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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

This is more like a cake. Quite rich but can't rlly taste the Nutella. Not too bad and the small size accounts for the jelatness


Their cempedak is intense. It's half as strong as durian aroma lol, probably don't open it in bus. I'm guessing they fermented it a bit or sth, anyway as a cempedak lover this checked all the boxes!

They don't know when it will reopen yet


Highly raved and I guess rightly so? Looks like bundt's but taste nothing like it.

The exterior was abit dry, but not unpleasantly so. It's to balance the gooey interior. Idk how they achieve it, probably like underbake it or sth but it was interesting

Dark choc was not bad


Loved the speculoos taste and esp the crunchy texture from the speculoos bits. Good stuff

Takeaway no ice cream, so it's cheaper

The fruit cake was v generous w dried fruits, spice was okay, not overwhelming. Texture was nice too, soft and kinda crumbly.

It's weird when u add the fresh fruits tho, there's this chemical/medicine taste which wasn't pleasant at all

The brownie itself was only passable, being slightly hard and dry, but w salted caramel and choc chips, how can that combi not work? So overall it's still enjoyable, expectedly

Wow. This is quite different from a normal carrot cake texture wise. It's kinda dense, w a melt in your mouth finish. Really comforting stuff, esp w the spices. Then you have little bits of nuts and fruits joining the party. Delicious

Sad that earl grey banana no more. I don't understand how bestsellers stop being sold lol.

Anyway there's a good reason this is another bestseller. Cafe was packed at 3pm, with a strict 1 hour turnover

The layers of apples worked well w the dense cake, ice cream was not bad as well with a well balanced cinnamon taste from the powder and in the cake as well. Not worth a trip but if you're in the area why not

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The good news is that it's a takeaway concept so there's no SVC even if you're dining in.

The bad news is that it's a takeaway concept so it's free seating despite the price, you're served in takeaway containers even if you're dining in, the price is liddat even without gst, and if you're actually taking away you don't get the ice cream

Idk if it's possible to tell here but my ice cream was very hollow. At the expense of sounding like a spoiled brat, I didn't have enough ice cream to go with the cake.

The banana cake on its own is one of the worst I've had, because it's v hard and dense(but understandable since it's going with the sauce) Butterscotch was really good, there's a hint of bitterness from somewhere (maybe the cake) which was nice at first but got stronger and wasn't pleasant near the end. Ice cream is your AVG ice cream, there was a bit of ice crystal inside.

It's not bad overall, but not for this price.

Abit lost. Did I order the wrong thing?

Why's there blueberries inside lol. Anyways flavour wise this was passable, not as good as the rest and not as good as the previous financiers I've had

Texture is smack in the middle of fudge and cake, and it's pretty on point. A good rendition

Would travel for food

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