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Cafe Food

Cafe Food

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thefoodexplorer (:
thefoodexplorer (:

Went to try out watching Food King. The food was indeed pretty good. The carbonara uses angel hair pasta and it does not get jelat. I feel it may be a bit salty after eating awhile. The char siew was really crispy even some time has passed after it was served .

Does not come with the egg on top ($1 topping). Spicy, but barely tastes of tomyum at all. Rice is hard and unappetising. Comes with sliced fish, crunchy prawns and sotong. Ingredients were pretty good but the overall dish was held back by the disappointing rice.


I was surprised that they used egg fried rice instead of plain white rice. I didn feel jelat at the end of the meal. I think it's becos there was no sauce but it doesnt feel too dry. The serving is v filling also.

I gotta say these ribs look fantastic but they're a bit overcooked which makes an already troublesome dish to eat even more of a chore.
I gave up before even trying and just used my hands haha
That being said, it is a really bit portion so if you're reeeeeaaaally hungry, you might want to give this a go.
Fries were crispier macdonalds fries

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No GST and service charge. I couldn't taste the buttermilk. The mashed potato has a smooth texture. French beans were not overcooked. The sauce is mushroom sauce with a hint of truffle. Overall, the dish so so only. I wouldn't purposely come here to try the food.

The salmon steak was surprisingly tender for a slab of that size. Ever so slightly overcooked but nothing worth complaining about.
There is not as much hollandaise sauce as the name of the dish would lead you to believe, with only a small amout at the side, which was kind of disappointing.
Carrots were absolutely tasteless but the broccoli was extremely tasty for some reason. Not sure how to describe the taste unfortunately haha, you have to try it for yourself.
The potato mash was also pretty good.

Thing to note, we had to wait about half an hour for our food to arrive

Overall 8/10

Served with 3 large pieces of fried fish, I think it's barramundi? It tasted closer to fried fish than tempura.
That being said, the dish was still yummy and the pasta tastes good too

The sausage isnt sausage at all, it's closer to mincemeat but they're stuck together in large chunks. Reasonable portion of pasta with a very generous serving of minced meat and tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce was a little too sour for my taste but I can see others enjoying this sauce as well.

I chose penne pasta, but there is linguine, spaghetti and 1 more that I forgot😅

8.5/10, I feel this place is worth a visit even without burpple beyond's 1 for 1 deals

Ordered the Vongole using Burpple Beyond. There were many clams so I think it's worth the price. The sauce was so good that i tried finishing it 😋 It was cooked with a lot of garlic so if there's any garlic lovers out there, you would probably love it.

Ordered this as part of the 2 meals for $20 burpple beyond deal. Well poached eggs, beautiful hollandaise sauce. Smoked salmon was pretty good too. I made a mess eating it but I think it boiled down to my lack of skill haha..
That being said, it's not particularly filling, so avoid ordering this if you're looking to fill your stomach
On top of also forgetting our drinks, the service staff was talking on their phone while we were ordering which is not very nice




This cafe has took over the Fat Boy's shop. The service was abit slow. Food taste wise it was ok, nothing extraordinary.

Fried chicken omurice with cream sauce and fried fish omurice with marinara sauce. I was abit disappointed that the serving does not look as much as those photos in the reviews. Beneath the egg, is tomato fried rice but there wasn't enough tomato. For this price, i think it's ok.

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