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Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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This must be the star of Chili padi’s nonya high tea buffet .

Wonderfully crips and juicy with an addictive and aromatic marinate and spices.

The best ayam goreng I have eaten in a Long Long while 😊

Best still - you get unlimited portions of it .

Decent .

For a family gathering or just to sit and eat and laugh over fellowship ... this place is pretty worthwhile .

For 17 dollars nett , the Kong Bah pau was stellar and so was the Ayam goreng and the Mee siam .

The kuehs were better than average .

The star was probably the lemongrass flavoured agar agar with peach rasin ( the most talked about condiment amongst aunties these days about how it boost collagen ) .

I like the songs played in the cafe - so singaporean and so cute .

I know this sounds crazy ... but Starbucks serves up the best chocolate muffin . As much as it doesn’t look appealing - or rather it looks too sinful and sweet , it is on the contrary not ....

It’s is better than those I have had from paul bakery ( of which I took a forkful and threw away ) or any bakery so far . ...

Coming from someone who loves good cakes and pastries and for someone who bakes ...

You can take my word for it.

The muffin is a cross over between a fluffy and moist marble cake and a molten lava cake .
It’s decadent yet very light and absolutely not too sweet at all . It pairs so well with a good cup of Americano or an iced cold brew .

Ask for your muffin to be warmed up slightly and watch what happens when you cut right through it ....

Let it snow (flow ) , let it flow , let it flow .....

I dare you to try and if it’s not good ... I’d gladly pay for your muffin ... Hahahahahahaha

I was craving a rich bowl of curry 🍛 for some reason and it was not just any curry but it had to be the “ Gao” kind of Japanese curry .

Decided to try the curry udon from Marugame because the Photos look so good .

But it was honestly a let down . The proof is in the curry but not for this case . The curry was watered down and more like soup rendering it weak and unable to cling on to the slippery udon noodles.

The star was probably the fried chicken which comes with the curry but I had asked them to serve it on the side ( which is always the thing to do when you have fried food with gravy / soup )

The chicken was juicy and succulent but I still want my curry 😪......

Where can I get a spicy and thick Japanese curry ? 😔

Gone are the days of flavourful roasted chicken .
I miss those days when Asian Kitchen was at the top of their game . I reminisce their flavourful roasted mala chicken .

The chicken served now is hard , cold . “Lifeless”.

Pretty good quiche just that it was relatively cold on the inside because I refused the use of the microwave oven and opted for the toaster .

So in fear of the quiche burning , the shop attendant placed the quiche in quickly and then took it out .

Moist and eggy with a pretty generous serving of tomatoes, plump onions and mushrooms .

I still prefer Starbucks’s version of the spinach and mushroom quiche but not anymore since they have halved the size of the quiche while prices still remain the same 😭.

Satay so good ....

If you think that only the satay is good , wait till you dip it into the chunky peanut satay sauce and realise that the sauce is also very very good ...

The satay is moist and the meat is Tender and flavourful .

Heard that the satays are made using a Long time Satay club recipe .

No wonder .

( the satays are only available at their city square outlet and not the Esplanade outlet )

I have a thing with hot cross buns and have been on a Mission to try out every possible hot cross bun at every bakery .

I like cedele’s innovative-ness. There’s a new pesto cheese walnut hot cross bun on the shelve this year and I really do enjoy the subtle herby flavours - best for those of us who prefer a savoury treat .

The Pandan hot cross buns are also pretty good but I am a little put off with the neon green colouring used .

The downside is is probably the price . At sgd 2.10, it is not value for money given that the buns are so small . But I Guess this is the best time for
Business owners to put on their money making hats 🎩 to capitalise on the occasion.

Most hot cross buns elsewhere are going between 1.30 to 1.50 . I have tried the ones from. Four leaves bakery and the ones from mama bakery at Novena - most of which are too airy and soft .

I haven’t found my favourite traditional hot cross bun yet - perhaps it has to be home made 😛

Will the real Aroy thai please stand up ?

There are simply too many thai restaurants named Aroy Thai and too confusing for me ....

But I do know that this Aroy thai at velocity , Novena Square is really really good .

The last time I had their food was back at the Funan centre days . They have since moved to Novena .

As hidden as they may be on the third floor and with a menu that’s not cheap ( 16 to 18 dollars per fish ), you know that the food is good given the fan fare .

To “try” , I ordered the pineapple rice and the panang chicken ( because i recalled it to be really good from the Funan days) .

The first look at the pineapple rice and I was disappointed because it looked so plain - almost like it was scooped up from a rice cooker of pre cooked rice . But don’t judge a book by its cover - neither judge a rice by its colour 😂- one mouth of the rice and I was really taken aback by the deep and rich flavour . I asked for a green chilli paste type of sauce and it complemented the rice perfectly - with interchangeable notes of spiciness weaving through the slight sweet and tangy flavour of the pineapples within the rice .
The prawns 🍤 served with the rice were perfectly executed and I now know why they were served on the side as opposed to frying them within the rice because they deserve such a huge applause - very skilfully flash fried for just a slight char but still maintaining its juiciness - and you get fresh prawns here - no artificial crystal prawns . Yay🙏! I am actually beginning to appreciate this style of pineapple rice because it’s simple , basic , non greasy but the flavours really shine through.

Next on , the panang chicken in THICK curry gravy ( be sure to order the correct one because there are 2 versions - one with a diluted gravy and one with a thick gravy ) . You MUST need get this when you are here if there’s only one dish you would order. I won’t deny that the portion size is humble but the aromatic homemade curry “ rempah” and the tender chicken thigh meat strips will take your palate senses right up to heaven . You”ll be asking more rice to soak up all that gravy . I honestly haven’t had a panang chicken that is this good - the ones I have tried so far are sickeningly sweet. This one is well balanced in flavours - more savoury than sweet and on the spicier note.

The bill came to 34 dollars for 2 dishes and a bowl of white rice . Not cheap , but definitely worth the quality and execution .

Saturday is scone day ...

I have been craving for a good old fashioned scone and saw this cinnamon Raisin scone at a small cafe at valley point .

The cafe has a pretty huge menu ranging from brunch items to breads to cakes and birds nest ?😂

The look of the scone attracted me immediately . A pity that the jam quality wasn’t so good and there was no clotted cream .
The scone had a nice crumbly texture but could be better if there was a slightly lesser hint of the baking soda .

The flat white was however decent .

Nice quiet cafe for a change .

Blacklisted ....

I rarely blacklist any food establishment and this is probably my first .

The chicken was under seasoned , stiff and in no way reminiscent of sesame oil chicken. Most of the parts served were bones or what I call unwanted parts ...

I would usually ask for prices before I make an order but seeing that most of the chicken dishes cost between 8 to 10, I was complacent this time and took the waitress’ recommendation because she seemed so impatient in taking orders and was rushing through .

My eyes literally popped when I received the bill - this cost 20 dollars - even restaurants don’t charge such exorbitant prices , what more a coffee shop. It was explained to me that this was half a chicken served - but I really only saw bones and chips of meat .

Service was also rude and indifferent especially when I went to counter check the prices at the cashier counter .

I feel cheated ..... for the very first time .
I felt my accountant hat 🧢 drop to my knees 😭.....

Will never set foot to this place again ... 😖

Silky smooth soy beancurd and aromatic soy milk.
However I’d still prefer Whampoa market’s silky beancurd- by far still the best .


I dream of food .

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