Good Hawker

Good Hawker

Featuring Ding Ji (Bishan 284), New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street), No:18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow (Zion Riverside Food Centre), Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh (Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre), Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice (Serangoon Garden Market), Erich's Wuerstelstand, Jia Li Seafood Soup, Xie Kee Hokkien Mee (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre), Yu Kee Duck & Noodle House (Bugis), Li Ji Coffee House
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

In chili vinegar blend. Not too intense, pretty decent

Their food is decent, rather mild. None of the dishes were particularly noteworthy though, but our family has dined here for years for the hearty portions

Can't comment on the crunch cos takeaway but PSA ask for the socarrat, it's normally not included for takeaway

Their sauce was good and very generous, u can barely see any white part. Salted fish came in chunks, do mash it up into small pieces if u don't want intense bursts of funk. The chili is v similar to ckn rice chili. Their success lies in the multilayered flavour, from the sauce to the herbs to the chili. Ofc ckn was pretty tender too

Grew up in the area and ate it a few times, but didn't like it back then. Now that I grew to appreciate claypot rice, I can confirm this is a damn good bowl and quite unique too. Call in early to book!

PSA satay only at night, min sticks of 5 PER TYPE(means u can't choose 3mutton,3ckn, 4pork to make 10 satay)

Good stuff, worth a try if you're in the neighborhood. The wait was 20+min? At around 1pm

Stock was umami, there was a little bit of wok hey and prawns were good. Pork lard was very crispy and toothsome too.
Chili was full of pure heat, goes well w the noods.

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The fidelity is quite sad. Almost nothing was that I ordered, but the closest replacement. Pork ribs were a tad tough, the green veg had wok hei.

I ordered minced meat patty but this was steamed egg with minced meat. Granted the minced meat was generous.

One of my favourite items from kimly dimsum, a little tough but the flavour makes up for it. There's a bit of sweetness through the umami and that's what makes it toothsome

Update: burpple didn't add my location then lmao

Didn't I review this place before? Anyway the ckn was good(last time) but their mutton is tough now(used to be good though)

Also the deal sucks, you don't get to ala carte, you're forced to purchase potatoes or some other add on(really good tho) and drinks which makes the deal not that worth

The price is that of your usual single portion, half ckn, full ckn. Unfortunately the portion isn't anywhere as close. Take heed

How is this not reviewed? Ridiculous lol both miss tamchiak and dfd covered it
Even Zion Riverside hawker centre page got no reviews

The attitude of the staff sucks, nonchalant and snappy. Very curious whether the food lives up to the attitude and yes, it does

All their chili are homemade, and they have 2 main kinds apart from the ubiquitous soy sauce w cut chili. Their chili oil was quite flavourful with a slight tang. Rather different from normal. Their sambal was great, I tot the dried prawn taste was super prevalent but actually I suspect it's another kind of seafood. There's a veritable amount of heat too

Their mee hoon Kueh had a decent texture, should be much better if they didn't harden after dabao(aka dine in). The black sauce was very mild because the sambal carried all the flavour

Pork ribs were tender but not super seasoned. Again because their sambal is very good this works

PSA call in advance to order then just collect when you arrive

So they will ask you if you want innards. I tot it's like add on but apparently no. Nonetheless because I didn't get innards I got a lot of pork slices and minced pork so not complaining

The food was really good but I didn't have the best experience here. They told me the wait was 25mins, in the end waited for 45mins. Standing there no seat...

Nonetheless, the porridge was clean but spiked with sweetness and sourness from the pickled veg. Ingredients were cooked well too. It wasn't super savoury but the balance of flavours were immaculate and super addictive. The spring onions and fried spring onions were very fragrant too despite leaving it there for a while.

They honestly deserve a queue, I would have thought they're good enough to be worth 25mins queue. But 45mins is really pushing it. Still it's one of the best and most unique yet familiar ones I've had

Lives up to their name. I won't say it's the best only because there's many different styles of pork liver but theirs is really superb. Thick slices, with a bit of crunch, and very tender too(esp considering the thickness, as well as the travelling time). Unfortunately there's a bit of iron taste but it's very acceptable

Soup was fine, everything else was decent. Pork slices were quite tender too.

PS the wait was 25mins on a weekday lunch at 10plus

Would travel for food

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