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Sweet Cravings

Sweet Cravings

I have a horrible sweet tooth. Which meant that, I love desserts, ESPECIALLY ICE CREAM
Odd py
Odd py

A really filling parfait with awesome matcha soft serve! Love the biscuit at the side but the mochi was way too floury.


Icecream was not too bad because it has a really strong taste of matcha and not too sweet. But the staffs were pretty not into swirling the soft serve as seen from above


Really oreo overload! Their vanilla icecream tastes pretty milky but good and big scoop as well! Wish there was more oreo crumbs but all's good!

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Was a rather disappointed that there wasn't lava "flowing" out from the hotcakes but it was still good! It was sooo filling even sharing between 2 of us, we were not able to finish it.

BEST ICE CREAM CAKE EVER. Topped with a lot of m&ms ((as u can see)) and kitkats at the side! In the middle was filled with icecream and their cookies&cream flavour is the best! Love the very thick and delicious oreo base 💯


Totally forgot the price but wasn't very pricey! Was served by a very friendly and nice person! He was joking around with us and very patient when we taking forever to decide on the flavours we want. And look at the generous amount nutella! THANK YOU 💯


Charcoal Vanilla Soft serve, $4.50.
Sis says it tastes just like vanilla soft serve with a teebit of charcoal taste.

Double scoop of Cookie Monster and Speculoos, $7.80!
Too bad there's no option for cone but the ice cream flavours was not too bad! Looking both the cookie monster and speculoos ☺️

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Churros with Icecream, $6.50.
A big disappointment and waste of my calories.

Cookies and Cream was unexpectedly good! Their shop is tucked in a rather "ulu" area but it was worth the traveling to such good cookies&cream! Should have ordered double scoop 😭 P.S. Tried their bold flavours like Chilli Crab and it tasted EXACTLY like chillicrab just in icecream form 🙂

Their soft serve is pretty much but kudos to their cone! Tasty as it is, just hope their soft serve would be a better combi to it!

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Speculoos and Milo Crunch.

Their speculoos is still as good as ever and their Milo crunch is not too bad either! strongly advise to get their cone because their cones tastes SO GOOD

Their Ferrero Rocher flavoured icecream really tastes damn good! Nice combi with the lava cookie but a bit pricey for such a small portion :-(


Odd py

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