Featuring FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Creamier (Toa Payoh), Matchaya (The Cathay), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Tom's Palette, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Hatter Street (Kovan), The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Shrove Tuesday
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Honey Osmanthus Oolong Tea ($6.50 for L) - very refreshing and the flavour of the Osmanthus tea is smooth yet flavourful! 25% sugar is just nice. Definitely will be back to have this again.

Black Tea Latte ($5.80 for L) - honestly couldn't really taste the tea, perhaps it's because I added the Taro topping, which possibly overpowered the tea flavours.

I think it's okay if you use the Burpple Beyond! If not, it can be quite expensive for what you're getting 😞

If you haven't had The Dark Gallery's ice cream, please do. The chocolate ice cream flavours here are very rich, decadent and bold, and you know they are made from good chocolate. The gelato texture is there is well; creamy and sticky. I personally love dark chocolate the most, and they have a good selection of single origin ones, and even 80% dark chocolate ice cream! 😱 2 scoops was $9.50 with added $1 for the waffle bowl. Definitely a dessert option when you're in town 😍 sinful but beautiful.

Back at Hay Gelato to try their interesting flavours and we left really impressed.

The Preserved Orange Peel flavour taste extremely like what it is made of, and yet with a refreshing touch. Really fragrant, totally recommend if you like a critus touch!

The Balsamic Strawberry may sound strange (there really is balsamic vinegar in there, you can't really taste it) but the strawberry is really fragrant and super refreshing. Another must get 😂

The damage was $8.40, felt like it was pretty worth it for the quality of ice cream I was getting 😍

Just beautiful. The MSW Durian Mousse ($9) although really quite expensive, but the durian flavour is STRONG in this one. Extremely rich and creamy, for durian lovers you will be happy with this 😂 this small bowl is not enough 🤣

The Orh Nee ($4.80) was smooth and creamy as well, with good fragrant yam flavours. Definitely a good bowl of orh nee, feels like I need more 🌚

The mango pomelo sago ($4.80) is good as well, but definitely a bowl too rich to be finished by 1 person; They added a huge amount of cream. The mango pieces are pretty sweet though!

This place's been raving, as it is a newly opened dessert shop in Jalan Besar that opens till a surprising 3am!

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Hidden in Tampines Greenridge (a clever location btw) is this Yocha cafe that sells bubble tea and ice cream desserts. I've had the single scoop waffles ($20.40 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the waffles were quite okay, and the ice cream flavours are not too bad as well. The chocolate honeycomb is thick (although abit too sweet) and the vanilla is aromatic. I will say abit better than average? The bubble tea there is not too bad too though. If you live around the area, this can be considered.

Tried their roasted pistachio ($5.20) and my oh my, it's one of the best pistachio ice cream I've had. Smooth and creamy, the pistachio flavour is strong in this one. I love how they add some crushed pistachios on top, to provide a different texture and intensify the flavour as well. Really really satisfying.

Finally got the chance to try FATCAT, and I was left impressed by the ice cream flavours and waffles. The Osmanthus Honey had a strong tea flavour, while the Lychee one (can't remember the name) was incredibly refreshing! However, both were abit too sweet. The waffles were really crispy yet soft and fluffy within, really the kind of waffles I was looking for!

Always been a fan of the ice cream at their original outlet at Tampines, and their outlet here at Race Course Road don't disappoint as well. Their waffles ($6) are beautifully chewy with a slight crunch, and definitely pairs well with their ice cream, which is the sticky gelato type, and their flavours are really good 😍 we got the Earl Grey and Brownie and Cream ($4.50 each) which were very pleasant, especially the Earl Grey as it was smooth and not too overpowering 😍

This is a big hype, and I tried the Iced Dark Latte ($9.50) which is essentially mocha, and I must say it is really pretty thick and fragrant 😂 the coffee notes are strong but not too overpowering nor too acidic. The chocolate used was of good quality, hence making this drink taste really decadent 😂 perhaps its a good treat once in a while!

The dark chocolate ice cream here is rich and smooth, but the other flavours doesn't impress 😥 The salted caramel brownie is way too salty and the toasted marshmallow flavour gives a weird aftertaste that my friends rejected after a mouthful. Maybe the upside from this place is that the portion of ice cream is indeed pretty big!!

Was wondering what's with the hype with this, and can finally understand why 😂 the original coconut shake ($4.40) is really refreshing, with little bits of coconut flesh all blended together. I think 0% sugar has the perfect sweetness level, perhaps for not so sweet tooth people like me!

This is a recently opened ice cream parlour in Lau Pa Sat, and I must say I'm really impressed by the quality of ice cream here. We got the Deep Dark Chocolate and Lychee Raspberry ($4.80 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and both were extremely good. The chocolate was velvet smooth and was thick as well, and tasted like 60% cocoa chocolate! The Lychee Raspberry was a pleasant surprise, as it was super refreshing! Also, the scoop given is pretty huge as well. Definitely a great dessert option after a satay meal in Lau Pa Sat 😋


Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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