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Kuala Lumpur Eats 🇲🇾

Kuala Lumpur Eats 🇲🇾

Featuring Village Park Restaurant, Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室), Toast & Roast, Jaslyn Cakes, Awesome Canteen, Good Ground Bakery, Kaiju Company, Hoshino Coffee, Zheng Kee Restaurant (正記燉湯燒臘雞飯檔), Magnum (Kuala Lumpur)
Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

It's impossible to stop at one when it comes to these scrumptious, buttery, chocolate-studded treat! ❤️ Not for chewy cookie fans, but I guarantee it'll be worth your while (and exercise). Thank you temptress Burppler Rueann for sharing. 😘


Since they don't serve free water (why? ☹️), we figured we might as well spend on mocktails than the overpriced bottled water. Well, we thought wrong. This was orange juice, soda water and a stalk of bruised lemongrass with a lot of ice.


Desserts should make you happy, but this recommended item brought us nothing but disappointment. Brownie was more cake-like (but dry), the praline sauce acidic and the vanilla "gelato" on the side came from a household brand tub (King's). The sweet tooth in me died a little after a spoonful of this. 💸💸💸


While the staff recommended the "smaller" Wagyu Tomahawk for two of us, and reassured us that it was perfect for two – yes, all 1.4-1.5kg of it 😵, the RM710 price tag was way just way too steep. It's probably best to bring at least four friends and share that or the 1.6-1.8kg (and the RM828 cost).

So we opted for this "baby" bone-in hunk of meat instead and wasn't disappointed (wish they trimmed it better though – lots of uneatable fats on the edges). It was perfectly seasoned and charred (might be a bit too charred for some) accompanied with a salty but addictive Bearnaise sauce and veggies.


Aglio olio is so simple, but is also very easy to get wrong. The one here however is actually bang on flavour – crustaceany, garlicky and herby! Can't say it's worth RM55 though, as they could have used much better quality prawns (and maybe even deveined if you're charging that much).


Probably not the cheapest but you'll understand why once you unearth the treasures within! In addition to the big chicken chunks (wish these were more tender though), you get lots of Chinese herbs like dang gui, cordyceps flowers and wolfberries. The resulting soup is super nourishing and flavour-packed.

Most diners here get one soup and chicken rice plus a side of siew yoke to share to enjoy more variety.


Tried one of the signatures from their savouries selection but was underwhelmed. The "cheesy" part is that teenie tiny sprinkling you see atop the deboned drumstick. The chicken itself was not seasoned, so the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce wasn't balanced. The broccoli florets were nicely blanched and buttered though, if that's any consolation.
Will come back only for the desserts and drinks.


Can't decide between coffee or matcha? Get the best of both worlds with this refreshing concoction. Neither flavour overpowers the other, but instead complement.

Note that only the iced option is available.


Such a gorgeous space perfect for an afternoon tea or coffee. The mille crepe layers are unbelievably paper thin slathered with light cream in between every layer. I like that it's not too sweet, but my favourite is still Lady M overall, especially their spot on crepe to cream ratio.


You get to choose either beef bacon or chicken slices to go with this. Regardless of choice of protein, the beyond-al dente pasta flavoured lightly with garlic and chili flakes comes topped with a wobbly sous vide egg. I was hoping the beef bacon would impart more flavour into the dish, but was disappointed to find out otherwise.


The avo toast wasn't available (and they were out of smoked salmon), so I was recommended to get this instead.
Was rather disappointed to see this and even more when I took my first bite. Sure, it's hard to go wrong with bread, chicken slices, egg, lettuce and tomato with mayo, but the quality of ingredients used weren't exactly something better than if you were to make it at home. At RM11 I probably shouldn't complain, but do note that the chicken was more pan-fried than grilled, and the bread was supposed to be ciabatta.


I asked for a recommendation from the selection of homemade baked goodies here and the staff responded "Lemon Tart" in a heartbeat. After my first bite, I knew why.
The curd was zingy and the seemingly pale crust was actually buttery and crumbly. I'm not that big on meringue, but a little bit does help to balance the overall acidity.


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