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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Nice gold leaf.

Pretty mediocre. Expected strong flavours from the caramel and pecan but in the end it's mainly just chocolate cake, w acidity from the dark chocolate. Maybe standards have dropped, nonetheless it's passable for 10bucks if not for the hype

Just an ondeh cake, it's not crispy at all. Decent but not impressive. Not worth 12 after everything.

Actually more cake-like than anything, w a bit of density and kueh-mushiness. Decent, could have been better w more pandan fragrance. Quite lacking in kaya

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Apparently it's my fault, the rest of my family can taste the avocado.

Can clearly tell the complexity tho compared to a normal Swiss roll, even tho the individual elements don't come through(to me). Wonder why there isn't an avocado GM macadamia roll, that's gonna be good

The durian pulp was (Y), but the cake itself was abit thicker than the other rolls. So ratio of filling to cake is abit off

PSA yoji replaced by orh-ni, coconut remains but yoghurt? Replaced by yam

Literally the closest patisserie to my house, yet never found the time to visit until now lol

Slight tang from the banana, and there's the choco-banana taste GG on from the hazelnut ganache layer. Need a bit more crunch, and the flavours could have been more pronounced.

Take note they only open at 12noon

PSA when I went there's a lot of rolls that's sold out. That's abit disappointing considering they didn't have too much variety in the first place. Also, MSW CANNOT USE BEYOND

Can taste the cream cheese but doesn't fully mesh w the strawberry. Strawberry was v fresh though

Overall, taste is ok, but very expensive without beyond(as many has mentioned, the roll is tiny)

They're very strict about one person redeeming one deal, you need 4 pax to be present to redeem 2 deals. Tho they ok w u redeeming one premium deal but getting a normal roll

The avocado taste is very lacking, but the macadamia is nice. It's really not very sweet at all(my mom loves it)

P.S. not really a fan of how they got the UP and promo price just to circumvent burpple beyond. I mean there's no rules against it but it's not very nice, because everyone else gets the promo price and we don't get the full 50%. Doesn't feel v honest


Overtones of coconut, the texture in the middle is good but idk why the exterior isn't up to par. Most likely it's my fault for waiting a few hours before eating

Recommended by a chef friend. So simple yet so delicious, there's a rounded complex sweetness from the caramel honey, and the texture is on point as well, kinda like Kueh ambon actl lol

From @soulsugarbakes Gotta say I had a terrible experience self-collecting. To keep it short, MAKE SURE U ENTER FROM RIVER VALLEY RD. Citymappers users pls don't be fooled, make sure u find the entrance of the condo complex.

Since I spent almost one whole painful hour getting this, I'm bound to have personal biases. My most objective judgment is that it's decent, but not particularly good. I would say it's alr commendable that the banana flavour is this strong, due to adding sliced banana? Or banana puree. The custard could do w stronger banana taste.

They mentioned that it keeps for 3 days. I had it on the third, and found the biscuit way too soft. Not sure if having it on the day itself would be the same, my guess is yes

Would travel for food

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