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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Surprisingly works actl, despite me disliking Horlicks. It's very muted and adds a depth of flavour, akin to miso in desserts without the umami. Deserves a try!!

Not the best cheesecake they have. It's ok but there's a slight tinge of sourness which I didn't like, the flavours somehow weren't harmonious either, esp since it's their most expensive.

P.S. this is a new item, so hopefully there's gonna be adjustments after feedback

Doesn't have much of an Oreo taste cos the cheese layer wasn't too sweet. It's just their original cheesecake w an Oreo crumble base that has butter(tastes like a dense brownie). Not anything special but depends on what you're expecting I guess

Delivers on their promise exactly. Sweet and smokey taffy. Delicious!!

Btw a lot of these are outlet-exclusives? Haven't seen them at westgate before

No idea why this one is butt naked. For a moment I tot it was upside down haha.

Completely unlike the tiramisu, this was a proper cheesecake with hints of Milo. Still very enjoyable if you didn't expect a strong Milo taste.

Overall I'm sure I made it abundantly clear that I'm a fan of them. I really appreciate the different crusts too, which pair well with each cheesecake flavour. Their crust is generally crumbly and rather cake like, which works well with the mousse texture of the cake. And burpple beyond really makes it very worth it, 3 for 3 is a massive difference from their usual 1 for 4 promo. The price really stacks up, considering the rather small size of their cheesecakes(which is perfect for those who don't want something too heavy like most health-conscious people nowadays I guess). It's definitely my go-to for well executed, reasonably priced cheesecake and personally I feel it's very underrated, mainly because of their trite aggressive advertisement campaign. Now I'm a fan and I hope more people give them a try, the quality is really there.

My top picks are:
1. Triple fromage
2. Yuzu lemon
3: Tiramisu (personal reasons, I don't take alcohol so a good tiramisu slice is hard to come by)

I'm not recommending the Basque burnt cheesecake cos I saw the standard isn't consistent, though the one I had was pretty good, and Basque cheesecakes usually come at literally twice the price lol(albeit slightly bigger slice). So if you're a lucky person, you can consider getting a slice when the top looks good, since it's rare to find a good one at this price point.


Seriously what's with the names lol it's really as necessary as can be

This was the least cheesecake-esque out of all the cheesecakes. It's just a tiramisu cake. Nonetheless, it's very good with a strong coffee punch and great soaked layer that is controlled perfectly so that it doesn't become soggy. Mascarpone layer was super light too. Get this if u want an awesome tiramisu slice(halal, so no alcohol which is perfect for me), not if you're looking for a tiramisu-flavoured cheesecake

The other components were quite good, but I don't really understand the need for the dry cake/bread infesting the rest of the mousse. It really affects the texture, so cost issue? Their mango mousse is good so I assume the good mangoes needed are expensive?

Pedestrian, doesn't hold a candle to their other creations. Don't get this no matter how much u love durian, not only cos it's average, but also cos the other cakes are so good.

Really good. Not only was it super fluffy, the yuzu and lemon further increased the seeming lightness of the cheesecake. Nonetheless there was still a lot of flavour and the sourness is quite muted, which is the perfect balance for someone who doesn't like sour food. A must try!

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This one is for hojicha connoisseurs. Superb creamy molten texture(please chill before serving if taking away, else it's almost literally smoothie texture lol), muted sweetness, and intense tea aroma. Don't order this if you love cheesecake, this doesn't have any cheesecake notes; it's more hojicha in puree form ><
Ultimately stunning, if you're a big fan of tea


Sorry it's melted, I didn't think the heat capacity was so much lower than the Basque cheesecake. Nice light, creamy and slightly sweet mascarpone layer, but the salty topping was what made the cake shine. Probably the best triple fromage I've had, everything comes tgt well and it's v affordable.

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Not bad, it's flowy in the centre and there's a slight burnt taste on top. For 6bucks it's an absolute steal

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Would travel for food

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