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Go For It!

Go For It!

Featuring Lola's Cafe, Tong Ah Eating House, Forty Hands, La Petite Cuisine (Bukit Timah), Drips Bakery Cafe (Tiong Bahru), Café Melba (Goodman Arts Centre), HarriAnns Nonya Table (Bugis Junction), Gourmet Paradise, Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre, 25grams
Baichi Xiao
Baichi Xiao
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Orange Chocolate Muffin ($3.60) is quite nice! The chocolate is rich but not jilat. Orange zest plays a more supportive role. Think it's a tea set as Muffin becomes $2 with any drink. Bought a small hot chocolate ($5.50), which is quite average.

Would come back for the muffin but not the hot chocolate for now. The decor is very cozy, I must say, with miniature wooden / porcelain cakes, cafe furniture (tables, chairs) and flowers.

Didn't eat all the food in pic (sorry). The apple infused tea was light and quite refreshing. The apple crumble (left, middle) was most delicious! The crumble on top was crispy and the sweetness just right. The apple pieces were well baked the texture was just soft and juicy. The chocolate tart was rich and not too cloying sweet.

Prices a bit higher ($7-8) for the crumble & tart but I guess it's worth every cent for the good desserts.

Braised Pork Knuckle
Delicious! The meat is tender and the braise has a bit of kick with chilli. Very easy to down each bite. $5 for a big bowl! Value for money.

There is depth and the ingredients are still quite firm (melon was soft and not crumbly). Flavour just right - not too salty and every mouthful a taste of healthy goodness.

A quiet cafe at Aperia. Bought the salted caramel cupcake ($3.90) which was moist and soft. Delightful! Also bought 4 cookies for only $2!!! The cookies were buttery and my favourite cookie - shortbread - was very creamy! The cinnamon was also very delicious and quite refreshing.

The owner said everything was hand made and no preservatives were used. Will come again.

Flavourful soup that is sweet (not from sugar but the watercress and pork ribs). Delicious! They are generous with the ingredients!

(takeaway so bowl is not theirs) Very flavourful tonic soup. One drum stick and some wolfberries in the soup. Could taste the dang gui. Good value for money, I'd say.

This was delicious!!! The fish slices were fresh and tender and wok taste (锅气) was present. The vegetables were crisp and crunchy.

Simple and absolutely delicious dish.

Excellent dish!!! The seasoning was perfect and each element was cooked to perfection. The salmon skin was crispy and the flesh still juicy and flakes easily. The gravy had a balanced tartness to creaminess and the baby spinach was tender. My favourite was the buttered rice which just made me going for more.

Must try!!! (preferred this to the duck confit though the duck was nice too)

The skin was crisp and the meat tender. Potato gratin was quite creamy. Maybe I expected too much so the dish was just delicious rather than phenomenal. Very reasonable price though!!

It was actually delicious. The ripe banana's sweetness was just right. With the crispy crust and soft gooy filling it was enjoyable.

Loved this. The brownie squares were fudgy and the scoop of Earl Grey ice cream on top was nice. The toffee in the side bowl added some decadence to the dessert. Yums!