Good Hawker

Good Hawker

Featuring Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks), Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi, Ding Ji (Bishan 284), New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street), Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh (Yuhua Market & Hawker), Food Pavilion (Clementi 443), Erich's Wuerstelstand, All Family Food Court, Koufu (Loyang Point), Li Fang Congee (Yuhua Market & Hawker)
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This was pretty good, the seafood were fresh and the gravy was reasonably thick as well as flavourful.

A very respectable hawker version, even if it's not like sembawang white beehoon

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Meat was abit dry, ribs were passable. Stomach was chewy. The rest were great:

The tongue was the absolute highlight, it's got such an amazing tenderness, it almost bursts in your mouth. With that comes the slightest of chews

The brain was soft and has a tofu like texture, but more curdlike. No weird taste at all, quite neutral which was great skill

The bones were decent too, with marrow inside(this one had the faintest oats taste, which corroborates what they said)

And the soup. It's the thickest mutton soup I've ever had. In fact for the first 5 min when it's hot, it's barely drinkable. But once you start sipping, my gosh, it's got some flavour to match. And there's a heat which envelops you, at the same time the spices come through but not in an overwhelming way.

This is one of those dishes that's so different it doesn't feel fair to call it the best. However, it's super special and a must try

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They offered to refill my soup along w meat, plus told me their secret to the insane thickness of the soup: blended oats

Plus when I asked to takeaway, they filled the entire bag with extra soup

PSA during Ramadan, only open from 1130am onwards

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Both proteins were cooked decently, the ckn was slightly dry but the fish was alright. There's no crust for either of them

Coleslaw was homemade and quite unique, for the choice of side I got olive pasta which was special too

Overall it's pretty worth for the price, not particularly good

Glad that it's deboned. Honestly don't really buy the hype, it's more cos they have no competition plus they only open in the morning(for god knows why) that they draw a queue from anyone who wants to eat braised duck in the area

The sauce was very light, they give a lot of rice btw. The duck could have been more tender, passable as it was, but sambal was sour and punchy tho

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Their coffee is pretty well liked, I don't drink much coffee but the first sip immediately made me realise this one is particularly fragrant.

Worth a try, plus their opening hours are friendly(through the day). Not sure why Redhill 85 FC has a couple stalls that are open only for breakfast, very annoying


this place opens until 11am they said, but I went at 10am some days and they were done alr. Not sure about the opening hours, so be ready to try other things if they're not open. Best to reach before 9am

It's pretty good, the bread got this cake like "stickiness" in terms of the chew, and dissipates nicely in your mouth. Very fluffy yet reasonably dense.

The spreads were fine, not very strong

No need to make a trip down, if you're nearby in the morning can give it a try

Lucky to have tried 3 soups alr, haven't repeated since. They have 5 in total, I haven't had the lotus root and ABC yet

I tot this was less impressive than normal at first, until I realised I had flu. So it's probably as good as their other soups, they're pretty consistent

The ckn was tender and portion was generous, it's glazed in a sweet sauce much like teriyaki actl, and quite smoky(altho no crisp)

The curry was dreamy, it's somewhat mild, but still you can taste the spices. Creamy in texture and lemak

However I couldn't fathom the sweet sauce and the curry working when I ordered it, but how wrong I was. The strength of the glaze and the mildness of the curry means when you have them tgt, they work flawlessly. The sweetness of the glaze comes through, yet it is rounded by the curry. The Curry's spice gets covered, and only the creaminess comes out to accompany the chicken. Much, much better than I expected

Definitely worth a try. Only gripe was the cold egg. Service was friendly too by the young malay guy

7 bucks for one drumstick and one veg. Wth

The drumstick could have been more tender. And that's unacceptable for the price. Mild herbal base if anyone cares

Veg was unique and good as before

The ckn rice and ckn were both passable, but ofc, if all their meats were exceptional that would be too OP. The oil they drizzle over it was fragrant though

The char siew portion for this price is reasonable, considering the quality

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The rice is slightly dry

Sauce is the run of the mill herbal duck sauce(not their excellent danggui sauce), you can do without if not for the dry rice

Siobak has a good crunch, it's the hard style but not too hard. There's also a nice roasted aroma at the ends

The char siew tho. It's got a good bite, and is the candy style but without crust. However, the super strong marinade and the smokiness really stole my heart, I normally wouldn't approve of char siew without crisp but I enjoyed this very much

Chili is quite spicy, not too special otherwise

The daily soup was old cucumber this time, it's really good as ever. Tender pork ribs, generous ingredients, and luxurious liquid

Very glad to have this near my house

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