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Value For Money

Value For Money

I get extremely excited when I find a place that serves great food at great prices . I feel that the whole world should know :)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Came back to manna for their porcini mushroom soup .

Places that serve such quality home made food are far and few in Singapore .

Earthy , nourishing and not overly seasoned - just like how your Nonna would make it .

Topped with buratta for a luxurious touch .

Loving this matcha set where you get to choose one dessert to complement a matcha tea which you make your own .

I chose the matcha soft serve which was extremely matcha-y and not too sweet. I like how you can make your own matcha tea but adding the hot water to high grade matcha powder and experience fun in whisking your matcha tea with a Japanese matcha whisk .

Extremely value for money at 3.90 per set .

Jia he xing prides itself in homemade and authentic Beijing cuisine .

Loving this bow of Beijing 炸酱面.

Think fresh crunchy julienned cucumber and carrot strips , bean sprouts and crisp chopped ip celery all mixed in with a savoury deep flavoured brown sauce and juicy pork morsels .

The noodles are freshly balanced upon order so you get perfectly cooked noodles . I like that the noodles are of a slightly thicker width which helps hold the sauce better .

This is the true unadulterated taste of Beijing 炸酱面. So Glad to have a taste of this without having to travel to Beijing - especially in these times.

Service is earnest , inviting and friendly - almost like dining at home .

Don’t forget to order a portion of the grand mochi rolls made with homemade red bean paste . Extremely QQ!

So check out the lunch sets which are extremely value for money 💰:)

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One of the best curry chicken sets in town .
Affordable and tasty .
The curry was flavourful with strong hint of spices .

My only complaint is that the chicken had a meaty smell and didn’t give me the feeling that it was fresh .

Maybe they could just serve the curry gravy with potatoes 😝.

The set comes with a fried egg and some stewed vegetables .


At a discreet corner at Paya Lebar Square is this snack stall where you can get absolutely bang for your buck .

For 3 dollars - you can get a pipping hot popiah and a peanut pancake .

And both are really done very well .. be sure to try their peanut cheese and egg pancake . It’s spongy and light and the sweet and savoury mix is just unbelievably gratifying .

The popiah is good enough - pretty generous ingredients amd ingredients are fresh .

Avoid lunch hours though - best time to visit without queuing is late afternoon :)


For 5.90 nett, you get bang for your buck.

The molten chocolate cake was absolutely flowy and delicious and not too sweet .

Never mind the ice cream - it’s not the highlight here. 😜

Some days I just want a quick fuss free and pocket friendly meal - don’t need the ambience and don’t need the service Nor nicely plated food - Nor premium ingredients.

I was However quite impressed with what was dished out at Saizeria though I never can remember or pronounce the name of this establishment 😝

I just call it the cheap italian😝 place . Cheap but by no means cheap in quality or taste . The Thin crust pizza was actually quite delicious though you won’t expect the stretchy kind of dough . This was more like a one dimensional crisp dough but it was good enough - sufficient cheese , pretty tasty bacon and juicy pineapples ( not those lightly coloured canned ones ).

The whole pizza came together very well and the best part is that it is just sufficient for one person - you won’t need to over stuff yourself .

I like how the restaurant conveniently places the chilli flakes and the parmesan cheese for your use - not like most establishments that hide their condiments hahahha.

My first time here and definitely will be coming back for more .

Need a place to stray away from the crazy crowds at Orchard - Far East plaza may be the best place for a meal .

From cactus Korean cuisine at the basement of Far East plaza - not exactly authentic Korean food but definitely a quick hot and fresh meal .

Ordered the beef soup because I needed something to warm my tummy , this came with a bowl of short grain rice and some Kim Chi.

A assortment of vegetables, egg , beef slices , vermicelli , toufu , straw mushrooms - almost felt like a hot pot meal . You have an option for spicy or non spicy .

Don’t expect prime beef cuts of course .
At 6.50, I would say pretty value for money .

Thankfully - I hadn’t felt the effects of msg - so that’s very comforting to know .

Pretty value for money set . I kindly rejected the bacon strips because not many can grill it the way I like them to be so opted for more baked beans - not that the baked beans are anything fanciful - just canned food 🥫 hahah.

But nice break away from the usual lunch of rice or noodles .

Hk Milk tea was smooth and together with the crusty bun , these 2 items were the highlight of this set .

For 7 dollars - pretty much a steal in the heart of Orchard .

Can’t ask for more . . .

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I usually cringe when I pass by food kiosks because they typically don’t look so hygienic and options are usually limited to fried chicken and fried food .

But my partner introduced me to the braised pork rice set from snack it and there’s no turning back.

The gravy is delish and the minced pork is not fatty . The best part is that a good high grade rice is used so that’s a plus plus . And the preserved vegetables just lighten up the whole meal . The braised egg Also adds some variety to the meal .

Portion is generous enough to share .

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From the takeaway kiosk at the small stalls located at isetan scotts supermarket , this Saba set tastes as good as it looks.

I love the variety of items which adds such a touch of colour and variance to the tastes and textures of the meal . What attracted me were actually the hijiki and the burdock salad 🤩.

Having said that , the Saba was juicy and well grilled and not overly seasoned while the ginger soy chicken was tender and tasty .
Since this is run by a Japanese , high grade Japanese rice is used and this is a plus plus plus 😊 .

All in all , a very pleasant meal and at 7.80 , very very affordable too .

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Mocha in what looks like a soup bowl .

Such a generous portion and very smooth coffee I must say .

A nice place to catch up with an old friend or simply just sit and watch the world go by .

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I dream of food .

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