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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Excited to know they have opened this other outlet and I'm even more impressed with the food here! We had a variety of food to share including pastas, mains and some sides.

We got the Pesto Chicken Pizza ($20) and the Spanish Chorizo & Jamon Iberico Ham Pizza ($25) and I loved how the crust were not so thick, but really absolutely delicious. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy. The Pesto Chicken had a generous amount of fresh Pesto sauce, giving this pizza a good earthy flavour. The Jamon Iberico Ham on the other really gave the pizza earthy smoky yet rich flavours and I'm really in love with this one!

Although the Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($29) weren't the most tender, but they still fell off the bone pretty easily and full of savoury smoky flavours! Glad that they were meaty as well and had enough to go around. The wedges were legendary, as they were so crispy on the outside and so creamy on the inside.

The Atlantic Salmon ($25) came with some beautiful creamy mash, that is flavourful as well. Salmon itself is quite a huge piece, very fresh and definitely cooked just right. I love how they managed to make the skin really crispy!

The 2 sides we ordered, Shoestring Fries ($6) and Tater Tots ($6) came in generous portions, and they were very well fried and so addictive! Definitely good sharing portions.

So glad the dishes except the sides were 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond and definitely will be back!

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If you are looking for quality Cantonese fare, this is one place to look out for! Although abit pricey, most of the food here do have a certain standard, especially the fried spam fries here that is coated with salted egg sauce 😍 not only the batter is crispy, the salted egg sauce is rich and creamy and that makes it really addictive!

Sadly, I was not able to take photo of some main dishes that we've ordered, but I do remember the roasted pork belly and fried Hong Kong noodles being the main highlights. The roasted poor belly came in really thick pieces, with the skin being really crispy and the meat absolutely tender and succulent. Indeed one of the best roasted pork belly I've had!

The Hong Kong Noodles, though looked simple with just thin noodles and sautéed vegetables, were packed with loads of flavour. The noodles were well springy and were rather smoky too!

I remembered we ordered a huge variety of dishes and each person paid about $25. If I'm craving Cantonese dishes, I might consider coming back again!

If you like your burger sloppy, the double cheeseburger ($9.90) is one of the best ones I've had. Think 2 incredibly juicy and succulents smashed patties, with a good overall smoky crust and relatively strong tasting cheese. Each bite is full of flavour, making this really sinful yet heavenly! I really do find this outlet much better than the other outlets I've had. The addition of fries and drink ($4.90) was alright, but the burger really won me over. Definitely be back if I'm craving good burgers!

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Operating this restaurant is a Korean family that do give very homely service, and I must say their food is really homely tasting too!

Don't be surprised to come in the restaurant without a menu, as the family decides on the menu for you. Their lunch set ($17.90 but varies) comes with about 9 side dishes with soup and rice and all of them were pretty delicious! Don't expect their food to be incredibly flavourful, as they were not oily nor too salty, making them taste like home cooked food.

Fruits and waffles were also served after the meal and I was so surprised to know that their waffles were mochi waffles! Really satisfying with the crispy exterior and chewy interior. Definitely recommended to those who are around the area!

[INVITED TASTING] The Rebel Bar recently released their all vegan menu, and we were impressed with their extensive vegan dishes! We ate a variety of them, from burgers to quesadillas to pastas, but what stood out to me the most is their pastas.

The Zoodle Bolognese ($18) is an interesting touch. The original pasta noodles are replaced with shredded zucchini, making this a less heavy dish. The sauce, although no meat within, is flavourful well with tomato and onions that makes this taste pretty homely.

The Unagi Aglio Olio ($19) was pretty good as well, as the pasta noodles were cooked al-dente and was pretty heavy on the garlic which I loved! The unagi is actually plant based, but the texture is somewhat similar to unagi, though abit too mushy. The taste definitely still have loads of umami, that's for sure!

