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There's Always Space For Dessert

There's Always Space For Dessert

For that magical stomach that's seems to appear when it's time for dessert.
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

Fluffy, soufflé pancakes are all the rage now. The ones at @nicolesflowersg come with a steep price tag, but luckily they’re everything they promise to be! Loved that this was more creamy than cakey and paired nicely with the dollop of coffee ice cream. Good for sharing between 2-3


This creamy cheesecake has been flooding my feed and I finally got to satisfy my curiosity today! Now I hate cheesecakes that are heavy, thick and stick to the roof of your mouth, so this was pure goodness. Flowing out, that creamy goodness had a slight funk that a good cheese should have and was oh-so-good with that almond tart base. My first experience with this kinda oozy burnt cheesecake and I’m hooked.

Kind Kones has made its way from over the causeway. Their ice cream is gluten-free, vegan and free from processed sugars – that means no eggs and even milk!

“Like that still ice cream meh?”

I was a little skeptical too, but the use of coconut milk and nut milks as replacements actually sat quite well with me. The Banana Walnut Ice Cream was one of our favourites with a really strong fragrance of banana though I wasn’t a huge fan of the overly fudgey brownie. But will definitely be back for their pretty awesome ice creams and unique flavours!


One of the new seasonal flavours is this deep, earthy black sesame! It’s very smooth, which is quite different from the slightly grainy black sesame ice creams I’m used to but makes for a nice distinction. The pop corn topping ($0.80) is made in-house and has a really intense charred caramel flavour which is great on its own, but can overpower the soft serve, so get that separately! If you’re trying the other seasonal flavour; Ribena, be sure to pair it with their buttery sea salt soft serve to really bring out the flavours! 🍦#BurppleEatup


By the time you read this, this would probably have already made way for Matchaya’s next mystery flavour, though it left such an impression that I just have to share about it. Mentaiko in a soft serve? It blew my miiiiind! Honestly I can’t say I love it, probably because my brain couldn’t process it properly. 😂 The first hit gives you spicy, salty and umami, then it gives way to creaminess. Eventually I got used to the flavours and it started tasting less funky, but man, it still kept messing with me. Still, really glad I got to try it though!


BURPPLE BEYOND IS LIVE!🔥 And here’s just one of the awesome deals you can get at Sunday Folks; one-for-one waffles and soft serve! The roasted pistachio is just 👏 so 👏 dreamy 👏. I know I’m coming back with more tummies!


Fans of Tarte by Cheryl Koh, you can now get your high tea fix with this set. You can start with the savouries – a couple of bacon and onion quiches and mini croissants with smoked salmon/ham, but you know that their sweets is where it’s at!

With two seasonal mini tarts, we got the dark chocolate tart that was uhhhmazing; deep and rich in flavour but oh-so-smooth as it glides down your throat. But what I fell in love with was the Alphonso mango tart with its striking orange and distinctive sweetness. And then you realize that beneath the mango is a pulut hitam rice base, making the whole tart even more magical! Don’t even get me started on their strawberry shortcake that uses these delicately sweet Japanese strawberries. ❤️ It might be a splurge, but if you’re ruled by your sweet tooth and you want to pamper yourself, you know where to go!


Quiet on a Sunday afternoon in Serangoon Gardens is @oblongicecream. Got this to share with the fam and was actually really pleased with the fluffy, slightly crisped pandan waffle! While the gula Melaka was drowned out by everything else, you can’t go wrong with smooth ice cream and airy waffles. In between, they also smeared a generous amount of gula Melaka cream cheese which was kinda sweet & savoury, didn’t love it but it was interesting.😝

One thing though, their menu is really confusing. It looks like a finance minister’s spreadsheet; with add-ons, exceptions and lotsa different options. Would really rather a simply way to order. 🙌 Oh, the combo comes with one scoop and a canned drink (+$1 for teas, +$1.50 for coffee).


Veronica’s idea to retreat here after dinner was a stellar one as I’ve been eager to try this cheesecake that I’ve heard amazing things about. It’s everything the reviews say – dreamily light, deliciously decadent with the butterscotch and just a little bit playful thanks to the sprinkle of salt. It might be a lightweight, but this little package is dangerous – I’ll happily clean the whole thing off myself. 😝


Awww, thanks for the birthday surprise Burpple! You sure know how to make a dude happy. 😋 Chef Yamashita’s chestnut cake was one I really enjoyed thanks to the smooth puréed chestnuts and fluffy cake. There’s plenty of surprises too, with a layer of (candied?) chunky chestnuts in the middle too.

Not too sure about the price so do call to check if you’re interested.


Waffles and ice cream, a simple crowd pleaser. We were a little baffled about the lack of a sauce to go with it (in hindsight, we should have asked cause the menu says there should be maple syrup). But the fresh fruits and vanilla bean ice cream really helped the otherwise slightly dry waffle.


Want something different? This was recommended by 老板娘. Wasn’t sure what I expected, but I actually kinda liked this! It was like durian, barley (though it’s some other grain) and gula Melaka got together in some weird, funky collab. Apparently, they use actual D24 flesh to make this.

Only qualm would be that the bowl is realllllly small! Like tiny 😂


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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