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Just Desserts

Just Desserts

Featuring Montana Singapore, Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, The Bravery Cafe, A Poke Theory (Telok Ayer), Aqua S, Knots Cafe and Living, Artea, Pompompurin Café Singapore
Melissa Chue
Melissa Chue
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Matcha tiramisu from ARTEA’s new dessert lineup has a surprisingly rich and authentic taste 😋 perfectly creamy with the right amount of bitterness from the matcha.

🚇: HarbourFront
💵: $10

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It looks like an entree, except it’s not. Finally made my way to Non Entree, the home of trippy desserts in Singapore. The Nasi Lemak looks quirky in plating but does a pretty good job of sticking to its local roots flavour wise.

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{#MEDIA} Have you always wanted to watch your dessert go up in flames? Butter’s Chocolate Cloud starts out as an innocent looking, whimsical cloud of popcorn studded cotton candy that eventually descends under a fiery Absinthe concoction to reveal a peanut butter covered mound of chocolate ice cream. A decadent treat that is pleasing both on the eyes and the tastebuds.


The famously Instagram famous Aqua S from Down Under is finally here! Especially enjoyed the Signature Sea-Salt with its milky rich texture and distinct sea-salt notes. More on bit.ly/chueonaquassg

{#chueondhobyghaut} Montana’s Red Velvet Waffles may have been the talk of town ages ago, but the Matcha Waffles are worth a try too! Perfect for sharing with friends, this work of art is both a feast for the eyes and the palate. More on http://bit.ly/chueonmontana

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Welcome to the Instagrammer/hipster's version of IKEA; think gorgeous wood furniture showroom meets cafe in industrial MacPherson. Rainbow cake was decent and you get a coffee for an extra $2!

Unlike other places trying to pass off processed, preserved ingredients as health food, the blended banana in this superfood smoothie was LEGIT FRESH. Chocolate shavings and pomegranate added a combination of sweet, sour and crunchy to this cup of fresh blended goodness. Full review: http://ow.ly/p1TL302EuRe


One of the cheaper dessert options, I am Purin 🎵 Pompompurin Pudding - yes, there's an actual 🎵 in the name - comes with stickingly sweet caramel syrup and chocolate covered biscuit beret. #purinception. Best to share with a friend as it's on the dense side. Full review at http://ow.ly/etvi300GjSm

Fancy a little me-time with your tea time? The rustic premises of The Bravery provide an idyllic escape from the urban hustle and bustle. The S'more Pie is just nice for one, with sticky, melted s'mores over a chocolately layer followed by a crumbly biscuit base. Pair it with the Lavender Latte!

If Ariana Grande was a dessert, she would be FATCAT's Faux Passionfruit - pastel sweet on the outside, fiery and sassy on the inside (the popping sensation of passionfruit and curry - yes curry - on my tongue was simply indescribable!). This fine dame is preceded by a pair of bon bons which arrive at your table in the most dramatic way - complete with dry ice smoke flowing over your table. Hard to believe this is a product found in a humble neighbourhood cafe!

Ah, the legendary croissant at Brawn & Brains. Perfect to snack on with a cup of tea, these come in earl grey or chocolate flavour, topped with roasted hazelnuts. The icing breaks off easily, so forget the knife and fork and tuck right in! This is the one to get if you're a sugar lover.

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