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Hawker Eats

Featuring 85 Fengshan Centre, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Redhill Lane Block 85 Food Centre, Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup (Kembangan), Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre, Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, 79 & 79A Circuit Road Food Centre, Whampoa Makan Place (Block 90), 928 Yishun Laksa
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Easties will know this place as a place that sells very good quality western food at really affordable prices. The Grilled Chicken ($5.90) came as a huge portion, and was well charred with a umami-tastic flavourful sauce. The signature herb potato and mushroom rice were the must-gets, as they contained much caramelised onions that were amazing 😍 honestly, although I am a big eater, it's really difficult to finish this portion HAHA

Try their fried chicken cutlet ($5.90) as well! They were superb as they were very beautifully fried. Extremely crispy 😍

The only downside is the queue 🙃 went there at 5pm on Sun and got my food at 630pm HAHAHAHA

This is one of the dish that seng kee is famous for: their mee sua with pig kidney and liver ($6.80). The soup is definitely a winner here, with its deep, bold herbal flavour. The mee sua is not too soft as well. The pig kidneys and liver are fresh and have little odour! Definitely a dish you can try when you are in the area 😊

People say this may be the best Tau Sar Piah, and I dare say its the best I've eaten so far. The sweet or salty ones ($0.90 each) are beautifully flaky and crispy, with a flavourful and aromatic filling in the middle. One bite and you know its above the rest. Definitely worth a try!

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XL Chicken Cutlet Noodle ($5.50) - actually not bad of a bowl of noodles; springy noodles, good sauce, crispy and tender chicken cutlet, no complaints. Gotta get the lime chilli to accompany the chicken cutlet!

Most people living or working in tampines will know this famous mee hoon kueh stall, as they serve up really good dry mee hoon kueh ($4.80). The dough is firm and has a good bite and it pairs with the simple soy sauce and sesame oil very well. It gets even better if you mix the egg yolk in. The ingredients are pretty good as well; top up $2 and you get pretty fantastic fried cutlets!

May look like an ordinary fish soup ($4), but I can guarantee you that this is better than most fish soups out there. The soup is not only flavourful from the fish bones and bittergourd, but it gets its umami flavours from the fried garlic that is added in the soup. The fish slices are really super fresh, and has a good bite. Definitely worth a trip down for this.

Located in a humble stall in Holland Drive, is Supreme Xiao Long Bao, that serves up pretty authentic Chinese dishes. The zhajiangmian, or black bean noodles ($3.50) may come in a relatively small portion, but the quality is really good. The noodles are firm and chewy, and the sauce has that salty umami kick that makes the noodles really addictive. The xiao long bao ($4.50 for 6) is pretty good as well. The fried dumplings ($4 for 8) is really satisfying as well, as it is pretty filled with loads of ingredients and has the crust I was looking for. Definitely a good find!

Ordering from this stall is a pleasant experience, as you will be greeted by the 2 aunties that were very friendly and courteous. The Kway Chap here is a popular one, and pretty cheap as well. The Kway itself were not soggy or overcooked at all, something I really appreciated as I could hold the whole piece without it breaking apart immediately. The portion given was pretty sizable and the pork intestines were well cleaned! 4 pax amounted to $26 with the addition of duck meat.

Yes I know, it may look like just any other Hawker centre coffee you might get, but trust me, this is different. Seletar Coffee in Whampoa Food Centre makes their coffee extremely thick or "gao", and the coffee the owner uses is really fragrant and is of low acidity. Best of all, this cup of kopi peng is only $1. Really a must get for people staying or working around the area!

Serangoon Garden Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee - this is the kind of wet hokkien mee that you are looking for. The $4 portion was pretty substantial, and the broth used to make the dish is definitely flavourful!

Bedok 511 Chicken Wings - this is one stall not to be missed as the chicken wings ($1.40 each) are crispy on the edges, and yet smoky. The chicken and pork satay ($0.70 each) are really good as well, as they were tender, succulent and well marinated. Actually better than the ones I've had at Bedok 85!

Honestly, one of the best bowls of pig organ soup I've had so far. The Signature Pig's Organ Soup ($4.20) had a wonderful variety of ingredients, and all of them are really fresh. The soup is really good as well, with a deep bold yet refreshing flavour that is had to forget. I always believe that chilli is important for this dish as well, and the one from this restaurant did not disappoint. The chilli was perfectly sour and spicy at the same time, alleviating the dish to a new level!

Many will know this from the Food King series, and it did not disappoint. The Seafood Pao Fan had a very strong stock, that was flavourful from all the seafood that was simmering in it. The clams, prawns and fish given were very fresh as well! However, it was really way too flavourful to finish the bowl; although I was pleasantly surprised by the first mouthful, it was difficult to wipe the bowl clean.

Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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