This is a pretty good option if you would like to drink here too! Thank you @burpple for the invitation 😊😊

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I thought that I wouldn't be posting about IKEA's food since most people know their menu, but their new Pork Ribs ($13.50) really won me over.

I was given huge chunks of pork ribs that were drenched in their black pepper sauce and as messy as it looked, it was really scrumptious. The meat itself were really tender, like you don't even need a knife to cut through the meat. All you need is a spoon really! The meat was also very succulent and well seasoned. The sauce itself is incredibly rich, with a strong pepper flavour and it was slightly tangy. Indeed a steal for such a delicacy!

Forget about the meatballs, I think this is really much better 😍

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This is one of the go-to lunch places in Buona Vista, and I must say I was pretty impressed with the fried chicken here! We got the Half & Half Boneless Chicken of 2 flavours, Butter Garlic and Seasoned Spicy ($35). I must say that the chicken pieces indeed taste pretty fresh and I'm. Glad that the batter stayed relatively crispy although it's coated with all the sauce! The Butter Garlic flavour had a good sweet salty combination, and I loved the stir fried garlic on top that gave the chicken quite abit of umami! The Seasoned Spicy one had just a slight kick, but the chicken is definitely tender and succulent.

The Army Stew we ordered was sadly just average. Nothing much to shout out about. They gave us a free bowl of Korean Steamed Egg, which was lovely 😍 Who can resist such fluffy goodness!

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Looking at the long queues at this burger joint, many seem to love their food here. However we do think otherwise for most of the food items we had.

The Number One ($14), which consists of a really thick fluffy bun, a variety of cheeses, bacon and a beef patty was indeed a pretty good burger. The beef patty was thick, juicy and flavourful and the cheese was melty and had a strong savoury flavour. However, I felt like the bun is really too thick, and I preferred if it was grilled more. Fries ($5) were good, though nothing too much to shout about. They gave a generous amount though!

The Number Four ($14) was some yellowfin tuna patty which sadly was dry. Felt like the spicy sauce didn't complement the fish patty too. Sad this was disappointing.

We had chocolate and strawberry milkshakes ($10 each) too, and they were nothing much to shout out about too.

I think the beef burgers may be a "can try", but perhaps there are better places.

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Aside from the skewers, we had suan la fen ($7.80), which is like chewy noodles in spicy sour soup. You are to be warned, as the portion given was massive, maybe can feed 3-4 people! Though the noodles were abit too chewy, I really loved the soup. The broth was really thick with meat broth flavours, chilli and vinegar that is really satisfying.

Best drink to go with these dishes is definitely Chinese beer, which was only $5.8 per bottle! Definitely coming back here again.

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By far, I think this is one of the most authentic places to get Chinese BBQ and dishes, as the ambience, people and food really did bring me back to the good times I had in China.

We had a variety of skewers, from potato to mushrooms to different meats and they were all really delicious! Most if not all of the skewers were seasoned similarly, using chilli, cumin and pepper spices. The seasoning isn't too salty, and the cumin flavours really come through.

As for vegetable options, one of my favourite is the potato slices, as the potato slices were smoky and had a wonderful crust that reminds me of potato chips. Biting through the crust reveals a creamy center within which is just satisfying.

As for the meats the pork belly skewers were quite tough, the chicken slices were okay but the best were the mutton skewers. Smoky, meaty and yet tender, these mutton pieces did not have any gaminess at all too.

The sweet bread skewers weren't that fantastic, as we expected a certain crust but it was just soft all the way. Perhaps mantou is a better option.

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Lastly, I was really impressed by the tangsuyuk! In order to make it vegetarian, they replaced the pork with mushroom, but it was still really tasty! The sweet and sour flavours in the sauce really did go well together. Though the texture of the batter may be a little hard, the sweetness and the umami from the fresh mushrooms within made up for it.

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Though I haven't eaten much kale in my life, my friend who cooked kale before said that they did this very well as it isn't bitter and still maintained its bite! It was lightly seasoned, making it a really healthy dish.

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