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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Update: they said "our caramel is meant to have a bitter and salty edge" well I gave them a chance and apparently this is no one off. Order this at your own discretion, you have been warned

This was a mistake. Pretty sure this is a one off cos it's so damn bad. The caramel was incredibly bitter, and not with complexity, mind you. Maybe it's better if it weren't outright burnt?

This was terrible. Their duck is so good and so worth it at 18nett for a whole but this was unacceptable. We threw the entire thing away

Not bad enough to be inedible but it was very bad. Dry, sandy, nowhere near creamy enough to deserve the Hokkaido label. Please avoid(pity those who bought the large one, imagine the whole family have to suffer)


If the ckn wasn't bad enough, this costs 2 bucks more and it stinks on top of every other way the ckn sucked. The worst food I've had in a long while

This was so bad lol. I genuinely hope they close, the food looks nothing like the pics and they were downright abysmal

Cardboard is a good comparison but if I were to be nice, the texture is kinda like pork floss. The sauce is very complex with a deep heat and Manuka honey? Unfortunately nowhere near good enough to save this sorry plate. Luckily they serve it with cabbage because else it's too dry to swallow. Seriously tho if you can't grill a piece of meat as well as the average person at a chalet what in the world are u doing in a kitchen. It's so bad it actually makes me angry, considering the standard of their desserts

Terrible. The worst moo ping I've had. Super overgrilled and dry af. How can the desserts be so good yet the grilled stuff so abysmal?

This was simply sad. Noodles were average but everything else was subpar. Surprisingly the intestines were pretty well cleaned. Only noteworthy point was the extremely generous portion of noodles

I know this isn't from any restaurant but damn I really don't like this. It tastes like milk with sugar syrup. More of a PSA, I regret feeding my curiosity (it's better warm though)

Unfortunate. Custard was barely moist enough to eat on its own, very lacking in taste, and sorely inadequate of carrying the dry glutinous rice

Came for the steakhouse char. Was disappointed, esp seeing how this wasn't cheap at all. Crust was worse than what I could do with a pan-fry at home.

Ribeye was very tough and chewy, only the cap was passable. Don't come in expecting proper steakhouse standard. It's more like Swenson's, which was something I only understood when I saw the crowd

Cinnamon pumpkin was okay... Mainly sweet, wished for it to have more character. Garlic cheese? Eggplant was pretty damn tasteless

PS this isn't rlly inedible per se, but it's definitely not going into my steakhouse list

Pork ribs was pretty good, q unique, meaty, and tender

Pigtail was delicious as well, it's got the texture of pork ribs(meaty as well) surprisingly, with a tad more gelatin. One of the most unique pigtail I've had in terms of texture, honestly if you close your eyes you won't be able to tell that it isn't pork ribs or sth

Prawns were not v impressive, esp since they were small prawns despite this bowl costing so much instead of the large prawns

Pig small intestines were not v impressive either. There's some stench

Lastly, the worst were the pork slices(switched for baby abalone, definitely stick w that). It's tough like cardboard, and tasteless too. One of the worst decisions I've made wrt food. Can't emphasise this enough, don't get the pork slices here

Soup was good, gotta give credit where credit is due. But only good, not great, not even significantly better than most

Noodles were disappointing too, it's a wet and sad sauce, no umami and yet contains heat. Sigh.

If you get the pork ribs, pigtail in soup, that's probably a good meal. But this was just sad otherwise, no idea why they command a queue. Apart from those items I probably won't even come if I'm staying in the area, much less travel an hour for this bowl

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Would travel for food

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