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Hawker Eats

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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

If you love ban mian and love fish soup, why not have both? Lai Lai Handmade Noodle from Whampoa Food Centre (Blk 90 one) offers fish soup with the addition of handmade noodles. I got the double fish u mian ($6) and I must say its so darn good! The soup itself is made from fish broth and you get that wonderful umami. The noodles itself are very springy, definitely slurp worthy! The sliced fish meat itself is very fresh and succulent, with a firm bite 😍 let's not forget the fried fish slices that are actually still a little crispy and yet juicy on the inside! A perfect bowl!

With the rainy weather these few days, I do crave warm bowl of fish soup. I chanced upon this stall on my trip to Berseh Food Centre, and was delightedly surprised to see a long line at this hidden stall. The fish soup here only comes with both fried and fresh fish slices, and 2 sizes ($6 and $8). The $6 portion I ordered was already bursting with fish slices and they were all so fresh! The fresh slices were so thick, flaky and succulent 🥺 the fried slices are actually parts with bones, and they provide so much flavour to the soup. The soup itself is so robust and flavourful, and has a tinge of ginger, hence the colour. Paired with their garlic chilli, I dare say this is one of the best fish soup I've had so far.

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Although the Niang Tou Fu items may be abit more expensive than other places at $0.80 a piece, they are really very tasty. The fried tofu skin you see on top is what most people will get, because it's just so satisfying especially with their chilli sauce. One other item worth mentioning is their bringal or eggplant, that contains a beautiful savory paste and is fried once before thrown in the soup. Actually something I might crave when I am in Katong!

Hidden in a humble kopitiam in Hougang is this stall that sells some darn good hokkien mee ($4/5) at night. You know its good when there's a huge queue for the beautiful plate of slurp-worthy goodness. The broth used is very thick and flavourful, and ingredients are very fresh. It's interesting how they use some kind of braised meat as well! This is one shiok meal but I must warn you, the Hawker does not really adhere to his opening hours so you will be lucky if you are able to catch him 🤣

I know, it looks like a very normal bowl of fishball noodles you find everywhere but this is really different. The fishballs and meatballs given are all handmade, and are very meaty as compared to the factory made ones. The noodles are so springy and flavourful from the chilli and pork lard too 🥺 it's only $4 for the upsized portion! Definitely a bowl I will crave when I'm at Berseh Food Centre!

The Zi Char here is famous for their Milk Powder Pork Ribs ($10) and it is an interesting dish! The fried pork pieces are definitely flavourful, succulent and tender, and paired with the milky savoury topping, this is actually pretty addictive! Great to get if you are around! 😁

One of the best Mee Hoon Kueh I've eaten? Indeed. At $3.50, this bowl has a generous portion of the usual ingredients, and what sets this part from the rest is the soup as well as the noodles. The noodles are handmade, and they are nicely thick and chewy. The soup wise is flavourful and definitely very heart warming. This is something I will crave if I am around the area!

Some may not be used to the heavy porky flavour in this Pig Organ Soup ($4.50), but fret not, the ingredients in this bowl are really really fresh. Even the liver isn't too briney. Their chilli is perfectly vinegary too! Really good and comforting on a rainy weather. Another must try!

Now this is a hokkien mee you know is going to be good before you eat it. For the middle portion of $5, the substantial portion of hokkien mee (is the drier version) are filled with load of seafood ingredients. The prawn broth is strong as well, and definitely goes very well with the savoury chilli! However, will be better if there was more wok hei. Definitely something to eat while you're around the area!

May not seem like much, but this fishball noodle stall really impressed me. I upsized my portion from $3 to $4, and I'm greeted by a huge bowl of chewy noodles that coated with an extremely satisfying chilli paste that has huge flavour from the pork lard. The soup also consist of a generous variety of ingredients that were very fresh. That includes pork liver slices that I don't usually eat, but theirs was not grainy but chewy and only has a mild liver taste. Definitely something I crave when I am around the area!


The moment I took the first bite, I knew this hits the list of the top 10 fried hokkien mee I've tried. Although there wasn't much wok hei, the flavour of the broth in the hokkien mee definitely shined. There was a strong prawn seafood flavour within, which makes it so darn addictive! The prawn and squid slices were fresh as well. I got the medium portion which was $5, and it was so huge! I thought I couldn't finish, but it was so good I almost licked the plate clean 🤣

Had this for takeaway. At first glance, I thought it was a pretty unassuming rice bowl, but oh boy they taught me a lesson to not judge a bowl by its cover. The Pork Chop Rice Bowl ($6.80) had a variety of healthy ingredients including brown rice and pickled vegetables. The pork chop was a stark contrast to the other ingredients as it was so darn flavourful and fatty; super addictive. The portion of pork chop is huge as well! It paired well with the healthy ingredients, making this dish not too surfeiting. Shout out to the onsen egg for completing the rice bowl! 😍

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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