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OK Lor

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Faith K
Faith K

The dishes we ordered were pretty decent, coupled with the lady boss’s passionate outcry of her fresh ingredients and sedap-ness of dishes.
Unfortunately, when it came to this last dish, Assam Fish Head ($38), every family member of mine thought that the Snapper was not fresh at all and the sauce is utterly weird... When we feedback to the lady boss, she got really defensive and brought a RAW “fresh” fish out of the kitchen, with a knife and place on our table to prove her point. Hmm... pretty scary
And it’s PRICEY, seriously, $289 for 7 dishes...

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Texture of brown rice was really good (if that can even go wrong), salmon poached-grilled well but smaller in size compared to 'grain Traders', papaya salad was really refreshing with a slight spicy kick, sweet potato was too heavily sweetened. Didn't choose a sauce to be drenched over cos FOR WHAT? furikake topping never goes wrong.


Cremé custard has very good consistency, it's rich and yes there's vanilla beans to make it extra legit. But i was disappointed by the thin and soggy choux (P.s i ate it right away). Maybe there should be a KOKIxbeard papa collab =best of both worlds.


Winner: Har Gao; chunky prawns encased in a thin crystal-like skin

Porridge was bland. Steamed carrot cake was special but really lacked bite. 流沙包 wasn't flowey and had a slight bizarre milky flavour. Was looking forward to making this dim sum spot my next cheap and good hideout but oops. No complains cos what you pay is what you get Lor


Their pizzas are The Best Bet here since it's charcoal grilled. Texture of the conventional crust was good but meats on top reminded me of dry Christmas leftovers. Felt that the 30% eatigo discount wasn't substantial enough for me to make a return visit. We ordered 2 large pizzas, 1 salad, 1 pasta (al dente but very one-dimensional flavour), 1 truffle fries (truffle oil with soggy fries) 4 pax close to $100 after discount.

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Faith K

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