Good Hawker

Good Hawker

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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Steamed w bean paste

Not as natural a fit as the hong Kong Style, but surprisingly light and citrusy bean sauce went not bad with the steamed Fish either. Pork lard was abit out of place tho, not that it's bad.

But since Fish was perfect as usual, it was really enjoyable.

P. S. At times they steam it for 7mins only lol, depending on the conditions of the steamer

Quite a small portion(5pcs of each), and despite the decent sauce that was thick, the pork belly was slightly dry for zai Shun standards. Yam was nice and soft though

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So basically u have no choice over the soup but why bother when its gonna be good anyways. Impressive umami, and while the pork was dry from the hours in low heat, it did its job to let the soup shine. Besides tomato and a slice of ginger, there's nothing else inside which is really mystifying considering the depth of flavour.

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Zai Shun is known for consistent perfection but even then i didnt expect a dish like this to be so good. Intense wok hei is the first thing i cant help but notice, followed by the impeccable texture of the two simple ingredients. As much as i love my grandma's black Fungus in chicken soup, theirs is so soft yet has a slight bite as well. Seasoned well also, since you're definitely going to get rice.

Truly blessed to stay so near a gem like this.

Ingredients were cooked well and my only complaint was that the peanut werent as fragrant or crunchy as other stalls. The Base had a body, and there was a certain sweetness. Ordered xiaola and it was really manageable, didnt even have to stop to drink water so spice lovers should go ask for more heat. Theres also random ingredients thrown in like a meatball and this super chewy translucent Noodle but i just cant rmb what its called. Overall a really enjoyable meal as i dont like excessive spiciness.

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Very, very tender.

Super beefy as well and crispy on the outside. The only problem is the funky sauce that really throws everything off. Request for it without sauce

By default it's gonna be the Thin in the middle and thick around crust, so just take note if u want to change to Thin crust or calzone. Unfortunately the middle really was quite Thin and doesnt hold its shape no matter what, making it a mess to eat. As usual im not a Fan of truffle oil, and here particularly i feel it doesnt fit the other elements at all. Cheese was gooey and beef Cheek was super tender and full of beedy flavour.

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How good can it be? This one was pretty dang good. Bun itself was fluffy but the handmade filling was superb. Its smooth but u can distinctly taste the red bean. Also they steam it if u dine in so please dont dabao

A very generous portion, and it was very creamy indeed. Good earthy flavours but could have had more mushroom umami. Garlic bread could be stronger and it was complegely dehydrated so u can break it up into Small pieces instead of dipping else it wouldnt soak up the soup well

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Pretty damn good.

The bcm sauce had a good umami from the Bak chor Broth, and the pork was cooked well too. Fishballs were springy and soup was pretty decent. Sambal was sandy and fine, with a kick and very well seasoned. Quite a unique taste so worth a try. Overall pretty shiok but the sambal could work better w the whole dish

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Truly a hidden gem, given that THE Fengshan Bedok hawker centre, known for its soup bcm, actl has this stall with the lognest queue, yet theres only 1 review

Super generous portion, both in terms of the absolute portion and the ratio of mee to ingredients(basically 1 to 1)

Honestly i would think this is the quintessential satay sauce in a satay Beehoon, save for a bit of kick, without any extra spices, sweetness, or really any twists that many satay bee hoon stalls use to make themselves stand out. Maybe for that reason alone, this is one of the most popular satay bee hoons.

I appreciate the attention to detail, be it the fact that he only does one plate at once (hence the Slow moving queue, mine took 30mins on a rather quiet night), or the extra few shakes to get the excess water out of the beehoon

Mainly well cooked pork liver, and sliced pork, without cockles or squid. Nothing particularly special, but it's really the insane generosity(i imagine people would Find it difficult to finish the 4nett portion, i was proud of myself when i finished my 3nrtt plate) that keeps the regular customers coming back

Second time im having this and it's good as ever. The Bak chor cloud is still flavourful and ethereal, and the pork balls were soft and full of porky umami. Btw leave the chili padi in if you can take spice, it really brings out the flavour a lot


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