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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee

The space here is hugeee and pretty conducive. Ordered the strawberry cube which I think it's milk with strawberry and some frozen strawberry purée? Right up my alley. Tasted like the Haagen Dazs ice cream (In a good way). The Injeolmi toast and Croque Monsieur was the absolute comfort food.

Defo coming back here more often.

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The raspberry sauce was rly the absolute bombs. Last day today I think!


Buy 2 and get another free! Got the Yuzu, fig, and black sesame. Yuzu was my fave as it was tangy and sweet. The cakes were soooo soft 😍

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At just $3.20/scoop (SAY WHATTT), this has just become one of my top to-go place for some good gelato with a nice cozy ambience.

We ordered two scoops of ice cream, hazelnut and strawberry pockey, with the tart for $13.80. (Additional .70 for each scoop as they were premium flavour) the tart was rly surprising as I expected it to be harder. It were kinda crispy on the outside and soft and almost cake like on the inside. It was kinda like a rly dense cake inside. AND IT WAS WARM. A plus for that.

Waffles with a scoop of ice cream was only $8.50 (SAY WHAT WHATTTT). Mad love for this place.

Opens till 930 on weekdays and closes on weds!


Yays back at the refinery again! For brunch this time.

The waffle LOOKED a bit soggy when it came but it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside 😍

We picked French vanilla flavour for the ice cream which complemented the waffle rly well. The other two flavours available were butterscotch and salted caramel. The waffle was decorated with strawberries, blue berries, pistachio and some pretty flowers which we did not touch 😂

I think it's called rock and rolla or somewhere along that line 😂 big ass scoop of ice cream and some deliciously crispy and fluffy waffles 😍

OH AND THEY HAVE THE POPPING CANDY SPRINKLED EVERYWHERE. U can hear the popping crackling sound when it's served. made it super fun to eat this!


This was one delicious cake. Lots of rose and lychee flavour and the cream complemented it really well too. Taste just like a rose macaroon but in a cake form. Yumsss 🤤

Cake was fluffy but a tiny tad dry. There's also a little bit of jam at the base of the cake.

As much as the cake was delicious, the service there was pretty bad tho. The waiters and waitresses looked pissed the whole time.


"Wintermelon tea" ($6) from Brother bird.

The texture of the soft serve was not as creamy as I tot it would be. It's more of a slushie texture although still creamy. There's a slight hint of wintermelon taste which is just enough and not too sweet. The bottom was coated with some rice puffs (I'm not rly for the taste rice puffs, just a personal preference).

Overall, it's rly worth it. The serving size was huge also. My friends got the signature ($14) which came with a doughnut at the bottom. Gosh, that was absolutely delicious. The taste and texture of the doughnut was just splendid. For the soft serve you can choose form what's available that day.

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Almost too pretty to be eaten. Got the strawberry ($6.90). The popsicle was rly rly rly hard. It either means it doesn't melt as fast or you might break your teeth. Price is a bit steep for the popsicle, taste wise was very normal.


Seasonal fruit tart $9.20. This was pure joy to eat. Speaking in tart to fruit ratio, with each bite of the tart, there's almost too many fruits to go with it. The custard hidden underneath the fruits was wonderfully done as well. Yes yes and YAAASS.


Durian waffles ($17) with MSW purée (warm/RTP), coconut ice cream and shavings and nata de coco. This was one delicious waffle 😍 there's enough purée stuffed in each groove to keep you satisfied. We were sitting indoors, so just wanna say apologies to durian haters at that time ✋🏻 Tried the salted egg burger which was pretty decent for $12. Could use a little more saltiness to it though. Anw, the chicken was srsly huge ass and nicely cooked so thumbs up to that.

Pasta pasta 🍝

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