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Taste Test

Taste Test

Tempted by good reviews, I try out these places with high expectations.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Disappointed ☹️

After reading reviews about nam heong , I ordered the original Ipoh Chee Cheong fun with fervency .

Even before I had a taste of it - I knew it wasn’t good.

The plate was filled with water - a case of poor execution and the Cheong fun had tough sides - and to me , this only happens when the the Cheong fun is not fresh .

I kindly returned the plate and they were nice to return me my money .

Thankful for the great service but I left disappointed not having my Ipoh Chee Cheong fun cravings satisfied .

I hope standards improve soon .

A better alternative to truffle fries but nevertheless still very addictive and very tasty .

Umamific mentai Sauce over potato slices and covered with cheese and baked .

I can go on and on forever ... ...

The last I had a good Okonomiyaki was probably in Osaka , 8 years ago .

It never daunt on me that I can find a place that serves up a fresh Okonomiyaki and made on a hot pan right in front of you and you get to savour it immediately .

The fun part is that you get to see how your Okonomiyaki is prepared and you can opt to cook it yourself at a 10 percent discount.

A generous amount of cabbage and your choice of condiments like chicken, bacon , Kim Chi , prawns, scallops, squid or cheese , mushrooms etc can be added to your Okonomiyaki and together with an in house batter and an egg , this forms your Okonomiyaki.

Then TOP it with Okonomiyaki sauce , seaweed powder , mayo and lots of bonito flakes.

The best part about eating at a restaurant like ajiya is that service is friendly and helpful and the layout makes you feel you are almost in Japan . With a hot pan right in front of you , you can be sure your Okonomiyaki is still piping hot as you relish it slowly piece by piece .

Wonderful experience - highly recommend :)

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Fried chicken lovers alert 🚨

Was introduced to this place by a friend ...
And I certainly have been missing out not knowing this hole in the wall that does a wicked Okonomiyaki.

This tori Karaage was crisp outside and moist and juicy inside and marinated in an addictive marinate.

Pair this with a fragrant bowl of Japanese rice .

Almost feels like you are transported to japan 🇯🇵

Just when I though Ju Kee at Holland drive was good , the char siew rice from Alex eating house now overtakes as my favourite .

The meat was leaner and tastier and had a better bite .

5 dollars for a minimum portion is by no means cheap by the the portions justify the price .

I would love them to serve noodles too but they only serve rice .

Can’t wait to try the roasted duck next time to see if it’s as good .

Perfectly plated nasi lemak with a fried chicken leg .

Quite sad after the closure of papa rich at plaza sing - they sure do much better food than old town white coffee .

Portions are generous and the rice was fragrant - probably better than Selera 😝 in my opinion .

Perfectly oozing egg yolk , crisp ikan Billis and nice home made chilli with a well marinated chicken leg .

The nice and quiet atmosphere is a plus point and parking is free weekdays from 12 noon to 2 pm .

Piece Of heaven

Perfectly roasted char siew in this discreet coffee shop at Holland drive .

Well marinated and tender and lean .

Brings back a lot of childhood memories - where char siew rice is always the default choice for hawker food and fish and chips always the default choice for western food .

Yums... ......

Was craving for stir fried mee suah but it’s not easy to come by a good one .

Glad that i found one at this huge Tze char stall start block 107 Clementi , street 12 , food park coffee shop .

Full of wok hei , generous use of ingredients and well seasoned .

Not too greasy so that’s a plus point :)

Best of all - so affordable at 5 dollars .

I tried crave a year ago but was disappointed - my partner urged me to give them a second chance and so I did .

The major improvement probably had to be the rice - though still lacking in coconut flavour but I see that they now use basmati rice .

Not in the mood for chicken wings so I got an alarcarte order of eggs and ikan bills -

Quite a rip off at close to 4 dollars for this meal because the chilli is also chargeable .

It did satisfy part of my nasi lemak craving but not entirely . The benefit of a brand like this is probably the convenience of getting nasi lemak in Malls but that’s about it .

The best part was probably the chilli .

Cedele has a revamped menu at Wheelock place .
I was expecting more given the steep prices but it was quite a let down.

The dish was edible ( of course ) but there was no sincerity and nothing that calls for premium prices.

The coriander pesto which was previously served with its Seabass and now used here in the super green pasta used to be so flavourful and it’s Chunkiness screams - “I am homemade “.

The coriander pesto served now tasted like something from a bottle - something that could be put together at home by tossing your own pasta in store bought pesto.

For the price paid , I expected a little more generosity in the use of the vegetables but they were far and few .

I guessed I paid mainly for the view 😆.

I can imagine how long queues might soon form at this stall .....

A newly opened family run stall specialising in xiao Long bao , dumplings and hand pulled noodles and rou jia mo ( Chinese crepe with braised pork fillings )

The simplest things are usually the best .
Chewy hand pulled noodles , scallion oil and crisped julienned ginger strands tossed in homemade chilli .

This is love at first sight ( taste ) .


People’s park roasted delights

From a shop that has been here from the beginning of ages -

Excellent chewy noodles ( very similar to the ones I had at abc market - see my earlier posts )
Tossed with a great marination - not too sweet or salty and best of all - not drenched in the corn starch sort of sticky sauce .

The char siew was lean and nice but a little tough in my opinion - could be more tender 😊


I dream of food .

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