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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Found out that this stall just opened in golden mile and I must say I was really pretty impressed with their noodles!

Their Ah Gong Signature Noodles ($5.50) came with an abundant amount of ingredients, including pork balls, pork slices and pork liver. Their pork slices are pretty tender and though their pork slices may be thin and some were overcooked, they were not gamey at all. Soup is not too sweet and is flavourful!

Their noodles were tossed in a very old school flavoured sauce, that used mainly chilli, ketchup, vinegar and lard. The addition of fried shallots definitely gave the noodles more umami flavour. Loved how they were springy too!

Definitely a satisfying bowl for lunch! So glad I added more noodles 😍

Known to be one of the best shao la or roast meat stalls in Singapore, I must say their meats are really of standard.

We got 3 different meats and an egg for 2 pax ($19.30) which we do find slightly more expensive than other places. The roast pork belly pieces were very well executed, as the skin is not only really crispy, but airy as well. The meat itself stays succulent and flavourful. The roast duck pieces were tender and flavourful from the herbal ingredients used to season it.

I believe the winner of all their meats is their char siu, as not only it was really tender, it comes with a layer of pork skin which was well caramelised with the sweet savoury sauce around the meat. I dare say this is one of the best char siu I've had.

Their chilli sauce are to be commended as well, as they not only pack a punch, they were savoury and garlicky too. Perfect with rice!

Definitely worth a visit if you are around the area!

Rice noodle rolls are pretty common in most parts of Singapore, but this stall offers something unique. Their Rice Noodles Roll with Dough Stick ($4) is really pretty simple with just the usual fried dough stick wrapped with rice noodles, but actually really delicious! The contrast in textures between the silky smooth but chewy rice noodles and the crispy airy dough within was really much appreciated! The simple soya sauce gave this dish a satisfying savoury kick. Definitely a dish recommended to share!

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I would think this mala xiang guo stall is familiar with most people who are mala lovers, but I just gotta mention about them again! Me and my friend shared this enormous pot of delicious stir fried ingredients with noodles and it isn't too expensive at $24. We did not order any seafood nor beef.

I like how their noodles are still springy, and it isn't too spicy for xiao la or small spice, which is great for people who do not eat much spice. You can still taste the sichuan peppercorn flavours and the umami coming from stir fried onions they added in. The bowl also does not come with large pieces of chilli which most will remove. Definitely a lovely bowl I will have again if I do have any cravings!

I was surprised that this stall actually doesn't have much publicity, because the roasted meats here were really pretty good!

We ordered the 3 kinds of roasted meats for 2 to share ($12) and although the portion size isn't big, we thoroughly enjoyed every single piece!

The roasted pork belly itself has a really satisfyingly crunchy skin, with a well seasoned tender meat underneath. Indeed it is a mystery how they can keep the meat moist, while making the skin really crispy.

They use the pork belly to make the cha shao, resulting in really fatty, tender and succulent pieces that almost melt in our mouths! They were well seasoned too, and not too sweet nor savoury.

The roasted duck were moderately tender and pretty tasty too. The skin was almost crispy.

I must say the meats here are really pretty good! Will be back again if I am around the area 😍

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Saw this fish soup stall with a queue and I was impressed with their fish soup ($6)!

The soup is actually quite light on flavour and has the elements from not only the vegetables cooked in it, but the fish broth as well. Definitely not the very flavourful kind of soup, but it is comforting. The star of the show have to be their generous fish slices, which were really fresh and meaty! You can also really taste the sweetness of the fish. A very humble yet delicious fish soup that I can see myself coming back again for!

Hock Heng Fish Soup

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Having tried this bowl of Chinese noodles, this is probably one of the most authentic I've had.

We got the medium portion of Beef Noodles ($6.50) which came in a generous amount of noodles and beef slices. Beneath all the ingredients lies a pool of dark spicy sauce which is probably what that keeps customers coming back again and again. The sauce has a deep chilli and vinegar flavour, with a strong touch of sichuan peppercorn! If you love your mala, this is the flavour you will like. As much as it gets spicy, it gets addictive as well! The noodles were pretty al dente and soaks up the sauce well. Beef slices were tender too! This is probably comfort food to many.

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Chanced upon this western food stall that seems promising and indeed they serve up real old school western food!

I had the chicken cutlet ($6.50) which came with a sizable portion of fried chicken that isn't too greasy. The chicken within is lightly seasoned and pretty tender and succulent! Wished they had a certain sauce to dip but chilli will do. The chicken came with a variety of ingredients like baked beans, fried bun, fries and coleslaw which were okay. This does remind me of my childhood!

I would say this is not bad of an old school western food, though nothing to shout out, this can still be a viable option if you are in the area!

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Known for their fresh pig liver slices, mui siong minced meat noodles indeed does have a certain standard. The pig liver slices in their Minced Meat Noodle ($5) were pretty thick and they were just lightly blanched. Although the small amount of blood left in the liver may be off putting to some, they were really fresh and soft and had little to no gaminess. The soup itself is actually on the sweeter side and I do wish for it to be more savoury.

The noodles were softer than usual, and the sauce seasoning used has a very old school taste! The vinegar is heavy in this one, and the chilli used has quite a bit of dried shrimp in them.

If you love your pig liver, this is one stall you can try!

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Among the various stalls you can choose from within this hawker centre, Fifty Year Yong Tau Foo indeed stands out among the rest. At $5, the biggest portion, gives you 8 yong tau foo ingredients and noodles in their delicious homemade sauce. The variety of ingredients may not be many, but you can tell some of the ingredients are handmade, especially their meatballs. Juicy, bouncy and yet meaty, the meatballs were a tasty treat! The noodles were al dente and flavoured heavily with their own chilli paste and fried shallots. Indeed a satisfying meal!

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We got the Braised Pork ($6) as well, similarly the portion was small, but the meat was so tender, you probably don't need to bite into this. The braised stock was also good, aromatic and not too salty. Rice will be a wonderful complement!

If I am around the area working, I do see myself coming here for lunch!

Yes, one must be wondering why I entered a bak kut teh specialty shop and not order bak kut teh, but I must say, I was actually largely impressed by the other dishes they offer!

We got the Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken or Hong Zhao Ji ($6) and although the single portion may be small, the broth and the chicken was indeed very pleasant. It is actually hard to explain the flavour of the broth; it is like chicken soup with a mild wine flavour that isn't too strong. Not too salty too and very drinkable. The chicken itself is really tender and it soaked up all the wonderful broth!

Jason Ng

Level 8 Burppler · 615 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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