On The Hunt For Great Desserts

On The Hunt For Great Desserts

Featuring Chye Seng Huat Hardware, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Tom's Palette, Ah Chew Desserts (Bugis), Salted Caramel (Upper Thomson), Ice Edge Cafe (Simon Plaza), Brunetti (CT Hub 2), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Chinatown), Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown)
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Pistachio Almond Gelato is a must have here, taste very good.

Waffle had a crispy exterior, with a soft interior. Plus, it smells so good. Damn fragrant. Waffles here are freshly baked on the spot.

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Red Ruby here is so creamy and flavorful.

The red ruby itself is crunchy and totally goes so well with the generous amount of coconut milk.

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Tong Shui has been around for a damn long time and u will feel like a kid at the candy shop, staring at their photo menu and cannot decide what to eat, since all looks so damn good.

Pulut hitam was served warm with ice cream. Ice cream gave this an additional milk-iness to the Pulut Hitam. Damn good. 👍


If it is true that good food does not need good presentation, it is evident here at Polar Beurre Cafe.

Had 2 scoops of ice cream, and both scoops were placed into a paper cup used for drinks.

But what they lack in presentation, they made up for it with their flavourful ice cream.

Especially this Blue Pea ice cream which was damn good.

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Refreshing, especially for a hot day, which is starting to become more common recently.

The Lilac Lemonade is an interesting concotion by the cafe, the drink changes color from blue to Lilac Purple, after pouring the lemon juice into the butterfly blue Pea beverage.

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Just had lunch nearby, and was searching for a place using burpple search nearby function to look for desserts and chanced upon Marie Lapis Cafe that was near where we had lunch.

The store owners were ultra friendly, this and the ambience of the cafe made us feel very welcomed and homely.

We proceeded to order their kueh lapis and their unique lapis waffle.

1) the lapis waffle was crispy. And tasted distinctly like kueh lapis. Their ice cream flavours also nonya style flavours, such as chendol, ondeh ondeh, mua chee etc etc.

2) kueh lapis was buttery and soft. Tasted very good. Highly recommended.

Only found out while waiting for our food, that the Google reviews of this place is astonishingly high at 4.8/5. And saw alot of good reviews for their Peranakan Food like mee siam and rendang. So have earmarked to return here again to try those.

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Great dessert on a Hot Sunny Afternoon, which has been more frequent recently.

Refreshing and cheap

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Hundred Acre Creamery is 1 of many Gelato shops to open up here at Sunset Way.

What's truly Unique here, is that this Gelato Shop is that it is "Winnie The Pooh" Themed.

Ice Cream here is rather Solid,

Waffles were served Hot & Crispy.

And their Coffee also very good as well.

Gets very packed and crowded on weekend evening to closing.

Double scoops at $2
Cone +$1
Premium flavours +$1

Choose 2 premium flavours, the Roasted Pistachio and the Maple Peacan.

Both where pretty damn good. Especially the Maple Peacan with peacan nuts mixed into the gelato. Roasted Pistachio also damn good, o e of the better tasty Pistachio Gelato I had.

Gelato here melts very quickly though, despite being inside their strong air-conditioned outlet, my Pistachio gelato already dripping.

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Great dessert on a hot afternoon.

Red ruby was crunchy and generous serving, comes with some additional white "chendol like" strips.

Generous amount of coconut milk syrup. Dessert was milky and shiok.

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Every cakes on the display at Headless Baker looks damn good to be honest.

The Pandan And Chocolate Tea cakes were a little moist, which was just the right texture.

The Hojicha Financier had a strong and evident Hojicha taste. Texture was just like the tea cakes, moist level just right.

The Banana Cakes were the best for me, I am a real sucker for banana cakes and the banana cakes here maybe 1 of the best I ever had.

This baker defintely have very awesome cakes, but Very Pricey Though.

$29 for this box. Ouch!

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The Lychee Martini Cake is one of the more popular cakes here at Bloomsbury Baker

The alcoholic taste was distinct and not overpowering.

Cake was adequately moist within as well, texture was soft and the cream within tasted good and goes so well with the Lychee and the Martini.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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