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Random Places

Random Places

Featuring RONIN, Humpback, En Sushi, The Loft Cafe, Beer Basket
Wai Yee Lam
Wai Yee Lam

Checked out this place on a eve of a public holiday. Although the place was rowdy with peeps shouting and screaming in a small enclosed area, we decided to give this place a shot as it was given a 4.6 stars review online. Ordered the sambal stingray $22, truffle fries, har jiong gai and carbonara pasta (petite size). Only the carbonara pasta is nice, the rest is pretty much the same of what you can get outside. Ordered 3 drinks and total damage was abt $70+. We ate our food and left cos at one point, you thought you were in some party places where you need to shout to talk to your friends else nothing can be heard. Felt much better after coming out, at least better for my ears. This is definitely not the place to do nice catch up with friends. But if you enjoy having varieties of beer or likes environment that is louder, this is the place for you.

Sail on down to this pastel-themed 40-seater joint, which boasts a seafood-centric menu that thankfully won't burn a hole in your wallet. The brainchild of Indra Kantono and Gan Guoyi of Jigger & Pony and Sugarhall, Humpback was conceived after the duo slurped down oysters at the Hama Hama oyster farm in Washington, USA. Here at Humpback, you can indulge in the same oysters, like Blue Pool, Totten Inlet and Rocky Bay, freshly shucked at $6 a shell (just $2 during Happy Hour: 5-7pm, Monday to Saturday!). The Calamari ($14) — fried to perfection, set atop mashed potatoes and surrounded by a moat of 'crazy water' (don't worry, it's just a light tomato broth) — is a sure win for all. You must go for the unassuming, lightly-charred Cabbage ($10) sprinkled with herb cheese, crispy quinoa and a generous douse of chilli oil, you won't believe how good they've made this humble vegetable taste. Finish with the Valrhona Chocolate Mousse ($10) that comes drizzled with sea salt, making this simple dessert go from blah to wow, and the whole experience a whaley good one! Pro tip: Pick a Monday night, where Happy Hour prices go all night long, dine al-fresco with your best friend, and attack those oysters!

We were greeted by friendly staff upon arrival and service was great!

A great list of food items to choose from and though I wouldn't say it's very cheap but the it's worth the money. We ordered 1 salmon don, 1 swordfish + salmon don, a half dozen of oyster ponzo + 1 pitan toufu, 1 yuzu tea and 1 green tea. Total cos is about $83 for 2 pax.

The rice was well prepared, yuzu tea's flavour was just right (not too sweet), the sashimi was fresh and my gosh... the oysters... fat and yummy!! The only let down we felt was the pitan toufu as we have tried better ones in other restaurants.

It has also been a long time that I kept recommending different groups of friends to this place 10mins after entering the restaurant. I will definitely be back :)

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I have seen many reviews talking about the scrambled eggs and it's toast so naturally I went for that with avocado and spinach. The eggs were good and if you are into tasting food in it's original state, you will like this (toast were ok only). We ordered Dirty Ronin sandwich which was not too bad... if the bread is softer and overall taste can be less salty will be better.

What I really want to recommend is the Matchatone (matcha latte). It is one of the best matcha latte I have ever had! Not too sweet, not overly creamy or too thin and it's smooth~ Really made my day 👍🏼


Ordered a flat white, cuppucino and miso chicken wings for $20.50. I find the coffee beans more bitter and acidic (not smooth) so if you are a fan of such taste, you will like it here. The wings are so so... definitely can skip it cos it's not worth $9+ for it.

Overall ambience is good but can be better with coffee.


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