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Featuring Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), Bloomsbury Bakers, Mon Bijou, Châteraisé (ChinaTown Point), Peranakan Khek, Johan Paris (Westgate), Châteraisé (Square 2), Milk Moons, Emicakes (Bukit Batok Central), ELIJAH Pies
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Basque Burnt Cheesecake was so good we ordered another slice. Pretty solid for sure, but the comparatively less flavourfulness and less oozing means it gets overshadowed by the original flavour. Matcha taste wasnt too strong either

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it's been a while since ive had a good cake. The oozy texture in the middle was on point, as well as the burnt top. Most importantly, the Cheese was in perfect balance between sweet and savoury, with loads of flavours as well. Many Cheesecakes use milder cheese which doesnt have that punch, possibly fearing that customers wont be able to accept stronger flavours so this is really rare. Incredibly good and inspired us to Buy the second slice.

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Quite a big portion, the fluffy sponge paired well with the fragrant, slightly fruity cream.

Dry, with a strong durian taste that cover up pretty much everything else, save for a slight savoury hint from the Cheese. Durian was pungent but not sweet enough.

Decent if not for the fact that it tastes like coffee Cheesecake. No maple taste and no Sea Salt taste. Wonder if they gave the wrong one, but the server explained that some maple goes well w coffee????

Really fudgy and dense brownie that calls for the similarly strong flavour in the salted butterscotch. Not bad but could get a little overwhelming towards the end


Min order is 4 PCs which works out to about 2nett

This is the denser and crumbly kind, with loads of flavour and a savoury taste. Not for those who prefer the fluffy Japanese version but I quite liked it


Really liked the texture of the cake as it was somewhat like a blend between mochi and cake. Lava was also fragrant. Served warm with banana and ice cream. Not too sweet and pretty thoughtful, so worth a try


LE version of their legendary fresh cream cake made with in season tochiotome strawberries. Same price so why not

The strawberries aren't necessarily sweeter but it is much fruitier. Same for the jam, it's fruitier and less sweet but not necessarily better if you have a sweet tooth particularly. Luckily the fresh cream's sweetness balances out everything. Not a significant improvement over their original but if you were gonna get their signature anyway, then it's worth a try

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Not too flashy but I quite enjoyed it. No alcohol taste at all, just a pleasant coffee aroma. Execution was pretty good too

Really light and fluffy. Strawberry just a tad sour though

White chocolate in the cream was not very pronounced and cream was on the dense side, surrounding chocolate sponge. Butterscotch glaze was quite salty but that allowed the flavour of the butterscotch to be more defined. Due to the substantial saltiness it tastes much closer to salted caramel than your usual butterscotch. Not bad though but rather pricey for its size and flavour


Would travel for food

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