Featuring Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), Mon Bijou, Châteraisé (ChinaTown Point), Peranakan Khek, Johan Paris (Westgate), Julie Bakes, Châteraisé (Square 2), Plain Vanilla Bakery (Cluny Court), Milk Moons, Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Pretty good. The cream was delicious and the sweetness balanced out the sour mangoes well. The sponge was also mango-flavoured, reinforcing the flavours as thomas keller keep emphasising. Finally, there's this crushed biscuit layer near the bottom that provided a bit of textural contrast(it wasnt the super crunchy kind), just sth to keep things interesting.

The strong pandan flavour hits you immediately as u take the first bite, as it is slowly taken over by the gula melaka, some bits still not melted that provides the crumbly crunch. Very sweet and very generous portion, but undeniably good. Probably best to share, even if just to order another slice of their many interesting flavours.

Personally im really interested in trying the durian(D24) and cempedak cakes next time

The owner warned me that this is gonna be addictive. I would like to say that he's being cocky, but if you can back up your words then it's not cocky, it's just speaking the truth.

And the truth he spoke. The fudgy brownie was good on its own, but the Salted caramel was definitely next level. They didnt pull any punches with the depth of flavour, particularly the saltiness. You can taste it clearly, and yet it wasnt so much as to overpower the sweetness.

So yes, the owner is right haha

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This one was decent too, but not as special as the rest. Could be because i ate it with my sweet receptors surpressed abit

Yes, it's Lady M's price so you know they got a lot of confidence in themselves

NOTE also that this isnt in the display case, instead it's on a paper notification above the display case and its not available daily either

The Mille Crepe was soft and the bruleed top was perfect. Really added a nice crunchy textural contrast but wasnt too sweet either. However the durian puree was what set them apart. They cooked D24 durian as well as add secret ingredients, until it's super rich and slightly sticky, such that if u stick your fork horizontally into a bite, the bottom half wouldnt fall off. Despite it's richness, it doesnt feel heaty at all. Truly a glamourous creation deserving of its price

When it's in such a ulu location yet they charge you similar prices to normal cake shops, you know something's up.

The gula melaka and strong Banana flavours melded well, but what made it a winner for me was how moist everything tasted tgt.

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PSA: Card only

I havent had many Cupcakes but this is the best by far. Feels hefty but it was quite soft. The cake itself was really rich and the Salted caramel cream was super intense. Perfect size, would have been too much if it were a sliced cake since it's so punchy from the first bite

Decadent. The soft yet slightly mochi-esque texture was simply amazing.

Quite fragrant though the ratio of the coconut to the yam could be slightly more generous

Intense gula melaka, with solid pieces in between. I liked it but damn was it sweet. Not for everyone, esp those without a sweet tooth

Another good one. Pulut Hitam taste was superb and the fact that were there actual chewy rice grains made it so much better.

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The sponge wasnt too airy yet it was super soft, pretty impressive. No wonder it commends such a price, particularly since it's quite a small portion(feeds 4). Well studded with bits of sweet fruit as well.

Would travel for food

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