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Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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For lactating mummies 😊

Bake and bake is a home grown brand specialising in biscottis .

Their biscottis are made without butter, pork or lard .

I have made biscottis at home and to achieve these thin crisp texture is no easy feat .

My favourite flavours are the wolfberries , almond , tri -nuts and this new flavour - chocolate rye oat . It has a deep chocolate flavour without being too sweet and has this grainy , oaty texture which I love.

It contains brewer’s yeast hence a great snack for lactating mummies who need to produce more breast milk.

However , it’s pretty expensive at 8 dollars for a mere 80grams. So it’s a once in a while indulgence.

Happy to support local start ups though 😊

This crispy duck with soft wraps were an immediate hit with my family .

This duck as crisp and aromatic - I would have liked it a little leaner but I Guess the aroma comes from all the fats 😊. Reminds me of a dish that I once ate at royal China at raffles hotel- which has sadly closed .

I actually like this better than Peking duck 🦆 because you get to eat the duck meat as well .

The cucumbers strips were a little dehydrated which was a little let down for the type of prices you pay.

Still an excellent dish.


I say hands down the best soon kueh in singapore .

1) thin skin
2) soft skin
3) generous and bursting with ingredients
4) very fresh ingredients
5) asthetically well pleasing - not with broken skin and / or not irregular shaped.

Need I say more ?

The yam kueh is also very good - bursting with huge chunks of yam .

Still hungry .....

I have seen quite a few good reviews about this place and a love a good toasted baguette.

Overall the experience was a let down .

The serving portion was small for the price .

I expected the baguette to be better given that it was made in house but it turned out rather dense .

The baguette was not toasted well enough .

The ingredients were few .

I am still hungry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣......:

And quite a nice one ....

I had J&D coffee once quite a Long time back but was not impressed for some reason .

But I couldn’t help think why my friends would pay 39 dollars for their coffee card .

So I thought I should re-visit . The coffee this time was good and quite unforgettable I should say. Or perhaps because the small size flat white was quite small that it had to be savoured slowly....

Or perhaps it was the people watching and relaxing vibes at their Novena outlet that added that oomph to the coffee .

Topped up 60cents to have milk base changed to soy and the coffee was still smooth and aromatic .

Will their signature joe 1914 next time since that was highly recommended by the server .

Coffee at this time of the day ??? I must have had such a stressful day - that this was very much needed 🤪

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Good but not enough ...

I have been intrigued by the long queues at most Genki sushi Outlets during weekends and weekday lunches ..

Finally had the chance to try them out ...

The Zara Soba while had a QQ texture was a little undercooked - thankfully the portion was small ...

The sushi was ordinary .

With the same budget - I would rate itacho sushi on with a much higher scale for authenticity and freshness of ingredients .

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Pretty decent for a no frills nasi lemak.

Ikan bills , Ikan kuning and chilli done ✅
Skip the otah - it was too floury.

The flavour of the rice was good but a better quality rice would have improved the dish from 6.5 /10 to 8/10 😊

Otherwise a great place for a no frills late night supper 😊

You get to hang around with the Nus undergrads - and feel the young vibes 🥳

I love 💖 walking through the foood hall just outside Cold Storage at Taka from time to time .

Discovered this “ homecooked” Japanese takeaway kiosk and sampled the Lotus root salad , potato salad and the seasonal pumpkin.

Outstanding ! I can imagine how well it would go down with a bowl of pipping hot quality Japanese rice. All the condiments were well executed and indeed very authentic in taste and only using Japanese ingredients .

Albeit - too expensive at 5 dollars per 100grams.

I’d just go for the sampling in the meantime.

This must be the star of Chili padi’s nonya high tea buffet .

Wonderfully crips and juicy with an addictive and aromatic marinate and spices.

The best ayam goreng I have eaten in a Long Long while 😊

Best still - you get unlimited portions of it .

Decent .

For a family gathering or just to sit and eat and laugh over fellowship ... this place is pretty worthwhile .

For 17 dollars nett , the Kong Bah pau was stellar and so was the Ayam goreng and the Mee siam .

The kuehs were better than average .

The star was probably the lemongrass flavoured agar agar with peach rasin ( the most talked about condiment amongst aunties these days about how it boost collagen ) .

I like the songs played in the cafe - so singaporean and so cute .

I know this sounds crazy ... but Starbucks serves up the best chocolate muffin . As much as it doesn’t look appealing - or rather it looks too sinful and sweet , it is on the contrary not ....

It’s is better than those I have had from paul bakery ( of which I took a forkful and threw away ) or any bakery so far . ...

Coming from someone who loves good cakes and pastries and for someone who bakes ...

You can take my word for it.

The muffin is a cross over between a fluffy and moist marble cake and a molten lava cake .
It’s decadent yet very light and absolutely not too sweet at all . It pairs so well with a good cup of Americano or an iced cold brew .

Ask for your muffin to be warmed up slightly and watch what happens when you cut right through it ....

Let it snow (flow ) , let it flow , let it flow .....

I dare you to try and if it’s not good ... I’d gladly pay for your muffin ... Hahahahahahaha

I was craving a rich bowl of curry 🍛 for some reason and it was not just any curry but it had to be the “ Gao” kind of Japanese curry .

Decided to try the curry udon from Marugame because the Photos look so good .

But it was honestly a let down . The proof is in the curry but not for this case . The curry was watered down and more like soup rendering it weak and unable to cling on to the slippery udon noodles.

The star was probably the fried chicken which comes with the curry but I had asked them to serve it on the side ( which is always the thing to do when you have fried food with gravy / soup )

The chicken was juicy and succulent but I still want my curry 😪......

Where can I get a spicy and thick Japanese curry ? 😔

I dream of food .

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