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Tamjiak Teo
Tamjiak Teo

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Despite not feeling very hungry, we still wipe the plates clean with their famous XO Roasted Duck, Sio Bak and their very very juicy and sweet charsiew!
The XO Duck is tender, juicy and feels like a celebration in the mouth. Definitely bagus and sedap nia! All in all only, RM$29.90
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Wild market food galley is one of those examples.
Tried out this plate of awesome duck confit ($14.90) that literally melt in your mouth and the signature ramen ($13.90) with the broth that your taste buds are gonna thank you for that mouthful.
Chill down after dinner with live band and cup of #angmoliangteh to beat the heat outside.
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Very very shiok for our #hangrybelly tonight.
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#tamjiakteo tried out the latest #chachanteng in Holland Drive, opened by the same management team for the latest craze - Liho(ex-gongcha). Hit and misses for the food. Ordered dry instant noodle, steamed chicken rice, lok lok - lobster ball, cheese tofu and tau kee, salty tau sar piah and washed them down with cups of HK milk tea. Overall the cha chan teng feel is there, maybe we will go back for the aircon.
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Seoul food, seoul good.
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The special pho is so flavourful and smoothing for the stomach in this cold cold weather. We also order the dry vermicelli noodles with chicken which is also another pleaser. All these accompanied with sweet and sour chicken wings. Mmm Mmm, our tummy were "pho-ly" full and satisfied!
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Having one of the best Somtam in the land of smile!
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Top left (down)
😋Kway Chup
😋Youtiao & Sesame Ball Beancurd
😋Fish Maw Soup with Pig's Blood
😋Bamboo Shoot & Chinese Chives Chee Chong Fun
😋 Shui Kway
😋 Homemade Lemon Sorbet 😋 BBQ pork stick

Not in picture (cause we are too excited to eat them already)
😋 Butter Sugar Toast Bread
😋 Siew Mai
😋 Satay
And we went back to hotel w a belly full of happiness. #thisishowwegetfat

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So many food selections to warm ourselves in this cooling bkk night. 😋

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Takoh Belle Cheesecakes ($6.50) are moist and pleasant to the taste palette. The subtle hint of pandan and coconut was fragrant and very appealing to the eyes. Our tastebuds were celebrating after 1 mouthful of it.

Definitely a good chill place for interesting cheesecake fusion!

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