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Value For Money

Value For Money

I get extremely excited when I find a place that serves great food at great prices . I feel that the whole world should know :)
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MichelleLIN T
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Still my choice matcha cone when I am in Somerset.

I love how the matcha ice cream is not overly creamy or sweet hence allowing that authentic matcha flavour to shine through .

Very affordable too if you ask for takeaway instead of dining in .

Save more to eat more 😜!

Homemade Italian

Do you believe in fate ?

My first encounter with homemade Italian was at golden shoe ( an air conditioned eatery ) but they closed because the whole building was torn down for redevelopment . They had a “ salad chap chye peng “ concept where you could pick 2 or 3 types of salad to pair with your pasta .

While I was dining at nasi lemak kus kus at Selegie road quite some years back , I was taken aback that this stall found its way to a coffee shop in Selegie . Selling Italian food in a coffee shop setting is not easy , but the great execution by the stall owner soon got herself a faithful following . Then the stall moved out and I lost contact with the owner again.

On a rare occasion, I passed by habourfront centre and decided to check out its level 3 food court - and I saw a familiar face.

Finally and once again , I was re-United with homemade Italian 😊

I love how her sauces are made from scratch . My favourite is her arrabiata which can rival even established Italian restaurants . It is so rich with plump tomatoes and a right balance between the sweet and sour and just the right consistency .

I decided to go for the pesto pasta today and I must say I really really like it too. Light , basil pesto allowing the basil to shine through . The penne is cooked al dente .

I paired my meal with a pumpkin soup which was very well done too . Not excessively creamy or cloying , just the real stuff 😊

The owner was so happy to see me that she offered a free meal but I declined because I was more happy to see her 😜

6 dollars for a restaurant quality pasta - it can’t get better .

For those of you who are closer to Alexandra , the owner’s Son operates spago homemade Italian ( level 1) at Alexandra Central ( next to ikea ) .
They have a more extensive menu there and you gotta give the tiramisu a try - the one that I had during the golden shoe foodcourt days was heavenly .

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One thing frustrating about smaller Hawkers is that you get an over saturated queue at just a few stalls .

I love my food and am willing to queue but not all the time so the snaking queues at the infamous fishball noodle stall and a particulate yong tau Hu stall “ pushed” me to try out an alternative stall .

So when one door closes , another opens !
So Glad I was able to try the handmade ying Tau Hu at this stall. The yong tau Hu paste here is closer to the Hakka style where minced pork is added to the dish paste for better taste and texture and I actually prefer this style . I liked how the bitter gourd is cooked to perfection and Nor raw and half cooked as most places would serve them . The handmade fish and pork balls were also very delightful . You get to choose any 5 condiments 😊 to pair with your kolo Mee.

The best part was being able to choose to pair my yong Tau Hu with crunchy kolo Mee ( And there was a generous amount of minced lean meat added to the noodles too 😱)

I love the homemade chilli 🌶 that the stall does and the nice touch of baby spinach added to the accompanying bowl of soup .

This is really comfort food at best.

And for those of you who would like the regular style of Sarawak kolo Mee with char siew and minced meat or Sarawak kam Pua noodles ( egg like noodles , almost like an equivalent of our wanton noodles ), you will be pleased to know that the stall also serves up a good rendition of these .

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The old has gone , the new has come ....

Enjoyable Teochew porridge

For a fuss free and pipping hot Teochew porridge , look no further than ye lai xiang . This stall used to be occupied by ye shang hai Teochew porridge . I was a little sad when they moved out but having tried ye lai xiang - I must say I prefer ye lai siang better .

1) the stall is clean and orderly
2) the dishes are not greasy

Really enjoyed this pretty much “ home cooked” type meal .

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The best thosai 😊

Back to Ghim Moh Market for my favourite masala thosai . I love the slightly sourish flavour of the thosai from the fermented rice flour and the flavourful curries accompanying the dish . ( the coconut shavings and sugar were wilfully added by myself because I like my thosai sweet and salty )

Home- cooked type meal by two mamas - served hot and pipping only for 2.50.

Life’s simple pleasures .

Potatoes are my absolute favourites and these roasted garlic truffle potatoes just brought my appreciation for potatoes to a whole new level .

Well roasted without being greasy, each morsel of potato was well seasoned and when you occasionally bite into the crisped and chopped garlic infused with truffle oil - there is just this explosion of flavours.

Potatoes and truffle and garlic make the best team really ......

Served as part of a buffet accessible to patrons with every main dish order - this was very very very well executed .

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It was not a planned visit to hifumi today but when I went to check out on their buffet spread (which accompanise all main courses ) , I was so attracted by the display of these sweet potato sticks .

Crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and soft from the caramelisation of the honey - this was way too delicious .

I hope hifumi puts this back on the menu for their buffet items because the buffet variety changes every month .

Family style tze char in a hidden part of Queenstown .....

An all time family favourite is that bubbling hot Claypot of sea cucumber and roasted pork which adds that umami and decadence to the dish .

Then generously filled with an assortment of vegetables and plum mushrooms .

Very affordable and enjoyable .

In this forgotten part of Queenstown , you”ll find this sleep Coffeeshop with actually a very good tze char stall.

Featured here are the honey spiced pork chops.
Lean but tender and with a slightly charred edge .

The crisp curry leave help to add a nice aroma when eaten together with the pork chops.

You get your bang for your buck when eating in these tze char stalls because the taste and the quality of food is sometimes even better than restaurants .

I love itacho Sushi for their fresh tasting and pocket friendly sushi and sushi rolls .

Featuring the torched salmon roll here with tamago and then sprinkled very generously with flour crispies and a dash of spring onion for that extra zing .

At 9.90 , this presents extreme value for its portion, freshness and execution .

There’s everything to like about anything with redbean...

But a redbean danish 🤤is just 😱 the perfect combination of a buttery crisp crust and sweet red beans .

Probably the only place you can find a red bean Danish in Singapore .

Best eaten warm with a cup of good tea 🍵.

Egg pot

Looks like a mess but a pretty good tasting mess...

For those of you who are on a high protein diet , this makes the best breakfast ...

Egg whites ( and lots and lots of it ) , feta , avacado, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, Black beans , juicy grilled mushrooms all put together in a breakfast bowl .

The breakfast deal is just at 5 dollars (that used to include a hot drink as well but not anymore 😭)

Top up 1.80 for an organic capsule coffee or tea.

I dream of food .

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