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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

I have been to @theshelterroot before for their quality coffee, and I'm glad that I've tried their gelato this time as well!

The Ocean Grey ($6.50) may look gimmicky to some, but if you like your earl grey, this is a flavour you should get. The earl grey flavour is strong yet not overboard, and it doesn't have this strong artificial floral scent. The milk base of the gelato is also good, giving a good richness to the earl grey flavour.

The Matcha ($.5.50) was really strong, almost too strong in my opinion. It can get quite bitter towards the end, but as a matcha lover, this is definitely not a problem to me! We were surprised to find little mochi bits within the gelato which added great texture to the ice cream!

For both gelato flavours they gave a generous scoop as well. Definitely recommend if you are around the area 😍

Always wanted to try the mochi waffles here, and I must say that it's definitely different compared to other shops that does it!

The mochi waffles ($8.50) were really soft and floppy, which is different from the other ice cream shops that do it crispy. However, you do get alot of mochi in each waffle, giving it a satisfying chewiness that was still inviting! The rich taste of butter is definitely strong in this one. Doughy waffle lovers will definitely enjoy this!

Their gelatos ($8.50 for double scoop) were pretty decent as well. Both the Matcha and Houjicha flavours were not too sweet and I could taste the tea flavours well. However, I do prefer their Houjicha more, as the earthy notes were much stronger.

Definitely a dessert choice when you are in Suntec City!

It's been some time since I last visited @kookscreamery and I feel like their gelato flavours got even better 😍

We had their new Dirty Matcha Gelato made with Oatside oat milk with their chocolate lava cookie (~$13-14) and they were all so good!

The Dirty Matcha gelato had a very strong quality matcha flavour, with a slight hint of coffee. I loved how it wasn't too sweet and it tasted really decadent! Definitely one gelato flavour I will recommend to matcha flavours!

Their lava cookie always did not disappoint with the rich lava chocolate and the warm crispy cookie batter. What a wonderful pairing with the matcha gelato!

Definitely coming back to try more of their gelato flavours 😍

With good coffee and desserts, Humble Bakery is one place to come for when you are in the CBD area!

For coffee we had the Iced Mocha ($6) and it was stellar. With strong aromatic coffee and good quality dark chocolate, this mocha wasn't too sweet and it tasted decadent! It was a big cup as well and we thoroughly enjoyed the drink.

For desserts we had the Injeolmi Crumble Cake ($8) and the Brownie ($4). The Brownie wasn't much to shout out about, but the Injeolmi Crumble cake was so good! Soft moist cake was stuffed full of injeolmi cream that was not too sweet and had a good soy bean flavour. It was comes with a tteok within, which had a wonderful chewy texture. Very lovely cake!

Can't wait to be back! I'm already missing the mocha 😍

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With quality waffles and ice cream, @denzygelato is one place I will crave for. We had their waffles with 2 premium scoops of ice cream ($15 total) and we were all pretty satisfied! The waffle itself was light and crispy, with a lovely buttery taste. Absolutely loved their chocolate caramel sauce, as it enhanced the flavours of the waffle.

As for their gelato we had their Mango Yuzu and Chocolate Orange. The Mango Yuzu was so refreshing, as the citrus flavours were very strong but without being too overly sour. Definitely perfect for a hot day. Though there wasn't much orange flavour in the Chocolate Orange gelato, I really enjoyed the contrast in textures coming from the crisp chocolate chips and the smooth and milky gelato base.

With such a chill and cozy environment, we had such good conversations there! Definitely will be back!

Saw this gelato place @freshiogelato with very high reviews and had to check it out!

You get to try out your ice cream flavours before ordering, and the owners do not hesitate to give you a pretty sizable portion to taste. I tried quite a few of their flavours and the hardest part is to choose among them!

I settled with Strawberry Cheesecake ($4.70) with their chocolate lava cake ($4.90) and had a separate passionfruit gelato ($4.70) in a cup. The strawberry cheesecake had such a good milk richness, with a slight cheese flavour that does not get cloying. The chocolate lava cake was gooey and extremely rich and chocolatey. Pairing these 2 together, you get a wonderful combination!

The passionfruit flavour had a strong tartness and was refreshing. The passionfruit taste was aromatic and wasn't artificial!

Absolutely loved the many gelato flavours in the shop. This may be one of the best gelato shops I know!

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A popular dessert cafe specialising in tea flavoured ice cream, Ri Ri Cha also offers nian gao waffles which we wanted to try out as well!

We got the nian gao waffles with 3 scoops (~$20) and we liked the waffles! With a crispy exterior and strong butter taste, the chewy texture from the nian gao within was inviting as well.

We had Earl Grey Milk Tea, Blue Pea Matcha and White Peach Oolong ice cream flavours. All flavours were alright, but we liked how all of them were not too sweet.

Not too bad, a dessert place to consider.

Been here for a few times already and the lychee raspberry flavours really don't disappoint! With the lychee flavour not being too prominent nor too artificial, it is complemented by the citrus raspberry flavours well. Definitely refreshing. I got it with the bandung cone, which surprisingly had a strong floral flavour!

Definitely will be back to try other cone and ice cream flavours 😍

A humble shop hidden behind Maxwell MRT Station actually sells Taro Waffles ($2.60) which is quite a rare find! The waffles were really perfectly cooked to me, slightly crispy on its edges and soft and fluffy within. The taro spread was full of the traditional taro flavour, which is the sweet savoury kind with shallot oil. If I'm around the area, I will definitely get their waffles again 😍

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One popular cake shop in town, the cake we tried was of pretty good quality!

We had the Pandan Init (~$11.40) which may be quite expensive, but they did gave a big slice. The cake was rich, full of pandan, coconut and gula melaka flavours!

Instead of putting cream in between the pandan sponge cake, they put coconut shavings soaked in gula melaka, which also adds to a variety of textures in the cake.

The cream itself is thicker than usual, and I suspect they whip coconut milk with pandan juice. Lovely!

Actually looking forward to try their other cakes!

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Hidden within the Everton Park neighbourhood is this pretty cafe offering quite a few flavours of gelato.

We tried a couple of flavours: Goma, Ju Pu, Pistachio and Bon Bon.

Among the flavours we tried, we find Goma and Bon Bon the best. The Goma flavour boasts a very deep black sesame flavour without being too sweet! Love the aromatics coming from this gelato and it makes us go for more!

The Bon Bon flavour reminds me alot of Ferrero Rocher, due to its rich chocolate and hazelnut flavours. There are bits of chocolate and fresh nuts which gave a great texture to the ice cream too.

However, the pistachio and Ju Pu flavours were just okay.

If you are around the area in Tanjong pagar, this is one cafe to go for!


A humble stall in Lau Pa Sat, Butter & Cream offers a range of muffins that do make a good snack or breakfast item!

The Hokkaido Cream Muffin ($2.90) was one of the better muffins, as not only it was moist and not too sweet, it was packed full of custard filling which had a rich milk and egg taste! Might be sinful, but really decent.

The Chocolate Muffin ($2.60) was also moist and rich and not too sweet. If this was a lava muffin, I can imagine how much better it would be!

The Blueberry Muffin ($2.60) was alright, wish there were more blueberry fillings within!

Overall, the muffins were pretty decent but not really spectacular. Still snackable though!

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