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Where Diets Don't Count And The Calories Don't Matter

Where Diets Don't Count And The Calories Don't Matter

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Simply put, you wouldn’t expect such quality from a coffee shop western stall. The Tipsy Wolves really outdid expectations with this one – light, crisp exterior but succulent and juicy on the inside. The portion isn’t anything to scoff at either, so #thiccc, Minaj would be jealous. Even the accompanying potatoes and napa cabbage were great, giving some balance to the meaty dish though I did wish for a little bit of mustard to cut through all that pork. Business does seem kinda slow though, maybe because their food doesn’t seem that accessible. I would have loved to see this in some kinda rice bowl, just to appeal to more of the lunch crowd.


To make our visit to the vet a little better, we popped by The Garden Slug right next door to set the weekend back on course! This tom yum pasta had pretty good reviews on Burpple and I’m glad to say they were right! The flavours came from the abundance of kaffir, lemongrass, chilli, garlic and onions, making the slick sauce super yummeh on the al dente linguine.


Needed something refreshing so this was it. Not too sweet, but could have toned it down just a littttttle bit. They have soda versions too if you want something with a little more zing.


New croissant shop in the basement of Somerset 313 does pretty decent bakes! Quite flaky and buttery, they come in different flavours like apple cinnamon, strawberry or even multigrain.

They also have drinks like coffee and bubble tea, but these didn’t impress (especially with Koi right opposite them), so stick to their bakes.


There’s a certain home-style feel to their food, like it’s cooked by your friend’s mum that avoids too much salt. 😂 This was cooked a little too soft too but they were quite generous with the shredded crab and prawns.


In a pretty unassuming location, the residents of Pek Kio now have a cozy getaway with pretty decent food! Expect pastas, burgers, pizzas and a few more local specials (it was laksa when we went) from this joint.

The cheeseburger was nubbad, was a juicy patty (though juicer in some spots) and soft onions. The slaw was a nice touch though the fries could do with a little more life.


All aboard the chee cheong fun express! Hailing from Guangzhou, their cheong funs are some the silkiest you’ll find here. Just the right proportion of soy, glistening oil and chewy rice rolls, with the unique addition of eggs and lettuce to the usual suspects (prawns/char siew) makes for really good eatin’.


Another stunner, this is pure comfort food. Spread the runny yolk and truffle cream all over and try not to make a mess as you stuff that, the ham, and juicy bacon into your mouth. This’ll go perfect with a cold one. 🍻


Audible moans and grunts of pleasure as we devoured this beaut of a pizza. Baked and blistered in a wood fire oven, topped off with a creamy, jiggly blob of burrata and the perfect ratio of sauce, basil and olive oil, every mouthful was bliss. This is a chef’s special, so it might not always be available, but fret not as all their pies are simply delish.


Keisuke’s 19th concept on our little island, the charcoal grill takes center stage, turning cuts of fish into mouth-watering, smoky slivers of heaven. Their signature dried atka mackerel features the whole fish sliced down the middle then grilled, resulting in a buttery smooth, oily, fragrant fish that flakes apart with the slightest nudge. You will have to deal with some bones with this one, but it’s well worth the minor inconvenience for fish this good!

Of course, you can’t forget about their salad bar which brings back many favourites from their hanburg concept like the cold soba, potato salad, coffee jelly and wide range of greens and pickles, there’s even new additions like Tan Tan Mian. The only conspicuous section missing was the egg station, but the quality of fish definitely made up for it.


Refreshing, ice cold Kirin beer with a frosty do. Comes in a range of flavours like yuzu, pineapple and lychee. Perfect with their spicy hot pots and skewers.


This was pretty good! Tender chicken with drinkable broth. Our was the least spicy version, which was mild enough so you could slurp it down though you can ask them to amp it up with more spicy soup, or tame it with chicken broth. Definitely get bean curd skin rolls (like Beauty’s version) to dunk in!


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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