The tastiest of the lot 😋 This Nisei Poké Plate is one of five pre-made poké plates available and it's got all the right elements — tangy tomato salad, potato mac salad and fresh cubes of ahi tuna!

Love that they marinate your fish cubes on the spot instead of letting them sit and soak in the marinade 👍🏻


Decided to go against what the recommended pizza was (Salmon, just in case you were wondering), and was pleasantly surprised by this thin-crusted Aubergine pizza.

The tomato-based pizza is slathered with a curry mayo, topped with thin slices of aubergine and okra and a generous shower of soon-to-be-gooey cheddar cheese. Definitely wasn't expecting this to be as cheesy but hey, no complains from me! #Burpproved


I love me a good pork belly. These pork belly slices are oh-so-tender and juicy — love it! There's an option to have the grain bowl with Garlic Japanese Rice or Quinoa Salad, and I went for Garlic Japanese Rice (no ragrets). The grain bowl also comes with a refreshing cucumber salad, miso cream (best to mix it in) and an egg. #Burpproved


I love tater tots. I love okonomiyaki. Bam! What's not to like about this appetizer?

Great as a snack after class and I love how generous they are with the tater tots. Yummos. #Burpproved


Ever since I had my first skillet cookie at Fynn's, I've been on the lookout for more and I'm glad to have found this at Kara Cafe & Dessert Bar. It's a REALLY big cookie base so best to share with three or more friends. Love how intense the peanut butter taste is in the cookie, and the salted speculoos ice cream is creamy, milky and silky — in short, amazing. #Burpproved


I loved my experience at SPRMRKT Daily previously and this time round, I went back to try SPRMRKT Kitchen and Bar, the sister outlet located on the second floor. First of all, the place is GORGEOUS, decorated with pink, teal and gold accents 😍 Norwonder so many bloggers come here to shoot their OOTDs 🤣

I tried the brunch menu, which offers totally different dishes from dinner (they have a T-Bone steak 😍😋). Decided on the Huevos Tostados — tender slices of flank steak set on top of a crispy (heng not soggy) taco shell, topped with one poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Yum!

Would be back to try their dinner menu — freshly shucked oysters here I come! 😍


Not a must order but worth a try! Fresh fish otak with big fish chunks in it. Best to share with a friend! 🌶


Fragrant coconut rice with a massive chicken leg, served with the tastiest (thank goodness it's not the spiciest!) sambal on the side. Love how fresh everything is, slightly pricey but definitely worth every penny! #Burpproved


For a refreshing change from all that usual eggs Benedict cafe food! LOVE how hearty the portions are at Botanist (sharing is caring!) and everything's so tasty! I had corn fritters (three pieces) that came with a poached egg on the side, guacamole, salsa and hummus! SUPER yum when you have a bit of everything on your fritters! #Burpproved


Wasn't expecting portions to be this huge! 😱😳 My dining partner struggled to finish this — happy problem tho since the beef cheek was so thick and chunky!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Definitely value for money if two small eaters shared this! Love the truffle mash and the slow cooked carrots and mushrooms! #Burpproved

Fries before guys / Find me on Instagram at @hlrys

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