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Featuring Paddington House of Pancakes, Fynn's, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Ikoi Japanese Restaurant, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (ION Orchard), BeerThai House Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower), Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (Riverside Point), Mini Melts, NeNe Chicken (Hougang Mall), Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill
Judy Choong
Judy Choong
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The meat fell! Yes, this super tender & tasty rib ‘fell off’ the bone 🤣
Half Slab ($24.95) yummy juicy Baby Back Pork Ribs smoked-bbqed for 4-5 hours! Really really good!
🍖 🦴
4 Incredibly Crispy Buffalo Wings ($9.95) with 6 level of spiciness. You choose your level of shiokness to your preference! Yum!
🌶 🍗

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Thick Soup, Squirrel Fish, Abalone, Chicken, Scallops- Good!
Yam - too dry, Dessert - too sweet!
Mee Sua - Super Tasty!
Signature Chilli - Fantastic!
Happy Piggy Year!
🐷 🐷

Pan-Sear Seabass ($16.90) & Beef & Mushroom Ragout Gratin ($12.90) were so so.
Not yummy.
Not worth the money.
Not satisfying.
Not gonna return again.

Tenderly juicy & each bites was a total enjoyment 😋
The free flow home made fries were absolutely amazingly & dangerously addictive! Skinny, super crispy & slightly salted exactly how we love our fries to be 😱
Definitely a great dining experience coupled with a glass of red wine - Cote Du Rhone ($14)


An exclusively quiet place for you to chill & catchup with frenz over affordable yet yummy Nonya buffet spread ($19.80 for weekday lunch) 😱 My favorites were the rich & tasty Mee Siam, peppery 猪肚汤, rojak, kueh pi ti & all the beautiful & colorful kuehs kuehs 😋 #burpple

I really like my order of Fresh Milk Steamed Egg ($3.30) so silky so smooth so satisfying 😋
You can have the same silky egg topped with Red Beans too ($3.80) 🙂
Or you can go for the traditional Black & White - Black Sesame & Chinese Almond ($3.30) ⚫️⚪️
Grass Jelly with Mixed Fruits ($5) if you need something cold & refreshing 🍉
So so so many choices on the menu 😋

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I went for Satay Bee Hoon ($2.60) as I was tempted by the super inviting satay sauce on the picture. As usual, visual on advert totally fooled me when my order was served in a takeaway paper bowl with the sauce drenching the bee hoon underneath. Nevertheless, I must say the satay sauce was thick, rich & tasty. Not bad at all. Top up 80 cents for my kopi & completed my economical meal with a stick of sotong head ($1.80)
Conveniently located at level 1 near MRT exit & Hop On Hop Off Sight Seeing Bus Pickup Point, you can easily grab quick bites & light meals on the go


All Day Brioche French Toast ($18) so appetizing with caramelized bananas & roasted pecans
Kale & Quinoa Salad ($19) add grilled chicken ($3) for the healthy lifestyle diner 🙂
Black Angus Cheeseburger ($23) - house-made patty with Swiss cheese & caramelized onions in between flat-looking house-made bun was definitely tastier than its look 👀 though I must say the hand-cut fries seemed rather un-inviting 🤪
Sweet Potato Fries ($7) & Sautéed Spinach ($5) were good sides but we really like the yummy juicy Rosemary Pork Patties ($8)
Very very delighted to receive this surprise birthday treat and I was glad that I’d finally visited this much read about dining place. Thank you folks!

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Pork Chop Udon Lunch Set with Matcha Ice Cream ($11.80) - pork chop was a little dry though the udon was springily nice 🍜
Grilled Unagi Don Lunch Set with Matcha Ice Cream ($14.80) - didn’t try this as I’m not a fan of eel but portion seemed just nice 🍚
Spicy Salmon with Crab Stick & Egg Roll Mentaiko Mayo Sauce ($7.80) - my second time having this creative roll & I still love its sweetness & taste 🍣
Dining experience was not really fantastic as we kinda felt that our orders were forgotten due to long wait despite several reminders 🤔 #burpple

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Thursday Nite Drinks & Munches 🥂
Much needed Lycheetini ($20) and finger food 😘
I love the grilled prawns, crispy fish skin, fried eggplant & of course beef chunks 😋
The quesadilla was a disappointment as it was too oily 😐 Still a good place to chill over your fav drink 🍸 #burpple

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