This is a really authentic Korean eatery with majority of the staff: serving crew and chef all being korean. They serve really affordable korean food. The spicy seafood ramyeon pictured cost $13.90 and is totally worth it because of the huge portion of ramyeon and seafood: squid, prawns and mussels. Although not the best in terms of taste (nipong naepong is still my favourite), it's a place people would visit again because of its pricing and variety.

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We have a full Korean spread at Two Cranes. The spicy chicken stew which is a crossover between spicy chicken ramyeon and budaejjigae. Innovative yuzu coffee that has a thick creamy yuzu foam that adds the grapefruit citrus profile to the fruity aromatic long black. Ordered fried chicken wings that were fried and crisp but quite average in taste. The jajangmyeon has sweetness and savoury blended in the bean paste and chewy texture noodles.

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Tucked cosily in the newly renovated sime darby centre, kong cafe serves korean inspired delights in a minimalistic decorated space. We ordered a spicy ramyeon and soy garlic fried chicken which are homely and belly comforting. The soy garlic wings are sticky sweet goodness that would be enjoyed by kids and non spicy.

Located at beauty world centre in the vicinity of Ham Bao Bao and Buta kin, the eatery serves authentic, belly comforting korean food. Pictured is the kimchi stew. Thicker than soup with glorious spiciness. The kimchi stew is a must-order if you dine at joo mak. Served with loads of kimchi, tofu, pork belly slices, it is any kimchi lover's paradise. Remember to stir well as the bottom of the stew could get a little too salty from the added gochujang paste.

Woorinara has been on my to-go-to list for years and has been recommended by a friend for serving authentic and delicious korean food. We ordered the gimbap, soy fried chicken and jajangmyeon all for $39. The meal reminds me of good home cooked dishes that warms your belly. The portions were generous and very filling. Worth visiting if you are craving for korean in the lorong kilat vicinity.

Walking on sunshine is a lovely korean inspired space comprising of a salon and cafe. I was surrounded by dangling plants and dried flowers. This makes me feel like a dine-in experience within a garden.

Ordered the bulogi beef panini and Eggs in hell (pictured). Eggs in hell resembles shashuka-eggs are semibaked in cheese and a very herbaceous tomato sauce. The rosemary in the gravy is particularly strong compared to other baked eggs/ shashuka that I had previously. The bulgogi beef panini would be a more universal choice to order since the herbaceous tomato sauce may not be liked by everyone.

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At the newly opened duxton outlet, wa don-don is a yakiniku restaurant and they served really good wagyu for BBQ. We ordered the garlic miso spare ribs and are truly mindblown by the beef. Everything about the meat: texture, meat to fat ratio and the sweet sauce used for marination were perfect. On the other hand, the bibimbap and spicy beef stew were lacklustre. I felt confused about the bap and the stew as they really lack the authentic korean spiciness and were overly sweet. I reckoned these dishes are modified to suit the japanese taste. Will definitely come back for a fully BBQ experience and go elsewhere for my spicy stews and baps.

Loved the variety of stuffings between the buttery toasts: bulgogi patty, egg omelette gerkins and delicious veggies that remind me of coleslaw. Great combination of sauces and maize that gives the sandwich its delightful sweetness.

Korean or japanese, doesn't matter to me.This bowl is awesome, spicy and delicious!!

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It's interesting that korean have cooked chinese dishes in their own creative manner. Tried their variation of ja jang myeong which is oilier and have more dark sauce in the gravy. Also ordered the sweet and sour pork. Lesser sauce and meat fat than the singaporean stalls. Still prefer our local version!


Very generous portion. Super spicy seafood broth paired with chewy noodles. Shiok.

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This is the highlight of our meal at this restaurant. There's tteokbokki, pork slices cooked in curry stew. You can't see them because of the interesting cream all over. So the fire beneath slowly melts the cream away and blends with the curry stew giving it a buttery flavour.


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