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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

If you love your durian, this is a wonderful place to indulge in your cravings! The whole cafe is filled with the beautiful fragrance of fresh durian and we loved the dessert we got!

The durian chendol ($5.30) may be a small bowl, but it is packed full of flavour coming from the coconut milk and gula melaka and they gave a good scoop of fresh durian flesh that smooth and really fragrant! Definitely a heavenly bowl to share.

We got a quarter roll of their durian roll ($6.50), and we loved that the cream itself contains durian flesh! The flavour of the cream isn't as strong, but it is definitely more creamy. Overall a pretty good cake!

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One of the many dessert cafes in bedok, Denzy Gelato is popular to many living around the area. We had their double scoop waffles, with their Yuzu Mango and Mocha Crisps gelato flavours. The Yuzu Mango was extremely refreshing, especially when it's like a sorbet. The fruity tangy flavours come through strongly, making this perfect for a hot day! The Mocha Crisps had a moderately strong coffee flavour, smooth and not too acidic and had fun crispy chocolate balls within.

The waffles itself is the very airy kind and not too doughy. Pretty much the whole outer layer is very crispy! Wonderful cafe to go to if you are around the area!


Always been a fan of Matchaya desserts, and their parfait ($16.80) did not disappoint either.

The parfait came with 4 scoops of soft serve, though it was supposed to be all of their available flavours, sadly they ran out of black sesame and hokkaido milk that day. We had the houjicha and Matcha soft serve then and both were so rich! Loved the roasted flavours coming from the houjicha, and the aromatic tea flavours from the Matcha. It also came with popped rice, mochi and azuki, which we thoroughly enjoyed as it goes well with the soft serve. It's good for 3-4 to share and satisfy your matcha cravings!

I remembered the bingsu I had in a previous visit was good, but unfortunately this one wasn't the best.

We ordered the Mango Pop Bingsu ($12.80 30% off with Eatigo) and I was rather disappointed with the frequent larger chunks of ice within the bingsu which were hard and the mango pieces which were mostly frozen and too cold. The saving grace was actually the mango pearls which had a satisfying pop whenever you bite into it, and the coconut ice cream which was flavourful but not too sweet.

Perhaps maybe other flavours may be better. I will still come back again to try others!

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Finally trying out this immensely popular ice cream cafe in Hougang! We had 2 scoops of ice cream with waffles for $11.80, which I find it to be pretty affordable considering the ice cream cafes in Singapore. The waffles, though crispy and airy, lacked a buttery flavourful that I wish was more prominent! But it was alright with the ice cream. The ice cream flavours we got were Lychee Rose and Hazelnut Truffle which were delightful!

The Lychee Rose came surprisingly as a sorbet, and we were glad it was. It was such a refreshing flavour, with both Lychee and Rose flavours complementing each other so well. Really aromatic. We loved it so much that we almost wanted to get another scoop!

The Hazelnut Truffle was thick, rich and had strong nutty flavours. Wished that there were more truffle pieces within, as the chocolate really paired the ice cream well.

Definitely will be back for the Lychee Rose!

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Hidden within the quiet estate lies 2nd Serving, which is known to serve mochi waffles! Didn't managed to try the waffles today but tried a variety of ice cream flavours!

The Yuzu flavour was actually not too tangy yet citrusy and it wasn't too sweet too! Very refreshing for a hot weather.

The Lychee flavour was actually the best among all, due to its non perfume-y flavour and yet not too sweet. Very light tasting and definitely very refreshing!

The Banana Roasted Nuts was alright as well, as the banana flavours did not come out too strong and the nuts within were fresh!

Yogurt Biscoff was interesting, as the yogurt flavours cut the sweetness of Biscoff quite abit. Wished that they added lotus biscuit bits too!

The scoops of ice cream were between $4.50 and $5.50 each and they were available 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond ๐Ÿ˜ will be back to try their mochi waffles!!

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Most people would have heard of this ice cream cafe, and I finally had a chance to try this after a long time! The ice cream standards here remains pretty much as good as before!

We had the waffles with double scoop (~$15) with the pistachio and mochacino flavours. Love the all famous pistachio gelato, as not only it was really smooth, the pistachio nutty flavours were intense.

The Mocha flavour was also really pleasant, with the chocolate and coffee aromatic flavours complementing well without overpowering each other.

Waffles are crispy yet fluffy with substance. Definitely a good cafe to chill with friends!

Interesting how I have never noticed this ice cream shop in town, and their gelato flavours were really not bad!

We got the double scoop ($7.8 - interestingly it's the same price as getting the single scoop) and got the flavours sencha and coconut pandan. The sencha is really refreshing and not too sweet as well. The roasted flavours you get from sencha does come through quite strongly.

As for the coconut pandan, it is definitely quite coconut-y, but it gets abit too sweet towards the end.

Not bad of an alternative if you would like desserts around the area!

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We found this newly opened dessert cafe and we loved the desserts here! The Raspberry Choux ($9.5) was indeed very refreshing with good mix of textures coming from the crispy outer crust of the puff, the crisp white chocolate and the smooth raspberry cream within the puff. The cream used contains yogurt, which makes it not surfeiting at all. The Hazelnut & Feuilletine ($9.5) is not too sweet, definitely rich and has the crispy layer that reminds of a Ferrero rocher wafer! Both were really good desserts and I do see myself coming back, although they were indeed quite expensive.

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Tried this coconut shake ($5 for large) at Coconut & Fam (Sembawang outlet) and I was very pleasantly surprised by how tasty this drink is! Definitely has a strong coconut flavour and I love how milky this shake is. As you get to the end of some coconut shakes, the ice tends to have no flavour. Not this one because it was a flavour bomb through out. This coconut shake also contains bits of coconut flesh that gave this drink some fun bites ๐Ÿ˜‚ Definitely recommend if you are around the area!

With the large number of ice cream cafes already available in Tanjong Pagar, Natter Coffee & Gelato has something special to offer. Their waffles are actually houjicha waffles ($6)! Although the houjicha taste is rather faint, it still has that earthiness from the houjicha. The waffles texture actually won us over, as it was crispy outside but yet fluffy and chewy inside. It's definitely a solid waffle, not those airy kind!

With the waffles we got the Houjicha and Momo Sencha Gelato ($10 total for both scoops) which complemented well with the waffles! The Houjicha was strong and smooth, not too milky and sweet. The momo sencha was refreshing!

Definitely one of the better ice cream cafes around ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Known for their interesting mochi waffles, they really didn't disappoint. We got a double scoop pandan mochi waffle (about $16-17) and we loved how delightfully chewy the waffles were! Not only it added a good bite, the pandan fragrance complemented well with the caramel sauce.

As the for the gelato flavours, we had the Chrysanthemum with cocoa nibs, which was really fragrant! The tea notes were really refreshing. We also had the Espresso Biscoff, which to me was the winner for all coffee gelatos I have tried. It is not too sweet, yet aromatic from the strong coffee flavours. Biscoff bits within blended well, giving the gelato a nice caramelised touch.

Will be back again!

Jason Ng

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