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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Not as dry as previously but still abit dry. Average

The rose layer is on top. But the rest of the cake is really honey, no rose flavour at all. Pretty good

Surprisingly not as strong, given their usual high standard this is still decent as compared to most

It's soft and mildly sweet, easily likable

But they dont sell slices, at least half, so abit annoying.

Sugee cake they only sell whole cakes, feeds 4 at least

I had a bad experience w this previously. The cake was super dry, very unlike the usual chateraise standard

I am happy to report that after trusting the staff and giving it another try, this is truly one of the best cakes here. Light, spongy, and soft to the point of almost being a little foamy, it's simple yet immensely delightful

Rich pistachio cream. Enough said

They're still the No1 mille crepe place for good reason

Super strong milkiness, the texture was perfect, both overall and the light crepes

Textbook and a classic

It's not just the layer of choc outside, there's also choc chips inside.

However it doesn't taste very much like Madeleines anymore more like choc cake. Decent but not impressive

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Difficult to eat, the sponge is stuck to the bottom and hard to cut through

The taste of the pumpkin cream and sweet potato filling was decently strong, it's got some additional body and I'm not sure where that's coming from but overall it's a well crafted cake

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Banana cream was quite good, and while the small balls were a bit weird overall its decent enough

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Strawberry and pistachio

The strawberry was brilliant, it's either the lightest sponge I've ever had or the most cake-like cream I've had

Pistachio flavour was there as well, and both weren't too strong so they came tgt nicely, surprisingly

Matcha doesn't come thru much

Yuzu and goma were strong. In fact the yuzu was so strong it covered up the goma at first, the goma comes thru at the end.

As someone w sensitive taste buds the flavours clashed a lot and didn't mesh but my dining partner highlighted to me that not everyone perceives it the same way.

She's right because this is a bestseller here, their signature and so it must be that most ppl find it strong but harmonious enough to like it

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