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Late Nite Bites

Late Nite Bites

In case of late night hunger emergency
Eatssentially .
Eatssentially .
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Black glutinous rice $3.30
Watermelon honeydew sago $3.60

WAITING TIME: Got a table instantly when we went past 11PM on a weekday. Less than 5 minutes for both desserts to arrive.

BILL: $35.20
Skewers Buffet $24.90++
Green tea (non-refillable) $2.50++


- Exceeded expectations!

NOTE TO SELF not to order again:
- Brinjal
- the jap fried items (lotus root, sweet potato, sotong, yam)
- chicken ball
- japanese seasoned octopus
- fishcake
- chicken wing


PRICE: $5 for Signature Thai Kway Chap

WAITING TIME: Quite a number of tables filled up past midnight on a weekend but they served the bowls to the table within 5 minutes

- Peppery broth. Might be spicy to those with low tolerance. I LOVE IT and finished EVERY DROP of it.
- Comes loaded with 2 pieces of roast pork belly, 2 pieces of pork stomach, 4 slices of sausage and a lot of thinly sliced pork meat
- Shall request mine to be served without coriander next time to facilitate easier slurping of soup


PRICE: $7 for these 2 plates consisting 2 veg + 3 meat.

In Punggol/Seng Kang, a plate of cai fan with 2 veg 1 meat would already cost $3.70

- Will order the stewed pork belly again. SO TENDER.
- Will also order the fried pork cutlet and curry veg again

Mee Sua $4 - I don't like it, he likes it
Spring onion with egg - $2.30 - We both like it. Served hot.
You tiao $1.40 - Not crispy, not hot, not great
Salty beancurd $2.50 - Very interesting, we actually kinda like it
Soya milk cold $1.60 - Ok

WAITING TIME: Super fast. Less than 5 min.

PARKING: Just along the streets


Helles $15++ for a pint
Weisse $15++ for a pint

SERVICE: Prompt and friendly


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PRICE: Starts from $0.50 a stick

WAITING TIME: 5-10 min

- limited choices for the lowest priced ($0.50) sticks
- not as oily as the ones you get in JB
- the sauces aren't as fantastic as those in JB

WILL WE RETURN? Possibly. Since there is hardly any late-night food option around Punggol. But the thought of sitting and eating in the outdoor aka smoking zone though...😣

Fish Paste Puffs in Fish Soup $7.50++
Kagoshima Style Pork Cartillage in Tossed Noodles $10.50++
Iced Yuen Yeung $4.00++

Waited a little less than 5 minutes to enter at 9+pm on a Thursday night. The 2 noodles dishes were served pretty fast, but they had forgotten about our buns and burgers.

- Everything was nice
- Only ordered their signature dishes, and they all lived up to expectations
- Special mention to the incredible fish paste puffs. As a non-fishball lover who hardly eats the fishballs in fishballs noodles, I love their version of the fish balls
- Wiped out every drop of the soup

WILL WE RETURN? Yes. This over Xin Wang HK Cafe anytime

BILL: $20.20 inclusive of one barley drink (incl GST, no service charge)

- Orders were served very fast
- Auto-refill of soup by the prompt staff
- Peppery rather than herbal kind of soup
- Huge pieces of very meaty and tender prime ribs

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BILL: $32.10 inclusive of GST and service charge
Rice $0.60,
Chicken $10,
Stuffed beancurd $8,
Charsiew $5,
Tea $2

WAITING TIME: 8-10 min for food to arrive


BILL: $76.86 inclusive of GST and service charge
Mains $17.50, $17.90
Nachos $15.90
Iced lattes $7 each

WAITING TIME: 15 min for food to arrive. No queue to enter restaurant.

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BILL: Total $13 for 2 pax
Chicken in Hua Diao wine $3, Minced Meat with Salted Fish $3, Signature Pig Organs Soup (Large) $6 + Rice

VISITED ON: Friday midnight

SPECIAL LOVE FOR 💗: Free soup refill • The $3 side dishes


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