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Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

I have never tasted a malay/ Indonesia delicacy as good as this and Am so thankful milkmoon has made it so readily available because I can’t find this elsewhere .

We are so used to kuehs being sweet and when this was propped up at the counter - I couldn’t help but order it to try .

I can’t describe how good this is .

The rice was chewy , moist and had a light coconut fragrance .

The serunding was so flavourful - spicy , slight sweet and had a great juxtaposition of textures from the coconut and fried chicken strips . I absolutely loved the zing that was added by the kafir Lime leaves .

This is probably the best kueh I have eaten for 2019.

I was expecting a little bit more given garibaldi’s fame.

I found this pasta to be average and the portion was small.

Fine dining 🤣?

A little disappointed that the black sesame
Paste was slightly watered down.

Lacked the robust and aromatic flavour I was looking for .

I was craving for something lemony and decided on this cake Set from cedele .

No camera tricks but that was how small the cake was . It was also dry and the cream cheese was stiff - didn’t taste fresh at all .

At 10.50 , this was really not value for money at all .

Prices at Cedele seem to be increasing and quality and quantity decreasing .

Is this inevitable for all food Brand names ? Blame it on the rising rents I Guess .

In a little order of mei Heong yuen dessert ( which is hidden behind ya kun ), lies a small display counter of handmade kuehs .

I was captivated by how homemade the kuehs make me feel about them . I found out that these kuehs are handmade daily by a young Indonesian gentleman and in limited batches .

Most unexpected place to find kueh but you won’t regret making your way down here . After all - this is part of the pleasures of eating , ain’t it ? The reward for your hard work of navigating is the mouthwatering kuehs .

I gobbled up the kueh dar dar before having a chance to photo it . It was soft , moist and so very fresh.

The kuehs were also made with less sugar which I personally feel is a rare find 😚

Well sautéed and not greasy .

A little different from our usual singapore style that is drenched soaked in oil .

There were however too many stalks and it made the dish somewhat unpleasant .

Was expecting more attention to details by dancing fish ...’

This is how we roll on Saturdays ... ....

Made with fresh pumpkins , slightly chewy but fairly fluffy 🤗

I finally managed to get a try of this highly acclaimed Balinese restaurant .

Perhaps I have read quite some many good reviews - my expectations were raised too high .

I was disappointed that the Tahu telor did not arrive piping hot and that the tofu was not quite stiff - it almost feels as though this Tahu telor was prepared way too early .

I was expecting much more from dancing fish .

For lactating mummies 😊

Bake and bake is a home grown brand specialising in biscottis .

Their biscottis are made without butter, pork or lard .

I have made biscottis at home and to achieve these thin crisp texture is no easy feat .

My favourite flavours are the wolfberries , almond , tri -nuts and this new flavour - chocolate rye oat . It has a deep chocolate flavour without being too sweet and has this grainy , oaty texture which I love.

It contains brewer’s yeast hence a great snack for lactating mummies who need to produce more breast milk.

However , it’s pretty expensive at 8 dollars for a mere 80grams. So it’s a once in a while indulgence.

Happy to support local start ups though 😊

This crispy duck with soft wraps were an immediate hit with my family .

This duck as crisp and aromatic - I would have liked it a little leaner but I Guess the aroma comes from all the fats 😊. Reminds me of a dish that I once ate at royal China at raffles hotel- which has sadly closed .

I actually like this better than Peking duck 🦆 because you get to eat the duck meat as well .

The cucumbers strips were a little dehydrated which was a little let down for the type of prices you pay.

Still an excellent dish.


I say hands down the best soon kueh in singapore .

1) thin skin
2) soft skin
3) generous and bursting with ingredients
4) very fresh ingredients
5) asthetically well pleasing - not with broken skin and / or not irregular shaped.

Need I say more ?

The yam kueh is also very good - bursting with huge chunks of yam .

Still hungry .....

I have seen quite a few good reviews about this place and a love a good toasted baguette.

Overall the experience was a let down .

The serving portion was small for the price .

I expected the baguette to be better given that it was made in house but it turned out rather dense .

The baguette was not toasted well enough .

The ingredients were few .

I am still hungry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣......:

I dream of food .

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