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Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Cedele has a revamped menu at Wheelock place .
I was expecting more given the steep prices but it was quite a let down.

The dish was edible ( of course ) but there was no sincerity and nothing that calls for premium prices.

The coriander pesto which was previously served with its Seabass and now used here in the super green pasta used to be so flavourful and it’s Chunkiness screams - “I am homemade “.

The coriander pesto served now tasted like something from a bottle - something that could be put together at home by tossing your own pasta in store bought pesto.

For the price paid , I expected a little more generosity in the use of the vegetables but they were far and few .

I guessed I paid mainly for the view 😆.

I can imagine how long queues might soon form at this stall .....

A newly opened family run stall specialising in xiao Long bao , dumplings and hand pulled noodles and rou jia mo ( Chinese crepe with braised pork fillings )

The simplest things are usually the best .
Chewy hand pulled noodles , scallion oil and crisped julienned ginger strands tossed in homemade chilli .

This is love at first sight ( taste ) .


People’s park roasted delights

From a shop that has been here from the beginning of ages -

Excellent chewy noodles ( very similar to the ones I had at abc market - see my earlier posts )
Tossed with a great marination - not too sweet or salty and best of all - not drenched in the corn starch sort of sticky sauce .

The char siew was lean and nice but a little tough in my opinion - could be more tender 😊


Quite disappointed with the portion and consistency of the Orh nee in recent times .

Perhaps this is the peril of writing about good food because after a while , they get too famous and then (inevitably standards slide .


Engulfing the whole Orh nee was the coconut Milk and a watered down consistency of Orh nee .

I did hear from the stall owner that Quite many people started ordering Orh nee after reading some posts online .

I sure hope that post wasn’t contributed by me.

Not going back for some time soon .

Quintessentially Japanese

Some days you just feel like immersing yourself in a place that doesn’t make you feel like you are in singapore and what better than cafe Muji.

The concept of a store plus cafe is alluring and works to reward any tired shopper.

I skipped the set and went for an alar carte order which worked out pretty fine .

The kale and Apple salad and the black fungus hijiki salad were great but the Japanese egg omelette was a letdown - pretty hard and stiff. It would have worked better if it was served warm .

Nevertheless - the variety made up and this was still a pleasant meal 🥘 😊 .

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I have never tasted a malay/ Indonesia delicacy as good as this and Am so thankful milkmoon has made it so readily available because I can’t find this elsewhere .

We are so used to kuehs being sweet and when this was propped up at the counter - I couldn’t help but order it to try .

I can’t describe how good this is .

The rice was chewy , moist and had a light coconut fragrance .

The serunding was so flavourful - spicy , slight sweet and had a great juxtaposition of textures from the coconut and fried chicken strips . I absolutely loved the zing that was added by the kafir Lime leaves .

This is probably the best kueh I have eaten for 2019.

I was expecting a little bit more given garibaldi’s fame.

I found this pasta to be average and the portion was small.

Fine dining 🤣?

A little disappointed that the black sesame
Paste was slightly watered down.

Lacked the robust and aromatic flavour I was looking for .

I was craving for something lemony and decided on this cake Set from cedele .

No camera tricks but that was how small the cake was . It was also dry and the cream cheese was stiff - didn’t taste fresh at all .

At 10.50 , this was really not value for money at all .

Prices at Cedele seem to be increasing and quality and quantity decreasing .

Is this inevitable for all food Brand names ? Blame it on the rising rents I Guess .

In a little order of mei Heong yuen dessert ( which is hidden behind ya kun ), lies a small display counter of handmade kuehs .

I was captivated by how homemade the kuehs make me feel about them . I found out that these kuehs are handmade daily by a young Indonesian gentleman and in limited batches .

Most unexpected place to find kueh but you won’t regret making your way down here . After all - this is part of the pleasures of eating , ain’t it ? The reward for your hard work of navigating is the mouthwatering kuehs .

I gobbled up the kueh dar dar before having a chance to photo it . It was soft , moist and so very fresh.

The kuehs were also made with less sugar which I personally feel is a rare find 😚

Well sautéed and not greasy .

A little different from our usual singapore style that is drenched soaked in oil .

There were however too many stalks and it made the dish somewhat unpleasant .

Was expecting more attention to details by dancing fish ...’

This is how we roll on Saturdays ... ....

Made with fresh pumpkins , slightly chewy but fairly fluffy 🤗

I dream of food .

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