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Japanese Food 😋

Japanese Food 😋

Featuring Omoté, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Maki-San (The Cathay), issho izakaya, Sushi On Wheelz, Tensho by MOF (SingPost Centre), Aloha Poké (CityLink Mall), City Hall
Lee Jia Hui
Lee Jia Hui
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Venue: SingPost, level 2
Price: $9.90+

Description: Salmon is fresh & tasty.
The sides besides is the best combi to eat with.
Tomatoes, Egg, Jap Cucumber, Prickles.

Only could recall Tuna, Salmon & Scallop...

Cost: $24.50
Description: The difference is the little egg on top w
the sauce :)

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Place: #01-13, Kallang Wave Mall
Cost: $16.80
Food: Aburi Salmon & Cream
Quantities: 8 pieces

Place: #01-13, Kallang Wave Mall
Cost: $14.50
Food: Tuna Sashimi (under Sashimi in menu)
Quantities: 5 pieces on a plate

Venue: #01-13, Kallang Wave Mall
Cost: $5, 2pieces
Food: Tamago Mentaiyak (Under Appetiser)

Description: Is actually the Jap Egg with the Aburi sauce... But though the way I describe sound “simple”. It really melts in your mouth :)

Place: #01-13, Kallang Wave Mall
Cost: $25
Meal: Aburi Sushi Set (5 different varieties)

Salmon, Beef, Tuna, Scallop and 1 more to determine Aburi

Venue: Kallang Wave Mall, 01-13
Cost: $19.50
Dish: Buta Shogayaki

Description: Shredded onion stirred fry with pork & sprinkle spring onion on top.
Look at the photo the pork is very juicy & tender:)
Not too oily, is a try if you visit 👍🏻

Place: Basement 1
Cost: $9.90
Choice of pick:
1. Tradition wrap, brown rice
2. Avocado, Chicken bits, Prawn Roe, Shredded Cucumber, Tuna Mayo
3. Japanese Fish Flakes
4. Wasabi Mayo
5. Salmon Sashimi

You can also make your own choice of 5 different essentials. Maki-San Sushi have different pick.

So you can try making your own sushi roll :)
They also have $7.90. Just that for the price you can only pick 3 essentials.

Venue: 1 Keong Saik Rd #01-01 S089109
Cost: $28.80 +
Food: Unagi portion (small eater ladies)
Tamagoyaki(Heart shape egg)
Dessert(Mochi/Ice cream) *Mochi for the day

The Unagi is great 👍🏻 For ladies the portion should be enough for us to try other varieties they have.
Umaki $14.10+

Waiting time: Pls don’t go in big groups.
As the waiting hours estimated is 1-2hrs.

Recommend to go alone or pair

From my previous post for poke bowl aloha :) This is their order sheet :)

The value & selections which I suggested are here for you to take a look before you pick.

1. Rice- Brown Rice
2. Scoop of Poke- Wasabi Mayo Tuna w Original Salmon
(Need to add $4.50) *consider your choice*

3. Standard- Edaname, Flying Fish Roe
(Need to add $1) *consider your choice*

4. Premium- Avocado
(Need to add $1.50) *consider your choice*

For the additional, it was given as a free pick. Now the menu has changed. However, the combination above was delicious when I visited with my friends :)

Hope your can try either the combination above or DIY your own POKE BOWL 🥳

Currently the price has increased to $16.90

Previously it was estimated $15.90... But there was selection of the scoop & rice.

Is worth the “try” for a $16.90 poke bowl. To eat & live healthy. As their salmon & tuna (original & wasabi are a good selection of choice) If you like spicy and you can take the spicy level, don’t mind getting spicy.

Lastly, the poke bowl @ aloha at City Hall has free flow of induced water (with lemon n spices) they are good :)

Enjoy the meal with a cup of induces water 😋 Tasty 😍

Friends & Family are your best company to bring them for GOOD food & ambiance 🥳😋

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