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Treat Yo Self: Cafes

Treat Yo Self: Cafes

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), working title - Burger Bar, Kyushu Pancake Café, d'Good Café (Holland Village), Group Therapy (Duxton), Drury Lane, Whisk & Paddle, Percolate, Free The Robot Coffee, Oberstrasse
Kaydee Sumalinog
Kaydee Sumalinog
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Ordered Iced White Coffee (S$5.50) on a hot day. It's refreshing, and had a consistent smooth taste even after being diluted by the ice. Would try a hot drink next time to compare flavors.

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Ordered an Iced Haldi Doodh (S$7nett) or Turmeric Milk. With the ice, it makes the spiciness of the turmeric more subtle and personally easier to drink as a first time 😊

Would recommend small groups, students, and bookworms to visit this bookstore/cafe on the weekday afternoons as it's less crowded 📚

Happy New Year 2019! 🎉
Starting it off with going to one of my wishlisted cafes 😊

Ordered a Chocolate Nutella Slice ($8) and an iced Matcha Latte ($6.50). After 10% SC, total is $15.95.

I would like to highlight only the cake cuz its sweetness simply overpowered my choice of drink, and can't comment much for the latte 😅 I should have paired it with hot coffee/tea to even out the flavor.

Anyway, this sweet is made with layers of creamy icing and dense cake which balance its texture. It's definitely a big piece to treat yourself with or share with a friend 😋

Ordered also a Milo Shibuya Toast ($8.90)
If you ever wanted a sugar high on Milo and/or share it with someone, I defo recommend this. Served alongside with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce, powdered with Milo powder and topped off with Milo cereal and vanilla ice cream, this will satisfy your chocolate craving in one go!

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One of the West's hidden cafes surrounded by HBDs.
Ordered a Thai Tea Cube Set ($6.90). As per the name, the cubes are made from Thai Milk Tea and served also with a bottle of it and a scoop of icecream. These combined in one glass keeps the consistency of a smooth,creamy and chilled milk tea

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Ordered a Coco Latte ($5.50)

Served in a Ceramic Chinese Tea Cup aka no handles on a small saucer, at the first sip, the coconut taste instantly hits you with a mellow bitter taste afterwards. The taste remains fairly consistent when drinking before it cools down

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Ordered this Milo Crunch dessert ($5.00)
If you're ever in need for a sugar high or something to split with someone else, this sinful, thick fudge, crunchy Milo brownie is a must try then. This is one for the diehard sweet tooth people and a caution to those who don't prefer too sweet sweets 🙃

Went out of my way to this fairly secluded cafe along East Coast Road 😁
Ordered a Flat White ($6.00)
It's mildly bitter and softened by the milk added into it. It's one of those brews you would want to pair with a sweet to complement it or an after meal go-to. Slightly more expensive considering its size.
Would recommend to those who find themselves along East Coast Road on a weekday. On weekends, it may be more crowded with locals and tourists who stay nearby it.

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First time to try out an ulu cafe!
Ordered the Churros w/ Choco Dip and Passionfruit Lime Lychee Iced Tea. The churros were sprinkled with fine sugar powder which maintained a subtle sweetness with the dip. The iced tea had more of the passionfruit flavor that blended with the sourness of the lime and tang from the lychee.

Would recommend for those in Punggol or as a pit stop while biking the many bike trails in the area 🚲


Cuz after a while of studying, you will get hungry 😁

Through their "Create Your Own Plate" section, ordered a Sesame Bagel & Cream Cheese ($6), Scrambled Eggs ($3.5), Avocado ($3), and Hollandaise Sauce ($2). Total of $14.50nett for my choice of set brunch 👍

Really enjoyed how the combo of eggs, bagel and hollandaise worked. The eggs themselves are well seasoned and with the addition of hollandaise just raised it to another level of yum. The avocado was a good healthy filler too 😋

Finally got the chance to visit this place!🎉
Read a lot of reviews mentioning it as a great study place 📚

Ordered a Roasted Almond Latte ($6.50nett)
Subtle taste of almond and a kick from the caffeine after some time. Perfect for getting motivated to work 🤓

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Been slacking off and needed to start up the think tank, with incentive though 🙃

Ordered a Flat White (S$6 nett) with my choice of coffee beans of El Salvador. Its medium acidity balances out with the milk and leaves no bitter taste


Thrifty Someone who ends up treating herself when possible Loose Spender at any time though

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