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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

To try:
Lamb rack
Pan con tomate

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Cream, ice cream, very sweet lemon syrup+caramel. Goddamn the syrup was sweet. Dessert had no character, no texture.

I won't say I'm disappointed with gaig. It's decent, the staff are very nice. Just don't expect the world(u hear the accolades of ex catalunya staff which are in turn affiliated with ebulli). We paid 70 per person after everything, not very worth it for food that didn't particularly impress. Ola is much better for the same price, FOC is cheaper and still better too

First time trying turbot and they did a good job here. Crispy skin and sweet flesh, nice flaky texture too. Really small portion but it's ok cos the fish was so rich, probably filling for one pax. There's no pil pil going on at all though, the sauce n veggies were very forgettable.

Flavourful as well, but tastes almost exactly like the seafood paella. Doesn't make sense given one is beef one is seafood, they most likely use the same stock for both. This is not bad too, I esp love the porcini mushrooms, but DO NOT GET BOTH of the seafood paella and this. Get the squid ink one or sth


Comes w two prawns so we added another

Seafood paella was q flavourful, though it didn't taste full of seafood umami(all will be revealed in the next post). Barely any crust but that's fine. Carabinero was decent for what it was but it wasn't top tier as the prawn head was q yucky. Just eat the meat

Again, not sure how this is supposed to taste authentically, but we enjoyed it quite a lot. Prawns were sweet and had a pleasant texture, the creamy sauce was absolutely intense with a myriad of flavours. Save your bread for this, the baguette is difficult to eat on its own anyways

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Touch heart, it's decent. But decent isn't good enough for this price, for this portion. Not sure how a traditional soup tastes but this was ok, the ice cream was not savoury ice cream. It's literally actual ice cream, with a bit of savoury taste. Not too weird but very unexpected. And the burrata was hidden underneath the ice cream, so u can imagine the amount. Nothing tasted out of place, nothing tasted like they particularly harmonised with another. Particularly the sponge which we didn't even know what it was, and it didn't add anything to the dish. Needs a crunch element or herbal element. Again, very small portion, so don't get this to share

Very hard, not our thing at all

Btw beef cheeks(off menu item) wasn't available today, not sure if it's permanent or just today

It's pretty good, with a rather muted flavour. However it's not mind-blowing in anyway, esp for this price. Ckn is grilled btw

Pictured for 2 pax

Great depth of flavour from mushroom and pork, it's so full of umami. Pork ribs and meatballs were delicious too, careful the bones. Not much soccorat if you're keen on that though, but otherwise damnnnnn. Doesn't have that stickiness that some paella have for the rice grains, this one had a really pleasant bite

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10 for one carabinero? Need I say more?

Second time I'm having carabinero, the head was intense but not the best. Meat was not as tender as the previous one I've had too. But at this price point, I'll definitely get it again. It's carabinero for god's sake!!

Btw this is grilled, so v fragrant and oily(in the best way)

Would anyone believe that the taste makes up for the portion? Had Oct from the spot last sat and tot that was barely passable, this one was a whole league above it. The texture of the octopus is slightly different from anything I've had, it wasn't super tender but tender enough, yet supremely meaty. Ignoring the taste it could easily pass off as another protein.

Rightfully, the condiments are mild to let the Oct shine, but personally I would have preferred stronger paprika and abit less olive oil. Pretty good nonetheless

Would travel for food

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