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Cafes In PJ

Cafes In PJ

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Calie Tang
Calie Tang

Overly sweet matcha latte. Didn’t think of requesting no sugar. 😭 The space was packed on 2pm Sunday, be prepared for a short wait.

Choice of sourdough or brioche. Wilted and fresh spinach with ricotta on sourdough. The dish could use something to elevate it a bit but portion was generous. There’s an option to choose between sourdough or brioche.

Located on the quieter side of DU, this cozy cafe is a nice spot to spend the afternoon. Ground serves a variety of toasts, desserts and coffee. My piccolo (RM9) was quite good.

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With a choice of turkey or smoked salmon. I went with the latter. Typically served with toast but went with a carb less option today.

Love places that serves coffee with a side of biscuit. 😬

Housemade sourdough (RM3) with sous vide kaya (RM2). Or you can choose to have it with butter (RM2) too. The bread was chewy and had a tangy flavour. One of the better sourdough out there. Kaya, though fragrant but was on the sweeter side.


Wanted something different today and the guy at District 13 recommended this. It was yum! Lemon juice, cold brew, tonic and Giffard syrup. Refreshing and just the right balance of sweet and sour.

Coffee took a while to be served. Probably 15 minutes after the food came. We had to constantly remind the staff on the drinks. My cappuccino was average.

Using a chai blend from Melbourne, this was a fragrant and delicious drink to have on a sunny day!

The El Chapo was recommended but I decided to go with the pulled beef sandwich instead. Pulled beef, tomatoes, rockets and mustard mayo in between homemade ciabatta. There's normally beef bacon inside but I swapped it for an egg instead. Portion was big and filled with a generous amount of flavourful pulled beef. The ciabatta made with herbs and had a chewy texture.
Top up RM4 and you get a coffee or tea!



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