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Value For Money

Value For Money

I get extremely excited when I find a place that serves great food at great prices . I feel that the whole world should know :)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Outstanding quality

I walked past J65 to get to the bus stop 🚏 to get home but this huge baked salmon stopped me in my tracks .

It was too big ( and fresh ) to ignore . I picked up my phone , called my Sister and asked her for an impromptu dinner.

I was thinking of having salmon the whole day and what better than a freshly baked one covered in fresh tomato chutney ?

J65 was having a 2 for 88 plus plus eatbook discount ( instead of 58 plus plus per pax) . This offer was too good to miss and my rambling tummy gave in .

The variety at J65 is not huge but surprisingly they had all the items that I fancy .

The baked salmon was Uber fresh and moist - kudos to the Chef given that this is a huge fish and quite difficult to cook perfectly .

Paus so colourful and cups so cute to satisfy that inner child within you ....

I used to like Khong Guan’s purple bao in my student days because that was the only thing closest to an Orh - nee look a like .

These days I go to just dough for my yam pau fix .

Extremely creamy and Luxurious yam filling and yes - authentic yam 🥰 wrapped around with a fluffy cloud like pau .

The best afternoon treat 😊

Croissant lover 🚨 alert

For those of you who have been hunting high and Low for a good croissant and don’t want to travel too far out to get one .

I assure you - you will be very delighted with Pullman bakery’s croissant .

It has a good balance of flakiness on the exterior and a good moisture inside and it is so aromatic - not some cheap baking butter that some bakeries use .

Better still , it is huge and even better it is only 1.80.

Go get yours today !

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M bakery
Basement 2

This quiche is done so well - it deserves a solo write up ( despite my earlier posting ).

The quiche was so jam packed with ingredients a topped a crisp and buttery base which was fragrant and surprisingly light and not greasy ( unlike some soggy quiche bases which I have had in many cafes ) .

The ratio of tart pastry to filling is also perfect . The highlight actually goes to the texture of the tart - it was almost like a cross between a shortcrust pastry with a puff pastry - one of the best quiches I have eaten in a Long while .

For 3 dollars - this was such an affordable tea time treat . So Glad that the quiche was kept in a warmer and unlike Hans or coffee bean which warm their quiches up in a microwave - you don’t get a soggy tart base at M bakery .

Every cake , tart and quiche is made with so much love 💖 and attention .

A nice change from the usual Brand names that we are so accustomed to seeing.

Homemade goodness

A lovely takeaway kiosk with limited seats but a showcase full of handmade love .

M bakery is situated at basement 2 of PLQ ( near the entrance of Fairprice finest ) and I assure you that the variety of homemade cakes , dessert tarts and Savory quiches are so plentiful - your eyes begin feasting even before your stomach does.

The spinach and mushroom quiche was so packed with ingredients that although it may seem like a slim slice - you will sure be filled up in no time with that decadent buttery pastry. One of the better quiches I have eaten in a Long time - definitely a must order !

The desserts here are also less sweet so you don’t have to worry about a sugar high. The Bakewell tart is quite hard to come by - a traditional English pastry with jam and frangipane - simply but delightful .

The lemon 🍋 meringue tart was also very well made - with a good balance of citrusy note from the lemon cream balanced off with a well made meringue torched for an elevated oomph .

My eyes couldn’t take themselves off the homemade carrot cake and the gula Melaka cake so will come back for these the next time round .

The cakes , tarts and quiches are priced so reasonably given that we can expect the type of rents PLQ charges .

A very lovely local start up - will definitely be in my list to order cakes and pastries for my next gathering .

There’s something really alluring about the breads from the fresh bread shop at Shunfu .

Specialising in mini buns which are not exactly cheap for their size but still worth every cent considering the quality.

Unlike bread talks buns which stick to your teeth and smell of cheap margarine, the buns here have a good elasticity but still soft and fluffy .

Best curry potato bun paired with the best coffee from de fa coffee stall . That’s the advantage of eating at a Hawker - you get to choose the best item from the best stall 😊

Breakfast for champions.

Hans always do their omelette perfect.

Forgot being overcharged at cafes and come here for your omelette treat .

Accompanied with a hot drink of your choice 😊

At 6.50 - this is really value for money .

Set next to the bakery at 313 Somerset is an open seating area where you can grab a quick lunch or tea or breakfast set .

At 6.90 nett - this tea Set is really value for money .

I find marches cakes and pies made full of love and quality ingredients. In comparisons to cedele’s cake sets which have gone up to close to 10 dollars , I say that the cakes and pastries here present so much more value especially when you get them in a set.

This dark chocolate cake is decadent without being too sweet and the Long black is smooth and aromatic .

It’s my top spot to come for a quick tea with no fuss . Try the marche Apple pie as part of the tea set if you have a little more stomach space because the Apple pie is huge but it is really one of the best Apple pies I have eaten.

The best part of having tea here is that you get to check out all the action in the bakery 🥯. Hot breads streaming out from the ovens and queues forming to but sandwiches and breads and muffins and cakes - almost like a carnival feel .

Weekends are meant for this .

This could possibly be the best carrot cake texture .
The carrot cake is homemade - soft and moist but not mushy .

The carrot cake is well fried till a golden brown exterior and the eggs are cooked just nice - moist and soft .

At 3 dollars - portions are also very very generous .

My only issue is the saltiness of the carrot cake and my suspect of use of msg because my tongue was burning 🥵.

Otherwise , one of the best carrot cakes around town and quite easily accessible .

My favourite meal of the day has to be breakfast .

Soft fluffy sesame studded man tou with the best homemade kaya that is so aromatic - it’s no doubt better than yakun’s version which I find quite sickeningly sweet and lacking of the authentic kaya flavour these days .

I love how local establishments like these keep traditions true to heart even if it means more work and more hassle and perhaps even hurting their bottom line.

My earnest respect that just dough continues to make great food - consistently good food that is good for their customers’ tummy and pockets.

Do grab a few mantous ( plain or with various fillings ) for your family while you are in the area. Just need to warm them up at home for a simple but hearty breakfast .

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How can something so simple be so delicious 🤤

The portions looked like they have shrunk but
In my opinion , still one of the best dishes from KEK.

Lovely mid day snack .

Think freshly made sandwiches with your choice of bread ( premium white , whole wheat , 10 grains or croissant) .

Available at the takeaway sandwich kiosk next to four leaves bakery - you get to choose from a variety of hearty combinations - bacon and cheese, ham and cheese , chicken and potato etc .

I would have loved the bread to be a little more crisp rather than stiff but for an affordable price in the heart of Orchard road - no complaints 😆

I dream of food .

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