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Desserts And Sweet Baked Goods

Desserts And Sweet Baked Goods

Ice cream, Cakes, cookies, Waffles, Entremets
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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I never have been a fan of tiramisu because I don't really like coffee in my desserts. I was quite amazed by the variety of tiramisu flavours at the tiramisu hero and one non-coffee selection in particular caught my eye- the kaya tiramisu. Served in a pretty jar and packed with the pandan coconut concoction and savioardi, it was delicious! We ordered their matcha coconut ice cream that was dense and sweet, not bad. Tiramisu anti fans should really try their desserts out.

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We got waffles to go along with our dark chocolate and strawberry gelato, as well as a honey milk tea. The gelato were rich in goodness, milky and the half melted creaminess goes so well with the crisp of the freshly made waffles. I prefer the chocolate over the strawberry for the reduced sweetness and luxurious cocoa.

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Have always loved the sweet treats at sunday folks and this is one cafe that I frequently visited over the years. Since we were in the holland village vicinity, we decided to patronise it for the xth time. Ordered our softserves in a glass. Pictured is their signature and one of my all time favourites- the sea salt gula melaka.

One of the most gorgeous entremets that I have ever seen. Shaped and coloured like a rose, Cynthia's exterior is a layer white chocolate covering the genoise sponge, raspberry compote, rose chantilly creme and lychee. A delightful dessert that has a luxurious variety of texture and flavours: rose and raspberry gives the entremet a floral fruity profile in a mixture cream, sponge and jam.


I have visited Flor multiple times over the last few years and have seen the patisserie expanding their cafe and opening several outlets, which is quite impressive! In my recent visit, we tried a valrhona dark chocolate cake and a matcha cake infused with chestnut cream and red bean paste. If you prefer your cake with less sugar, go for the dark chocolate one. For patrons with a sweet tooth will really enjoy the matcha azuki chestnut cake for the sweetness and the varying density and textures: sponge cake, layers of creme and crisp sugar coating.

For a neighbourhood ice cream parlour, this place has a huge variety of flavours to choose from- They've got a few types of fruity/berries, tea flavours, not-so-common flavours such as milo. We ordered the earl grey and milo ice cream (pictured). The portion is huge! We enjoyed the frozen dessert and this cafe has a really nice ambience.

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A humble little establishment near the ayer rajah hawker centre which makes their own ice cream. We ordered dark chocolate and blueberry yogurt- Rich and dense, the texture of the dessert resembles frozen custard - very creamy and the flavours were not diluted by the milk- retains the fullness of the dark chocolate and the blueberry yogurt.

I thought that those colourful assortment in display were macarons but they turned out to be softserve ice cream capsules. A machine was used to extract the softserve out and the two glasses of ice cream in the picture was a result of processing from the machine.

We tried the blueberry yogurt and royal earl grey. They were dense and did not melt fast which is unconventional for a softserve. My favourite is the earl grey for its rich aromatic bergamot tea profile.

Finely shaved ice saturated with premium quality gula melaka and coconut milk. The red beans were cooked until the texture was soft and accumulated into thick semi paste. Chopped Pandan jelly surround the ice on the other side of the bowl. It was a gorgeous display of colours and the taste was filled with traditional goodness. This costs less than $3.


Yuzu sorbet and vanilla ice cream, drenched in fruit jam, whipped cream, crisp wafer and a smiley faced graham cracker.Bits and pieces of jelly, blueberries, cornflakes and fruit:dried and preserved. Overall, an intensely sweet, yuzu sour and milky delight.

Heytea's offerings has gone beyond the traditional bubble tea and their different flavour softserves have been trending on various social media. I ordered salted egg yolk softserve, which is only available locally. It was collected immediately without having to wait. You can perceive the powdery bits of real salted egg yolk that was added into the creamy milky custard receipe before being frozen. It melted quite easily and was icy- suggesting high amount of air being folded into the mixture when the softserve was made.


Japan's famous matcha cafe opens at vivocity. A seasonal item from their menu, we ordered the matcha houjicha twist softserve cone for takeaway. The softserve is definitely more milkier than the tsujiri honten rendition -hence lacklustre in terms of the richness of matcha and houjicha. The good thing about it was that the softserve was not too melty -the receipe was more dense and less incorporated air.

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Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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