Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions
Good Hawker

Good Hawker

Featuring Ding Ji (Bishan 284), Ah Hoe Mee Pok (710 Clementi), People's Park Complex Food Centre, New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street), Garden Street Kway Chap (Serangoon Garden Market), Kim Heng (HK) Roasted Delights 金兴香港烧腊, 456 Mian Fen Guo (Bedok), Pancake King (Serangoon Garden Market), Li Fang Congee (Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre), Chin Hock Mutton Soup (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Roast duck was q flavourful, above average but skin wasn't crispy and slightly dry too

Sio bak had a good biscuity skin but slightly hard, and rather lean and dry inside too.

Char siew is probably their best item here, well caramelised on the exterior with a lot of smokiness, and a honey glaze. Lean but still quite tender

Their chili is very unique, an amalgation of all the 5 tastes, and with a lot of subtle complexity. I won't be surprised if they had some secret ingredients inside, that most won't even think of

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Call before u reach so you can collect the food when u reach, the wait time was about 30mins for me

Not a lot of wok hei, but the broth was not bad. What sets them apart is the cook on the Liao, the squid especially had a soft crunchy texture that was unique and delightful. Didn't really like the chili tho, it was q strong

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Not bad, duck was slightly tough but sliced thinly so the bite wasn't too bad. Sauce was thin but q savoury. The chili was flat and very sour, but works well in small quantities. Garlic works super well too and the soup was pretty good, can taste the duck umami. Not worth the queue tho

Ridiculous that you can get a brownie of this calibre for less than 3 bucks.One of the best brownies I've had, it was crispy on the exterior, super chocolatey inside and was a nice balance between cake and fudge-like texture. Worth a trip!!

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Given that they are called pancake king, when I went they had 2 pieces of pancakes left so it's really q popular. They were just cooking another batch, and mine was still warm when I received it. Crispy skin, not bad at all

Not a rich broth, but I loved the umami coconut milk curdles floating at the top of the broth. It was rather sweet instead of creamy from coconut milk

Chili had a slight herbal taste but when you mix everything it's pretty normal without that herbal taste anymore

Overall not bad, but rather different due to the comparative clarity of the broth from the norm

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Chili was normal, pork ribs and prawns were not bad. But I really liked how their did they kway teow, it's soft and almost sticky, quite different from my favourite stall at yuhua. Their sauce base was also quite fragrant, if subtle.

Theres no refill for the soup and for good reason, it's the most intense bowl of prawn broth I've had. It's pure prawn umami and sweetness, not like other places with gao soup beefed up by pork stock. Sip slowly, I needed to take gulps of water in between sips lol.

Definitely a must-try, I love super gao prawn broths and this is the first bowl up to my standard

Avoid this. Q normal since it wasn't crispy at all, get their plain pratas for sure

Again, really crispy due to the pastry-like dough and there isn't any doughiness at all. One of the best plain pratas

This was a teeny tiny bowl of laksa and had only a few cockles in there (maybe 3?), was fresh tho. However, the small bowl didn’t come cheap. Taste was not bad! Quite rich and yet not jelak! I guess if you’re in the area, you can give it a shot? But I wouldn’t travel all the way for this.

Their dough is super light and airy, making it almost like pastry. Esp in a coin prata, it doesn't have the usual chewiness that other coin pratas have. Very different so it's up to personal preference, but I certainly enjoyed myself.

P.s. it's in a small coffeeshop, idk why I assumed it's gonna be a standalone restaurant

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Soup itself was plain and unexciting. The fish slices though had a creamier texture than piao ji's, with a mellow sweetness before the brine sets into your palate. Chili had no kick at all

Overall I would say piao ji is better, but it's also more expensive. Both places have quite fresh fish slices but idk about the queue since I went at an off peak hour. Honestly I wouldn't queue 30mins for either, but assuming the time spent queueing is the same, I feel it ultimately comes down to whether you'll pay 2$ more for good soup. Also piao ji has a prawn option that Han kee doesn't

Would travel for food

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