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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Was just a tad icy but otherwise the MSW taste was q strong, gf found it inadequate tho. This is 12 and durian mousse cake is 8.5 cos, obviously, mousse has much more cream in it and less durian as a result. So obvious once u think about it, but that's exactly why I'm glad they had a label of the durian strength beside each dessert. That's really nice, not that it deserves the price tho

2 month long ordeal with this slice. First of all it rarely comes in slices, secondly the main kitchen makes very few of this, third of all its almost never sent to JCUBE branch. After many calls and arrangements, I finally got the slice(including rushing down on the day itself once I got a call)

Got to say, it validates the hardwork haha. Absolutely smashing. The peanut butter taste was very full in the frosting, which had a thick, finely sandy, and voluptuous texture. Paired w their chocolate cake, which stunned me(is their chocolate sponge common for many of the cakes? It's so clearly better than most chocolate sponges it's actually funny) this is an awesome slice for peanut butter lovers that's super satisfying. Only problem is that, with the richness, it gets just a tad jelat at the end expectedly. At the same time it's hard to stop though, just scold yourself later ><

Must try! Yet another stellar piece from awfully chocolate

Again, I didn't rmb that they were this good. Though they probably were and were thus probably the reason I'm addicted to cakes now.

By far the best carrot cake I've had in recent memory, and could very well be the best I've had all time. Some carrot cake have too dry sponges but this, damn, it's a normal well executed sponge and more. It almost melts into a soft Kueh like texture as you chew on it. Moreover the cream layer was utterly luscious and rightfully intense, without being overbearing. One of the best cakes I've had so far, this one is worth travelling for

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Seriously? No one has reviewed this branch? They've been around for years and they've been consistently awesome

I rmbed they were good and the last time I had it was before I wrote my first post on burpple. To be honest I don't exactly remember how good they were because I was shocked when I had it this time. Superb standard, and at reasonable prices. No idea how they do it

Their classic, probably their most famous cake. Seriously underrated, there's a firm crumbly texture but not too much that it becomes annoying to eat. The gula melaka Layer was special too, it's thick and sweet yet they adjusted the texture a little bit, it's kind of like a spread more than sauce/cream. Must try!

It really is a well. The cake isn't v fluffy because it needs to be firm to hold the generous amount of durian paste. The taste was not bad too. Quite impressive considering some places that charge twice as much can't deliver something as decent as this

Really good. Nice soft texture with the right amount of give, ample flavour as well as coconut flakes? For contrasf

It's passable but felt they played it abit safe. The peanut butter was sticky yet could have been a bit more shiok, the jelly was good but there should have been a bit more of it.

What's more it's v rare this cake comes sliced haha

New item(kinda)

It's really pretty good, the brown sugar and prune tastes meld perfectly, and the prune jam layer was well balanced on its own too, not too sour at all. Worth a try!

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Very close to two chefs, can consider coming afterwards

Not so much Kaya as pandan, but a very solid rendition. I'm honestly surprised that there's a version this decent in this ulu place haha

This was okay only, at least it's not too sweet I guess

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Really good stuff. Don't think of it as blueberry cheesecake, think of it as blueberry cake w the faintest hint of savoury cheesiness and you'll be very pleased. Nice, fluffy cream with sweet blueberries and a solid blueberry jam

This is more like a cake. Quite rich but can't rlly taste the Nutella. Not too bad and the small size accounts for the jelatness

Would travel for food

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