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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Seems to be a popular Korean food place in Marina Square, and wanted to check it out. The Korean dish cooked here are not bad! The Bulgogi Jjigae ($11.90) was very comforting and we liked how it was not too salty. Pretty decent ingredients within! The Spicy Boneless Chicken ($10.90) was not spicy at all, but we love how garlicky the sauce was together with the tender meat. Super addictive! The Salmon and Cheese Roll ($6.90) was good but we felt like it was abit too small. We saw many people order the Dakgalbi and Stir Fried Pork. Will try that next time! 😋

Once I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a very cozy ambience that is definitely perfect for any dates or wonderful time with your friends. We ordered the bao lunch set ($16 each), and they came with a refreshing Iced citrus tea, a edamame salad and any 3 baos of your choice. The salad was actually very appetising, as I find myself busy munching through the edamame very happily. The baos are actually a zhnged up version of the traditional Kong Ba Baos, and my favourites are the Chilli Crab, Salmon Mentaiko and Truffle Mushroom.

The Chilli Crab Bao was bursting with crabmeat and they really nailed the sauce! The Fried Salmon in the Salmon Mentaiko Bao was fresh and crispy, with a good amount of umami mentaiko. The truffle mushroom had a good amount of truffle taste, and the shitake mushroom was so thick and juicy! Will be back again!

This place really throws me back to Japan, and I'm glad that their prices are similarly affordable! The best of all we've got was the Yakiniku Bowl with Sous Vide Egg ($9.40 L sized) and my oh my it was full of tender beef slices that were soaked in a good savoury sauce. The sous vide was a wonderful addition! The Gyu Don with triple cheese ($8.40 L sized) on the other hand was not that great as it was too dry. Yes there was alot of cheese on it but I wished they had the yakiniku sauce all over. The Uji Matcha Latte ($4.50) wasn't good either, as it was powdery and there wasn't much Matcha taste. I will still come back for the yakiniku bowl though!

I feel like it's quite hard to find specialty soba shops in Singapore, and I'm glad to have found one! I got the Hot soba with Tonkatsu ($17) and I was delighted by the authenticity of the food! The soba noodles had a very good bite to it and the soup was fantastic 😍 not too salty and yet flavourful. However, the Tonkatsu was really quite tough though, maybe the beef slices are better. Overall, I will come back here again but I do find the price really abit high.

What this rainy weather calls for: a warm bowl of beef noodles 🥰 Recently I was craving some Thai beef noodles, and I was glad to have my fix at Flying Pig. The Beef Noodles ($7) boast an incredibly addictive rich soup and numerous ingredients including beef balls, beef shank and beef tendon. You can change your noodles to a variety of kinds that they have, and hence I got the egg noodles. Top it off with their pork lard, this is one comforting meal. Will be back to try their crab omelette!

Finally tried this restaurant although it's been on my wishlist for the longest time 🤣 and I really love the pasta dishes here! We had the Seared Prawn Mentaiko ($24 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and it has huge umami seafood flavours coming from the prawn butter and mentaiko used to season this. The pasta are handmade, so no doubt they are cooked perfectly al dente. The prawns are so succulent too!

We had a seabass in tomato broth ($25 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and although the seabass was a total hit as it was so darn fresh, sweet and flaky, we weren't used to the tomato broth although comforting!

Fresh is the word I will use to describe the food here. From the bun to the patty to even the sauce, the burgers here really fresh tasting. The What The Fish Burger ($8) consist of dory fish that are very beautifully charred and goes very well with the charred zucchini inside! The Classic Beef Burger ($7.50) is juicy but yet not too salty nor oily. I think what hits me most is the hand cut fries ($2.50) which were so fresh and fluffy on the inside. It's bursting with potato flavours 😍 The queue is pretty long here so be sure to make reservations!

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Had a very enjoyable meal at Nangfa, as the food quality served was really beyond expectations. The Olive Fried Rice ($6) was really fragrant and had significant wok hei! The portion was huge too. The honey chicken ($6) was crispy and sweet, very enjoyable! The Pad Thai ($6) was not too dry and very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had! Honestly, I actually find the food here a little better than their neighbour 🤣

This is a hidden spot introduced by my friend, and is my go-to for yakitori now! The yakitori bento ($15.50) during weekday lunch provides the most value as at that price you get real quality skewers and a huge variety of ingredients. The star of the bento is definitely the skewers, as they were all so darn smoky and flavourful. The pork belly skewers are the best, due to its succulent meat! The rice is very good as well, especially the portion with the minced meat. Paired with the miso sauce provided, your every mouth of this bento will be filled with UMAMI flavours definitely!!!

Many will agree with me that Level33's view especially from the terrace is simply stunning. Overlooking the whole marina bay at such a good angle, you will be in for a treat with the sunset and night views.

We had the beer cocktails ($23 each) to go with the splendid view and they were wonderful. I can imagine their beer alone to taste even better.

To go with the cocktails, we had their fresh oysters ($32 for half dozen) and they were HUGE, SUCCULENT AND SO DARN FRESH 😍 Definitely quality oysters that are bloody addictive. A must get if you are going to splurge abit hehe

The Local Seabass Rissoto ($33) that we had were fresh and paired well with the cream sauce! The beer malt rissoto, though interesting, were a tad too hard.

The Iberico Pork Jowl ($36) were smoky and very flavourful, but they weren't really tender though!

I would say the views and oysters are definitely worth coming for, but the mains were sadly not too enticing for me.

Had such a wonderful time here in this restaurant. The service is really good, the food is delicious and the ambience is beautiful. The Chicken Confit ($19) was really tender, literally the fall off the bone kind. The chicken was seared well as well as you get the addictive crispy exterior. The vegetables are well charred, giving them the extra smoky flavour. All are soaked in this beautiful sauce made from chicken broth. The Sambal Angel Hair pasta ($19) had generous amount of seafood ingredients that were well seared too. Pasta portion is pretty huge!

The mocktails we got were very refreshing, especially the tropical fantasy ($9). Will definitely head here again! Thanks to #burpplebeyond for the 1 for 1 for the mains and drinks!

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Quite a nice place to chill and dine, with a good service. The waitresses don't hesitate to refill your glasses and clear your plates quickly... Perhaps abit too quickly 🤣 as for the food, it is pretty delightful!

Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($26): very meaty, succulent and tender. Best with mustard sauce that you probably have to ask for.

Spanish Meaty Pork Ribs ($26): slightly drier and less meaty, but much smokier in flavour. Will prefer the honey glazed one!

Prime Ribeye ($26): although abit chewy, it's really flavourful and smoky. In terms of flavour I would think its a pretty good steak.

Iberico Secreto ($24): thinly sliced Iberico pork that is packed with flavour and smokiness from the charcoal grill. Really oily though! I think it will be great to share HAHA

Lamb Shank ($26): if you don't mind the taste of lamb you will love this one. Fall off the bone tender and full of flavour from the meat and spices used.

We ordered fries as sides as well and I must say the fried are really addictive! Wished that the portion of fries can be bigger though. Definitely enjoyed my dinner with 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond!

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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