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Featuring Huckleberry Food & Fare, Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar, Toast & Roast, Wong Kee (王美记), Awesome Canteen, THIRDWAVE, Crack Pork, La Boca Latino Bar, The Prep Room, Ippudo (The Gardens Mall)
jionghui lim
jionghui lim
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When your friends are boba lover, you just eat what they ordered. When comes to waffle, fluffed never disappointed you, however, the boba is not up to my liking, the portion is generous one, you get to enjoy every bite with boba hidden inside the waffle #bobawaffle #fluffedcafe #followjiongtoeat

Another new bar in town!! They provide Japanese fusion food. I ordered this mushroom charcoal pizza @guangbar_my, was covered with cheese, cherry tomatoes and mushroom, the sweet teriyaki sauce did the magic, which give it a neutral, goes well with thin crust! And of course, I had sweet potatoes fries, twisted fries, soba fish and one beef bowl! Happy tummy *rub rub*

Noodle series: flying wan tan mee
Walking distance from Nasi Lemak Bumbung and seapark burgerlab.
This old-school noodles with your noodles toss up in the air.
We ordered small sized, it costs rm7 per plate

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Required for grilled chicken instead of fried chicken, add on fried onion rings in between my burger. Good burgers with beautiful buns. Price range rm14.8 to rm32.8 (wagyu beef) open from 11am until 10pm

It’s not easy to notice this hidden cafe. But it’s really convenient when comes to parking. Free parking for 1st hour, so why don’t you give it a try? Some cakes are freshly made daily basic, so you get to try different flavor everyday.

Available on every Sunday until 2pm. Rm68 for adult and rm38 for kids. They are now having buy 4 free 1 promo. Fried fish, fried mihun, lo bak gou, porridge, pork intestine soup, Siew yok, Peking duck, rojak, red bean soup, dessert, ice-cream. You name it, they have it! Plenty of variety !


Another new joint in SS2. If you are there for uncle don but failed to get a table? You may visit this place! This bowl mussel goes well with beer! This chili mussel not too spicy, yet serve together with toast bread! Just nice!! Wanna go back for their bun bun! Too many items not available that night :( Divine Bar provide valuable set lunch too

When speak about croissant, bakery shop will
Come across your mind! But no joke, bref are doing well! They serve best croissant in town! No joke!! Although the price is a little bit pricey compare to bakery shop. I highly, personally recommended! Give it a try! You will never regret

Crispy foie gras with vegetable and mushroom jus. Rm45! No joke, the foie gras is good! Currently they only offer beer and fruit juice, we regret for not bringing our own wine! Next time maybe? Remember to make reservation before you visit ;)

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The first question I got when I posted this, is this good compare with the alley?
I find it totally different, I prefer the size of the alley, finished it within 15 mins is not an issue. Tiger sugar’s portion is bigger. You don’t get to choose for your sugar level for this signature drink. Shake 15 times before you enjoy your drink ;)

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Deep fried potato at the bottom. Crispy with a taste of ikura. I find it a little bit salty, but it is acceptable when you have a bit with the potato. Love it

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