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This was moist and despite that there was brown sugar, it was not too sweet. I quite enjoyed the little pound cake!

This was a little hard but the cream was delectable. It pairs very well with a flat white!

I love that this desserts place is open till late and I believe that it is a favourite hangout for many tertiary students. There is a wide variety of desserts and the environment is comfortable, in an air-conditioned place. My watermelon sago was not overtly sweet... it was refreshing and cool. I liked that the watermelon pieces had a slight crunch to them!

Tender slices of sashimi atop a bed of vinegar white rice. The rice was fluffy and sticky, which I enjoyed very much! 😊

(They use a premium grade of Hokkaido Yumepirika rice, which has a natural gloss when steamed, fluffy with a rich flavour profile.)

The waft of thyme cones that enters your system once you step into the ice-cream parlour is amazing. The ice-cream was great as well - smooth, buttery and sweet without being too surfeiting. The ice-cream I picked had a floral taste and the ginger flavour gave it warm undertones. Overall, a very yummy experience.


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The pancake is just so fluffy omg! Love the texture too!
You can order them in stack of 2, 4 or 8. I’ll be back for the stack of 8 😂🤤

From Baker's Brew Studio's latest outpost at Paragon — had last visited them at their first shop at Jalan Tampang when they had first opened two years ago; they have since opened another outlet at Upper Thomson Road before this one along the same stretch as Salted Caramel with both outlets only doing baking classes currently. This newest outlet brings back the dine-in option previously available only for a short while at Jalan Tampang, and also puts the "brew" in the name formally into the menu with coffee available.

Dual Fromage is one of the items that seems to be introduced rather recently — a combination of a saltier cheesy crumble layer over the top with a cream layer in the middle before a mousse-y part similar to a New York Cheesecake at the bottom; part salty, yet has the richness of a good New York Cheesecake and a thin layer of sponge and the bottom to hold up the entire cake. Some say it's conceptually close to LeTao's Double Fromage; hadn't tried the former so can't really comment about it, but definitely a palatable version of the cheesecake we all know with a lightly salty twist — a version I am glad to have tried and don't mind having any other day!

(PS: Coffee is by Papa Pahelta here — the Long Black comes with a medium body with a fruity flavour profile; works decent with the Dual Fromage)

Has banana loaf & espresso with tonic water here. Definitely will be back for banana loaf! Love the combination of the banana loaf with peanut butter on top. The espresso with tonic water is a bit odd but good to have a try.


But since this is The Affogato Bar, I couldn't miss not going for it. I was super glad that I did. The espresso was bitter as expected but I could take it with the ice cream and it was soooo smooth. The carrot cake flavor ice cream was my second pleasant surprise 😘 Soooooo gooood 😍I was so happy that we made a trip to this newly open place since Mother's Day i.e. 13.05.17 👍🏻
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Neighbours to Fika Swedish Cafe along Bussorah Street, head to Lickety for a refreshing midday snack. This pastel-themed ice cream joint, complete with cheery and welcoming decor, serves Hong Kong-style Egglet Waffles ($4.50) folded into a cone to house your ice cream. Choose from waffle flavours such as Red Velvet or Buttermilk, the latter being light with a crisp exterior and a buttermilk fragrance. For something creamy, try their Coconut & Taro ice cream (from $4.50), earthy with distinct taro notes and hints of refreshing coconut. Dark Chocolate is a good choice as well, it comes with little nuggets of chocolate cake, providing a delightful chew with each bite. A wide variety of toppings such as Pocky sticks, mini marshmallows and crushed Lotus biscuits are available, guaranteed to end off your sweet treat on a high note!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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