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Japanese Food 😋

Japanese Food 😋

Featuring Omoté, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Maki-San (The Cathay), Waa Cow! (National University of Singapore), Konjiki Hototogisu (CHIJMES), Marutama Ra-men (Clarke Quay Central), YAYOI (Bugis+), Kenboru, issho izakaya
Lee Jia Hui
Lee Jia Hui

Price: $5.90
Description: Chicken is tender & the soft boil egg well cook.

Price: $5.90
Store: Tenki Izakaya
Description: The sauce for the pork is fantastic and the soft boil egg is well cook. The combination are all proper done 😋

Price: $8/9 forget the price...
Description: Freshly sliced salmon belly nicely bedded w ice

Price: $9.90
Description: YuZu sauce, sweet tasty n refreshing w fresh salmon, tomato, onions and lettuces

Venue: Bugis Plus, Level 1
Price: $18.90
Description: Soft Boil Egg w nicely done slices beef and assorted vegetables soak in sweet and savoury soy sauce base 😋

Venue: SMU, Bras Basah Mrt
Price: $9.90
Description: Smoke Salmon Mentaiko Donburi w a nice done soft boil egg 🤤

Venue: Level 1 Raffles Place
Price: $12
Description: Soba, Salmon Sashimi cubes, edamame, corn, cucumbers, tomato, soup vide egg. The sauce is Japanese shoya and wasabi...

Venue: Kinex (Last time One KM mall)
Cost: $16
Description: Is wasabi portion is just right with for the sauce cooked together with the pasta 🍝
Salmon is well cooked with the seaweed nicely place on top

Venue: Chijmes
Cost: $13.90
Description: The soup base is not too salty & with the combi of ramen & the soup base. Is just right. And the Cha Shu slice perfectly w the ramen 👍🏻

Good pick & a choice to consider when you visit.


Venue: SMU
Cost: $5.90 with drinks
The curry is really good with the onsen egg that is just nice :) Mixed with the salmon and braised tofu. Is the right food to choice for lunch or dinner. Affordable & Tasty

Friends & Family are your best company to bring them for GOOD food & ambiance 🥳😋

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