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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Another glorious creation

This has a texture similar to cream cheese. There's strong ham/bacon undertones from the smokiness, so this is more savoury than their signature, but it's still incredibly good.

It's glazed with clear pastry glaze, made with pectin from Apple. Not sure what they do here but even the glaze is delicious, we thought it's honey at first.


Lived up to the hype, and more.

While it's distinct(let's call it a tart cos that's really what it is), I have to say as someone who loves cheesecakes and have had more than my fair share of them, this is by far my favourite so far, and the only one that's worth anything more than 10bucks(there's too many good ones below 10)

The crust was hard and slightly dry, which was perfect with the liquid filling. Celina, the sous chef of Olivia who created this cheese tart, mentioned that it took a lot of skill to make this as a few seconds more would have turned the interior solid.

The filling was mindblowing, seriously. While the blue cheese inside changes due to fluctuations in the quality of cheese(even from the same purveyors), the savouriness is perfect. There's immense depth, no funk, and it's clearly a dessert(not one of those savoury desserts).

So I felt that the fact that it contains blue cheese really shouldn't be overly emphasised because that usually carries connotations of funk.

In case it wasn't clear, this is a MUST TRY. The taste more than justifies the price

It's pretty decent, but nothing impressive. The sponge isn't fluffy enough

It's good, there's enough zing. Not as much flavour and the texture was slightly more dry than MD's. MD reigns supreme for now

Please preorder one day in advance!!!

One of those jiggly cheesecakes, extremely legit at this price point. Quite light, it's slightly more cake-like than those souffle cheesecakes, quite similar to ah ma traditional cake. Cheese flavour is very light but the aroma is not bad. It's a small shop in row of shops, red paint, keep your eyes peeled I literally walked past it

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Absolutely delicious. The slightly milk soaked sponge was good on its own but there's a slight savoury taste too and a hint of pistachio in the background. Absolutely brilliant and a must try!

I've waited so long before finally getting a slice and I think it's worth the wait

The top is solid, the texture isn't melty, more like a normal cheesecake tbh. The cempedak was strong but it's just a layer of puree in the middle, not mixed into the cheesecake itself. It's slightly bitter too

Pretty decent overall tho

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Incredible that u can try a seasonal cake for less than 5bucks

Persimmons are in season and thus utterly delicious, this isn't the super creamy kind but it is between hard and soft. Pear was alright

What stuns is their sponge and cream, incredible as usual. What a steal, it doesn't lose to any of those upscale french patisseries

Quite light, u can taste the faint aroma of butter and it's pretty decent for the price

I was so sad after they removed it for a while but glad it's back

It's a solid Japanese style cheesecake, quite souffle and theres a nice mild cheesiness along w a substantial latte aroma for this Hokkaido cafe latte

Not bad at all, a tad pricey. I don't think it's the best tho(unlike what some others claim)

Spectacular. The frosting has a sharp acidity which sounds extreme, but really works due to the its sweetness. It pairs really well w the cake that is aromatic from the lemon, and is just slightly buttery. Their cake is truly their own kind of perfection, it's almost slightly fudgy but not heavy. A must try, it's the best lemon cake for me as of 13/10/2021

Would travel for food

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