY, this would be an auspicious dish to symbolise abundance, wealth and luck! 🤩
Separately, a special takeaway set of Kam’s Roast Prosperity Trio ($108 for 4-6 pax) is also available from 17 to 28 Feb and you can enjoy a whole Roast Duck, Iberico Char Siu and Crispy Roast Pork! 😋

Me too, munching away some of the specialties from @peonyjadesg such as ‘Melt-In-The Mouth’ Buttery Pastry Pineapple Tarts ($38.88 per tin, Lemongrass Cereal Prawn Cookies ($32.88 per tin) and NEW MatCHIA and Flax Seeds Cookies ($32.88 per tin). All prices are nett! 🤑
Scroll to find out the list of selection and prices! 🤩
Visit them at Taka B2 from now to 14 Feb! 😃

Curry is towards the sweet side, but the pork was so tender and good balance of fats and meat 😍
Free flow of rice, curry and clam soup! Staff were really friendly as well 🙆‍♀️