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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Came for the steakhouse char. Was disappointed, esp seeing how this wasn't cheap at all. Crust was worse than what I could do with a pan-fry at home.

Ribeye was very tough and chewy, only the cap was passable. Don't come in expecting proper steakhouse standard. It's more like Swenson's, which was something I only understood when I saw the crowd

Cinnamon pumpkin was okay... Mainly sweet, wished for it to have more character. Garlic cheese? Eggplant was pretty damn tasteless

PS this isn't rlly inedible per se, but it's definitely not going into my steakhouse list

Pork ribs was pretty good, q unique, meaty, and tender

Pigtail was delicious as well, it's got the texture of pork ribs(meaty as well) surprisingly, with a tad more gelatin. One of the most unique pigtail I've had in terms of texture, honestly if you close your eyes you won't be able to tell that it isn't pork ribs or sth

Prawns were not v impressive, esp since they were small prawns despite this bowl costing so much instead of the large prawns

Pig small intestines were not v impressive either. There's some stench

Lastly, the worst were the pork slices(switched for baby abalone, definitely stick w that). It's tough like cardboard, and tasteless too. One of the worst decisions I've made wrt food. Can't emphasise this enough, don't get the pork slices here

Soup was good, gotta give credit where credit is due. But only good, not great, not even significantly better than most

Noodles were disappointing too, it's a wet and sad sauce, no umami and yet contains heat. Sigh.

If you get the pork ribs, pigtail in soup, that's probably a good meal. But this was just sad otherwise, no idea why they command a queue. Apart from those items I probably won't even come if I'm staying in the area, much less travel an hour for this bowl

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ONLY ICE CREAM from now on. Not only after covid lockdown

came here 3 separate times and never got what I wanted haish

Their phone isn't very useful either, it never works.

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Panna cotta had some flavour, but the waitress said it was plain. Jasmine lemon has a pungent aroma, and was slightly too sour on its own. Peach was the normal canned peach and the ume soil was more butter cookies than anything else, though it did contribute a nice butter aroma when eaten with the other components. Lacks the sauce (there's supposed to be a white peach glaze?). It's supposed to be a quite casual place, idk why they're trying such "complicated" desserts.

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Where do I start...

Sourdough had a nice tang, but the texture was rather hard throughout, except the end that was thin that had a great crispy texture. Unfortunately it wasn't even in thickness so the texture had a great variance. Portion wasn't too big, but bread was thick so it's fillling. Mascarpone was good, nuts were there, and there's serious salt.

Theres random components that make it complex, primarily the salt but honestly I can't even say I enjoyed it. It's overkill and the complexity doesn't contribute to the taste. Nor does the obvious saltiness help the sweet profile.

Not my thing at all even if some components were good. Much less the ridiculous price tag


Yes it does Melt even when u just hold it in your hands, but that's all the redeeming points. Not sweet at all, and the peanut taste is almost non-existent, just taste the oiliness of the "butter". Neither was the dark chocolate very enticing. They were balanced but not in the good way, felt like one flavour shld have taken a back seat.

Maybe a little mean to put this into this category, but honestly im not a Fan of gluten free food in the first place

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Theres a typo on the menu as it wasnt Fish Dumpling, rather just Dumpling. Saw blueskies cottoncloud's review but didnt want to believe it. Now im thoroughly convinced. The fishballs really werent good at all, and had a mochi-esque texture. Filling was decent but really lacking in volume. First time trying yenpi and the filling was too sweet for me. Overall everything was sweet, incl the soup and Dumpling filling, but still manageable. The only saving grace was the Noodles which were proper al dente(like pasta, not like usual mee pok), coated in a tomato sauce-esque chili.

Really really bad. Probably the worst Prata ive had. Cold from lying around for a while, the texture was limp and it didnt have any taste at all. Try ordering some thing weird so that they make it on the spot, if u must.

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Equally bad as the chicken al pastor. Do note that u get 2 pcs, unlike the rest where u only get 1pc for 8++/10++

Extremely confusing deal on entertainer and took us a lot of time as well as a pissed off waitress to finally get through what we wanted to order.

Dry and hard, it's quite a pity chicken can taste like that. Tacos could also be improved.

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Apparently they have a 141 Saturday but I'm not sure about the specifics of the deal or when it ends. The result is that we didnt have to use beyond haha

Anyway this was quite a disappointment. Really bland and slightly tough, the portion was very small as well

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Would travel for food

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