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The Blacklist

The Blacklist

Featuring Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), Dahlia Cafe, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Song Kee Kway Teow Noodle Soup (Blk 75 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh Food Centre), Segar Restaurant (ChinaTown Point), Todamgol Korean Restaurant, Joe & Dough (Leisure Park Kallang), Seng Huat Coffee House (North Bridge Road), Canton Paradise (The Star Vista), Ramen Champion (Changi Airport Terminal 3)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

A very mini cup compared to the price. This cup of coffee was really not a good match for me. The latte was very very bitter. Mixed with the honey, it became a taste that I couldn’t tolerate. The bitterness made any milk present undetectable. On the plus side, it was very hot.

Lovely cafe, esp in the evening when the sun couldn’t shine on you. I didn’t make any reservations, so I was allocated 1hr for my seating when I told them I wasn’t there for dinner at 5.30pm.

Ordered Grab Food. Not a fan of styrofoam box. The noodles were steaming hot, so no surprise that it was soft and soggy when I ate it. Smelled really good. Add lime juice for extra fresh citrus flavor. After 2 bites I saw that the styrofoam box was damaged on the bottom front side, almost as if a hole was gouged out and it melted. I stopped eating.

Ordered Grab Food. Not a fan of styrofoam box. The fried rice was on the hard side. Spicy but Tom Yum sour taste was not strong. Add lime juice for extra fresh citrus flavor. Liked the fresh crunchy onion slices. There were cooked onion slices inside too. 2 small prawns and 2 slices of sotong.

At this price and size, it was more worth it than places like Ya Kun or Toast Box. But I didn’t like it. It basically just tasted bitter to me.

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This signature drink bore the name of the cafe so I had high hopes. But it was too sweet for me and tasted like they added in a lot of sweet milo. Coffee flavor was not prominent. It was lukewarm. It looked like hot chocolate too. Just saw a photo of their signature mocha from another reviewer and the color looked different. Hope they didn’t gimme the wrong drink...

Service was lacking as well. We were asked to go back to our seats to wait for our drink. It never came so we went to ask. Saw this cup on the counter and they confirmed it was our drink. 🤔

This was from the char kway teow stall. It was too salty for me.

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This had a lot of vege but I didn’t like the soup. A bit bland too. Despite leaving the egg untouched in the steaming hot soup, it was still pretty raw when I tried to eat it halfway thru my meal. In the end, much of it melted into the soup.

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Bcos their korean bbq meat was quite good so I decided to try the kimchi stew. It was bland for my taste.

I was hungry and wanted sthg more filling than cake. So I went for their Teriyaki Chicken sandwich and a cafe latte. I requested my sandwich to be made hot. I didn’t know it would make the bread hard. I had to use my fingers to tear the bread apart. I didn’t like the chicken either. The latte was not hot enough for me.

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I wished the meat could be more tender. And it was lukewarm as well. Tasted bland to me. The sauce was cold.

Can order spicy or non spicy. I ordered mine spicy and indeed it was, thou I couldn’t see any chili bits. The taste was alright.


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