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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

May not look like much, but this bowl of Gold Kolo Mee ($9.90) is packed with so much flavour and ingredients. The noodles are very springy, tossed in lard, making it really fragrant. Together with some savoury chilli they have on the side, the noodles are ultimate bombz! The other ingredients are all fresh as well. Definitely a good bowl of kolo mee! 😍

Prawn Paste Fried Chicken with Thai Sweet Sauce ($10.50) - the prawn paste chicken is indeed very well fried; the exterior is really crispy and the chicken within is juicy 😍 the flavour of the prawn paste is well pronounced as well, making this really addictive! You can choose 2 sides to go with the chicken; the French fries and garden salad is okay, nothing special.

Tried the grilled chicken, but wasn't impressed though :( doesn't have the char taste :( however do go for the prawn paste chicken 😍

People might go Upper Thomson for cafe food, but chicken rice isn't that bad too! πŸ˜‚ The roasted chicken ($15 for half chicken) and steamed chicken ($15 for half chicken) were tender and flavourful. I especially loved the roasted chicken, as the skin is actually crispy 😍 My friends loved the Mapo Tofu as well and it will make a great side to the chicken rice! Probably a good way to gain back the calories lost during the hike at Macritchie πŸ˜‚

Indeed their White Lor Mee ($5) is as shiok as it looks, with a fragrant soup and a good amount of ingredients that will be beautiful during rainy days. The Fried Bee Hoon ($5) was too dry though, perhaps the Fried Mee Sua could have been a better choice.

The Fried Batang Fish ($10) though, although came quite sad looking with 3 pieces, but it turned out to be really addictive! 😍

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Heard quite abit about their shoyu ramen ($12.80) as well, and it did not disappoint. The soup was not too heavy and salty and yet quite fragrant. The char siu probably is the star of the meal here, as it has the perfect fat to meat ratio, and is very beautifully tender. Quite a thick slab as well. Good to go if you are around the area! Came with an hard boiled egg that I'm surprised that I could get another!

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I'm glad to see that the quality of the food here has improved over the years, and this Signature Chirashi Don ($29.90 burpple set 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is much better than the one I had when they first opened. Filled with generous amounts of pretty fresh ingredients like salmon, tuna, swordfish and octopus, the bowl was very flavourful and pretty satisfying. Maybe 1 downside will be that the vinegar in the rice may be abit too excessive, making the rice abit too sour for my liking.

I love the miso soup that comes with the Burpple set too, as it is cooked with seafood ingredients, making the soup extra flavourful😍

One of the popular tendon restaurants around; Tenjin serves pretty good quality tendon bowl, and the Jo Bowl ($14.80) did not disappoint. The ingredients are very really fresh and not too greasy, especially the prawn tempura. Probably one of the best bowls of tendon around in Singapore.

The truffle chawanmushi ($4) was a good appetiser as well, with a strong truffle umami taste.

Kim's Family pride themselves for giving a huge variety of side dishes, or panchan, and that is really something I enjoyed snacking on while waiting for the food to come. While I was surprised that the chicken bulgogi ($25) was not cooked on the grill at our table, it was still good as the chicken was tender, and the sauce... Oh my its perfect with rice; sweet, savoury and just the right amount of spice. The soondubu hotpot ($40) was huge, and it came with a variety of seafood ingredients including prawns, octopus, clams, mussels and of course, pork belly. The soup was fantastic, but maybe the only gripe I had was that the mussels really aren't that fresh.

This is what one will call a hidden spot, as this Chinese zichar restaurant is located on the 6th floor of an industrial building; probably a place where people won't think of coming of having good food. The zichar dishes are decent and not too expensive, but what that impressed me was their fish head steamboat ($35/45/55). We had the small one with red grouper, and it came with generous amount of fish meat that extremely fresh and meaty. This probably explains why the soup is so naturally flavourful and addictive! Will be back definitely 😊

This is my go-to place for Thai food, because the food here really doesn't disappoint. The Olive Fried Rice ($6) had a STRONG wok hey flavour that I was looking for, and it is flavourful. The Tom Yum Goong is a must get as well, as the soup is thick, spicy and contains much seafood ingredients. I love how the interior of the restaurant is made very spacious as well!

Back at Perch once again, and the food served here remains as good or if not better. The Australian Pork Jowl ($24 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is absolutely stunning, with wonderfully tender and succulent pieces of pork jowl that goes so well with the pickled cabbage below. Really can't find fault in this beautifully executed dish. Probably a must get here.

The Steamed Baby Seabass with Lemongrass Broth ($22 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) reminds me of Tom Yum Goong actually, but the ingredients used are fantastic. Hidden within the soup is a meaty piece of seabass that is fresh.

Although somewhat expensive without burpple beyond, but you are guaranteed a wonderful meal, service and experience. Definitely will be back again.


Most will love a hearty Korean meal, and I'm glad that I'm able to get some quality ones in the east from the restaurant. The soondubu (soft tofu) stew ($13.90) is really packed with ingredients, and boast a very full bodied soup and will definitely warm your heart. With 5 quality side dishes that can be refilled, you are guaranteed a full hearty meal!

Jason Ng

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