Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Saw some reviews of Yi Jia bakery on Facebook so popped in to try.

Other than the hot tea , everything was bad , right down to the service .

The toast was stale so when you chew on it , it tastes like a dried out sponge .

The egg tart which I didn’t bother to feature was so sweet and the pastry was limp . Asked for it to be warmed up but no such service available even though this was clearly a bakery .

Just come for the drinks - Kopi and tea.
Skip the breads and cakes ( which are made with margarine not real butter ) . Not worth it .

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Was expecting more finesse in the grilled chicken or more variation in taste and textures .

For a health food joint like cedele - the chicken was way too greasy , more like Pan fried than grilled If you know what I mean .

The quinoa was lacking that fresh appeal without much condiments are fresh tasting vegetables to lift up the whole greasiness from that chicken which has now tricked down to the quinoa .

And the rocket greens were far and few and look wilted.

For the price point and cedele’s philosophy of eating well - the execution and menu needs much improvement .

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For a place specialising in burgers - this didn’t stand out .

The burger patty was hard and dry and tough.

Need major overhaul and improvement .

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I recalled bow wild rocket at mount Emily wowed my taste buds many years back .

I was expecting the same from relish but quite disappointed this evening .

The hae bee hiam pasta has a confused identity - more like laksa pasta ?

The prawns were so small - it didn’t matter if their were not there .

And the portion was hilariously small .

I was paying more for the ambience I guess .

White Christmas 🎄

I have been dreaming of a THICK kwey Teow fishcake noodles for the longest time . Really hard to find one since most use the thin type which I feel doesn’t hold well with the fishballs and fishcake .

Finally found it today .

Handmade fishcake and fishballs were fresh and and tasty and not overly seasoned .

The homemade chilli had beautiful bits of lard and what I suspect are grinded down toasted flat sole fish.

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Yummy black sesame paste and almond paste from le tian Tian .

Forgot about the rest of the desserts - not up to par :)

Petty good chicken, rice and excellent chilli .

Portions a little small though for the price 🥰

I typically try to not post bad reviews .

But this quality of food coming from a korean owner - totally unacceptable .

Less than a a few Kim Chi leaves and a thin soup .

Totally void of Kim Chi flavour .

Worse than those I have had at Food courts .

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Great World city / basement 1
( sorry - really having much difficulty adding this new location to Burpple )

Was initially celebrating my find of pita and olives at Great World city after I had such a good experience with their outlet at Suntec City , pasar Bella but in dismay , I left the place .

Waited 30 mins because the chef forgot my order and when I was so Hungry and expecting a good lunch - the pita was probably one of the worst I have had . The pita was stiff and all dense - nothing fresh about it. If I can say , totally opposite of what I had the last time . I gave up eating it halfway .

The falafels are ok - baked so less greasy but was grainy and a little dry - wondering if they were fresh too .

A case of an overworked staff doing taking orders cashiering and cooking .

Hope standards improve soon back to their former glories .

Was craving for a quiche the whole day and finally managed to get out of home but pretty disappointed to get a quiche with the eggs and cream overcooked - resulting in a scrambled egg like texture.

Not expecting such standards from baker and cook considering that the food here is not exactly cheap.

Quiche craving not fulfilled 😤.

These used to be very good when I had them many years back .

A little disappointed to find that it has lost its fluffy texture and losing some of that genuine rice flour fragrance .

And a little too generous with the gula meleka too rendering it too sweet .

Ordered a soy millet porridge with less toppings but it was already so salty and a small bowl for 3.80 which leaves you pretty dissatisfied .

I recall Mr Bean to be a health conscious brand but they have now resorted to using microwave to heat their condiments . And I saw a scoop being left t cook together with the porridge - I wonder if it’s even safe - is the material toxic?

Attempted to order the soy ice cream just for a fuller meal but as usual - either machine not working or some bad excuse . I have experienced this many times over at a few outlets .

Mr bean used to make their soy milk onsite but no longer these days . They come in huge plastic bags . The pancakes are also varying in quality these days - some places serve cold and hard ones .

I guess that’s the end of my mr bean journey .

I dream of food .

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